Mother-Daughter Exchange Club Part 4 (2009)

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3 November 2015 | lor_
Dull episode in hit series
Fans of this long-running lesbian series know its appeal, but this early edition is a clunker. Its faults are myriad, and have apparently been subsequently taken to heart by the anonymous filmmakers at Girlfriends Films and corrected.

Clocking at a full 3 hours, it becomes extremely tedious, as the basic premise of "daughter swapping" is quickly run into the ground. In fact, the audience is spared a bit, as the final segment ends mid-stream during cunnilingus, not extending as expected into the lengthy (and satisfying) post-sex cool-down snuggle that is a trademark of lesbian cinema.

Only thing vaguely interesting about this Part 4 is the casting of a real-life mother- daughter team: Desi & Elli Fox. They're not famous and they don't have sex together, but the fact that there is a visible family resemblance is a plus to the narrative.

First two vignettes feature trading partners of two teams where immediate confusion is created (not sure why, other than actress availability perhaps) by having Kelly Leigh as not the mother but more best friend of the family to young Riley Rey. Even the usually reliable DVD scene menu let me down, giving the wrong order of scene match- ups of actresses.

Once sorted out, it is the talkative, but ultimately poor verbal improviser Leigh who is teamed up with young Sandy Lee in a lengthy bedroom scene. They both resort to cornball porn-speak in the noisy lovemaking.

In contrast, fan favorite Nicole Moore returning (from Part 2) as Lee's mom brings her big breasts to bear on her encounter with Leigh's charge Riley Rey in a very natural sex bout.

Rey returns, probably rewarded for good sexual behavior in front of the cameras, in the next segment which involves the Foxes. She humps mom Desi, who looks to be north of 50 but acquits herself well in bed.

Closest thing here to incest occurs when after her sex scene Desi drags not only daughter Elli but both Riley and Leigh upstairs, depositing Leigh in a bedroom with Elli and having them go at it. I'm sorry to report that the best thing about these final two segments is the set design, as the bedroom has an interesting false wall leading to two interesting looking adjoining rooms in the depth of the frame.

Perhaps the target audience is supposed to get off on the frequent use (by the olders) of strap-on dildos, but other than that nothing much happens over the course of three hours. And the biggest mistake is the complete absence of drama, as entire cast treats the sex matter-of-factly, turning this video unintentionally into a wall-to-wall generic sex exercise executed at a snail's pace. Of the cast, Sandy Lee's career went nowhere, and in fact her mom Moore returned later to the series many times but with new daughters in tow.

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