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  • timlin-421 March 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    Relationship drama of 30-something middle-class urban-dwellers that plays out during a party. One couple possibly breaking up, one settling in for the long haul, and the lost single guy. In other words, it's How I Met Your Mother without the comedy or the fun. And it's grim. Most of story follows one guy trying to reconnect with his wife, who is dissatisfied for no particular reason. This is apparently supposed to make him endearing, but never has such a worm been depicted on screen. The single guy does drugs alone and whines a little. Tedious. The happily married guy has to apologize to his testy wife repeatedly and agree to do what she tells him. This is supposed to be growing up, but it looks more like giving up. Amidst this groveling before shrews who have lost most of their looks we get a glimpse of a younger seductress. But beauty only moves those capable of living.

    If we were intended to stagger out of this in despair like a Bergman film I would rate it very highly, but it seems the movie wants us to like these characters and believe they have a promising future, so I only give it a few stars for brief female nudity, as is my policy. A realistic story cannot have redemption, that's fantasy.