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  • lor_9 July 2022
    No director is credited on the DVD box of this Adult Time set of 3 vignettes from the Bree Mills series "Web Young", because they're all old material directed by Stills By Alan before he flew the coop to work elsewhere. Two of the three were previously released in 2018 on separate DVDs.

    A solid blonde on blonde scene titled "Step Sister Love Couch" was on a disk named "Babysitting the Brat". It stars Kenna James (before she decided to get a makeover with larger new breasts) in a poor man's (or woman's) take on Cyrano de Bergerac. No Peter Dinklage, or even Steve Martin, in this version: Bree has an all-girl cast policy.

    Title derives from Kenna having figuratively put words in the mouth of sibling Khloe Kapri's boyfriend, crafting the text messages he sent to win KK's heart. When Khloe discovers the ruse, she doesn't get mad at Kenna, but instead admits to her that the messages, not the man, seduced her, and she's ready for some faux incest action. They make a hot pair, and their sex scene, like the rest of the show, emphasizes anilingus.

    "Trophy Hunter Part One" was earlier issued on the DVD named "Trophy Hunter". It's offbeat in being kinky, not your typical Web Young offering. Aidra Fox, somewhat old for this teen label, opens the scene sniffing a series of panties she's collected from lesbian sexual conquests. One of them inspires her to phone the girl, to set up a quickie reunion (aka booty call) with petite Ivy Jones. They have a hot, sexy time together, and Aidra predictably coaxes the gal to give her another pair of (used) souvenir panties.

    Third scene I hadn't seen before on a video, titled "Our First Fight". It has lovers Kristen Scott and Jane Wilde getting mad at each other, leading to fisticuffs (no not of the Laila Ali kind). Cause of the altercation is Kristen lying about appropriating a dress belonging to Jane, but the script based on a website subscriber's idea doesn't explain why Kristen would do so -it's just a gimmick to give the fans (and fetishists) a cheap thrill of a catfight turning almost instantly into lovemaking.