Roxas: This could have been the other way around.

Sora: Huh?

Roxas: But it really has to be you.

Sora: What do you mean?

Roxas: There are so many hearts that are connected to yours.

Roxas: Hey, Axel. You haven't forgotten?

Lea: Hm? What?

Roxas: You made us a promise.

Lea: I did?

Roxas: That you'd always be there... to bring us back.

Lea: Yeah...

Roxas: Got it memorized?

Braig: Axel!

Lea: Axel? Please! The name's Lea. Got it memorized?

Braig: You're not supposed to be here!

Lea: Promises to keep. I'll always be there to get my friends back.

[from trailer]

Sora: So what? At least I know who to blame for it!

Braig: Ooh, I see you still got that angry look down.

Young Xehanort: Hypocrite. You are the one who has made your heart a prison.

Sora: You again! What are you doing here?

[Vanitas appears beside Xehanort]

VanitasYoung Xehanort: Even if you are not the prisoner.

Judge Claude Frollo: I should have known you'd risk your life to save that gypsy witch, just as your own mother died trying to save you.

Quasimodo: What?

Judge Claude Frollo: Now, I'm going to do what I should have done... TWENTY YEARS AGO!

[Preparing to kill Esmeralda]

Judge Claude Frollo: And he shall smite the wicked and plunge them into the fiery pit!

[the gargoyle Frollo is standing on breaks and he falls to his death]

Sora: So, if we get Tron's "source code" back from CLU, we can put him back to normal, right?

Kevin Flynn: That's the idea.

Sora: Great! Thanks mister.

[Sora starts to leave]

Kevin Flynn: Where are you going?

Sora: I'm going after CLU.

Kevin Flynn: Do you even know where he is?

Sora: Nope! No idea.

Riku: Who are you?

Yoshiya 'Joshua' Kiryu: My name is Joshua.

Riku: What do you mean, "Portal"?

Yoshiya 'Joshua' Kiryu: Are we just skipping past the part where you tell me your name?

Riku: Riku.

Yoshiya 'Joshua' Kiryu: [laughs] Hello there, Riku.

Yen Sid: In the Sleeping Worlds, real time does not flow. Unless one restores the world by waking it from its slumber, it will stay locked in a dream forever. Thus, you may encounter familiar faces... but they are just figments of the dream. In actuality, they are sound asleep - trapped within a world that is also sleeping. What's more, whilst someone may no longer dwell in the real version of a world, dreams may paint a fuller picture, and restore what seems to be missing.

Lea: My name is Lea. Got it memorized?

Master Xehanort: In ancient times, people believed that light was a gift from an unseen land by the name of Kingdom Hearts. But Kingdom Hearts has been safeguarded by its counterpart, the X-Blade. Warrior vied for that precious light, thus beginning the Keyblade War. The violent clash shattered the X-Blade into 20 pieces: seven of light and thirteen of darkness.

Jiminy Cricket: [seeing Pinocchio trapped in a cage] Shame on you, Pinocchio, playin' hooky and... and goofin' off in a place like this!

Pinocchio: I'm sorry, Jiminy. I was going to school till I met somebody. Yeah! Uh, two big monsters, with big green eyes!

[suddenly, his nose grows out a bit]

Jiminy Cricket: Oh, you don't say. And then what happened?

Pinocchio: They, uh, they tied me in a big sack!

[his nose grows even further, to his dismay]

Jiminy Cricket: Sounds like you were horsin' around.

Pinocchio: But I snuck off when they weren't lookin'.

[by now, his nose grows out of the cage, sprouting flowers and knocking Jiminy off his perch]

Pinocchio: My nose! What's happened?

Jiminy Cricket: There! Ya see where those tall tales will get ya?

Pinocchio: But it's all true! Even the fella in the black clothes who said to play a trick on Sora.

Jiminy Cricket: What? Now who was he? I've had just enough of your fibbin'.

[looks down at Pinocchio's nose]

Jiminy Cricket: Hold on... I guess that part was true. Tell me, Pinoke, did that man in black say anything else to ya?

Pinocchio: Um, he sure didn't.

Jiminy Cricket: Well, good.

Young Xehanort: This world is just too small.

[Riku and Frollo prepare to fight]

Judge Claude Frollo: Now, you will be judged, just like the rest!

[Maleficent and Pete are holding Queen Minnie captive as Mickey, Donald and Goofy come to her aid]

Donald Duck: Pete, you big thug!

Pete: [laughing] "Thug" works for me. We all got a role to play, right?

Goofy: Gawrsh, at least he's honest, in a dishonest way.

Braig: Xemnas and Xehanort made the Organization for a specific reason: round up a bunch of empty husks, hook them up to Kingdom Hearts and fill them all with the exact same heart and mind. Translation: they were going to turn all the members into Xehanort.

Sora: Make more Xehanort's? You tricked your friends to... You! Aren't you scared of just turning into someone else?

Braig: Me? I'm already half-Xehanort.

Sora: That's nuts.

Blue Fairy: Why, Pinocchio. What has happened to your nose?

Pinocchio: Oh, um...

Blue Fairy: Perhaps you haven't been telling the truth, Pinocchio. Sir Jiminy?

Jiminy Cricket: [nervously] Well, ya see, um, Your Honor, um, Miss Fairy...

Pinocchio: Oh, please help me. I'm awful sorry.

Blue Fairy: You see, Pinocchio? A lie keeps growing and growing, until it's as plain as the nose on your face.

Pinocchio: I'll never lie again - honest I won't.

Blue Fairy: I'll forgive you this once. But remember - a boy who won't be good might just as well be made of wood.

PinocchioJiminy Cricket: [in unison] We'll be good! Won't we?

[they look at each other]

Blue Fairy: Very well. But this is the last time I can help you.

[with the flash of her wand, Pinocchio's long nose is returned to normal]