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  • 3DD is a gimmicky thing for sure…it ties together the series too well and feels tacky…. and made me believe it was the true sequel-which i was disappointed about until i realised. the game essentially takes place in sora and rikus dreams as they pull the worlds back into reality. however, without revealing too much- it appears that others have followed them as part of some grand scheme.

    the gameplay and graphics are surprisingly good for a hand-held game- and it was far easier to play than its predecessors like BBS or coded. the new mechanics were a welcome touch- however the dream eater system felt like a test for pokemons poke-amid idea for X and Y. now it may well have inspired the idea of the latter BUT- KH just wouldn't do that normally- especially as the dreamy dreamers act like pokemon too….which is tacky and annoying. however the design is good. trouble don't have a proper party that can wield items and rely on your frankly dimwitted 'pokemon' to aid you.

    i rate this seven near basely as i am a fan of the series- and though everything seems tacky and at times distracting-i admit it is a good lead into 3 and showed us the series wasn't dead. however- a warning to you- be VERY WARY OF THE LAST BOSS. i won't reveal anything but since the story has two characters side by side you may be tempted to tackle both bosses at once…Don't. JUST Don't. the final bosses were by far the most annoying of the series…..even 358/2 days wasn't as tedious and convoluted.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have not fully manged to complete this game yet but it has extremely great graphics a good story and it leads directly into kingdom hearts 3 from what I have heard. Even better we get to see characters from The World Ends with you in this game. If you haven't played that game I would recommend you play that.

    If the creators of Kingdom Hearts read this review I want to see these characters return. Even Tron Legacy was better on with in this game.

    I manged to defeated Zemnus but the black coat is a hard boss.