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Roger Moore Movie Nation
What sells this formulaic corker of Apocalypse Porn is the cast.
Robbie Collin The Telegraph
You see San Francisco and Los Angeles falling apart very loudly and dangerously, and in great computer-generated detail. But there’s nothing memorable or beautiful about the carnage; no specific moments to replay in your head once the film is over.
Justin Lowe The Hollywood Reporter
The movie is at its strongest when it integrates family dynamics into the plot rather than indulging in extreme couples therapy.
Dan Jolin Empire
If you crave Emmerich-esque disaster-porn with a mega body count, there’s plenty here to OMG at. But when it comes to character depth or plotting, San Andreas is a sadly familiar wasteland.
Kevin Harley Total Film
The cast’s likeable work falls right through the script holes.
John Hazelton Screen International
The very earnest human drama fits awkwardly into the action and isn’t helped by some unconvincing performances and weak dialogue.
Andrew Barker Variety
After providing some blissfully stupid B-movie thrills for its first hour, the film suffers from spectacle overkill.
San Andreas' whirlwind of action and devotion to the disaster movie playbook will satisfy those looking for a loud, effects-filled ride. Those inspecting it any closer will find a cookie cutter studio blockbuster which stretches disbelief to its limits.
David Ehrlich Time Out
Campy but never campy enough and far too numbingly artificial to ever drum up any real suspense or sense of awe, the film has a scale that's squandered on visual witlessness.
Amy Nicholson Village Voice
San Andreas can't wait for the carnage. The problem is, it's too chicken to ask us to comprehend it. It's all big, distant, unfathomable wreckage -- all shattering skyscrapers and rippling cityscapes -- with no sense of the human cost.

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