Raymond Gaines: [upon landing with Emma in a baseball stadium by parachute] It's been a while since I got you to second base.

Raymond Gaines: This is not a normal day.

Raymond Gaines: I wanna thank you guys for being there for Blake.

Emma Gaines: Yeah, thank you.

Ben Taylor: You're welcome. But it was more like she was there for us. I think.

Lawrence Hayes: OK, who wants an "A" in independent study? I'm starting a new class: "how to save lives by hacking media outlets".

Stoner: Hell yeah man, I'm in.

Lawrence Hayes: Sweet bro. Get your laptop, let's go.

Ollie Taylor: [watching his brother, Ben make out with Blake following a rescue] Mum's going to love her

[last lines]

Emma Gaines: So, what now?

Raymond Gaines: [Rescue helicopters fly overheard. An American flag unfurls] Now, we rebuild.

[before jumping out of the plane]

Raymond Gaines: You ready?

Emma Gaines: Do I sound ready?

Raymond Gaines: Yep.

Ben Taylor: [to Blake that trap inside of a vehicle] There's not a chance in hell we're leaving you in there.

Serena Johnson: Are you saying you think the whole San Andreas fault might go off?

Lawrence Hayes: Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying.

Phoebe: Who should we call?

Lawrence Hayes: Everybody.

Ollie Taylor: [waving goodbye to Blake] I can't wait to be 20.

Raymond Gaines: [after shutting down the helicopter engine] I'm going to have to auto-rotate down.

Emma Gaines: Au-auto... what?

Raymond Gaines: We're gonna crash.

Emma Gaines: Right. Okay.

Margie: I told you we should've gone the other way.

Herb: Because you knew this was gonna happen?

Emma Gaines: [about Mallory] If you couldn't save our daughter, then nobody could have.

Lawrence Hayes: It will be so big, that even though it's happening here in California, you will feel it on the East Coast.

Lawrence Hayes: [looking directly into the zooming camera] Now I cannot emphasize this enough to the people of San Francisco: You need to get out. And I mean now. And if you can't, you need to find any means possible to drop, cover, and hold on. Because your life is gonna depend on it. God be with you.

Serena Johnson: Hey. You did good.

Lawrence Hayes: Thank you. We all did.

Lawrence Hayes: [concluding an emergency broadcast] God be with you

Emma: You left my daughter alone? If you're not already dead, I'm going to fucking kill you.