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  • This show is so horrible, I just watched an episode in witch these two old hippies found a stack of record albums and took them to some so called "expert" and this idiot told them that a kiss record that sells for about ten bucks was worth a hundred and a" Meet the Beatles" album was worth 2,200 dollars , this idiot did not even take the record out of the jacket to see what pressing it might have been let alone the condition, first pressings book high but not over $700 and you would be lucky to get $200 if Mint, later pressings can be as low as $15 bucks if they were produced in the late 70's or 80's.......Thanks to these stupid shows ,everybody and their grandmother thinks that every little thing in their closet or attic is worth a million bucks, in a nut shell this show Sucks !
  • This truly is awful. The premise is three teams 'battle' each other to bid at auction on sealed boxes. Then they open the boxes to see what 'treasure' they find. Then 'treasure' is taken to 'expert' for them to value.

    This seems, to me, to be set up. For example, one of the battlers opens a box full of junk hats, but guess what? in the bottom is an astronauts helmet with blue prints for a Skylab item tucked inside! How did whoever put random hats into the box miss this! There are numerous other occurrences in other boxes, but i got bored after watching 3 episodes of this.

    The show is very contrived, where is the battle? it would be more interesting if the participants had to actually fight with whatever 'treasure' they found
  • The original premise of this series was intriguing: go to auctions where lost "baggage" (also known as suitcases and items shipped by plane or ship) were auctioned off. The person bidding could not see the contents at all. No opening of baggage, boxes, etc was allowed.

    Apparently, this wasn't enough for the producers so they started sending the cast to "regular" auctions where the items were known, the cast members could research values, etc. The sense of mystery evaporated. And at that point, so did my interest. The only way I would watch this again is if the show returned to its original premise. Otherwise, I could go to my own local auction and entertain myself.
  • wozvox9 February 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    This show is absolutely awful I think that storage type shows have been thrashed to death! The only person on any of these shows that is semi likable is Barry from storage wars! Don't the producers realize that there has to be someone on the show that is watchable and some what likable but every single person on Baggage battles-is annoying! The old woman who lives in a shoe is boring and I couldn't care less what she buys along with her partner who is even more annoying! Dressing like an idiot does not make you likable! The jersey shore wanna be who is rough as guts and thinks he is the cool dude comes across as an uneducated moron! The old man with the old fashioned get up seems like a creepy old man that would sell his mother! Long story short, I cant even stand watching the adds for the show because i get annoyed and aggravated just thinking how bad the show is and cant understand how this show ever got to air! The only people who would rate this show more than one are family and friends of the show!
  • gregrvc25 October 2019
    Larry the star? Of this show is a unkept looking bumb that only a mother or in this case his costar wife could love. I, m turning it off can't stand the sight of this joker by
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I've just watched the same show, and there was a boxwood and brass hinged ruler on there that the appraiser 'expert' valued at $180. I have an identical one sitting on the worktop here, and if you also really, really wanted one, you too could be the proud owner of a 4' boxwood ruler. I guess you could go the the 'expert' and he'd find you one for $180, or you could visit a well-known internet auction site, and have your pick from around 99p & about £1.50 p&p to get it brought to your house. Similarly, on a recent 'Storage Wars' a part tea set of Royal Albert 'Old Roses' was estimated at '$400' - it's 'REALLY RARE', so rare, indeed that you can pick up a full set at an online auction for under £50 most weeks.... Bonkers. The shame of it is that when they give wildly inflated estimates on things that you know, the valuations given for everything else suddenly look equally ridiculous and you wonder why you've wasted half an hour of your life watching this drivel.