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18 August 2017 | lor_
Execrable Hustler takeoff on QT
I never met a Hustler video like and this pair of ripoffs of the Quentin Tarantino/Uma Thurman hits are typically mindless. Part One is only watchable compared to the worthless, inept followup.

Mya Luanna is okay casting as the heroine, though her acting and that of the rest of the ensemble is much poorer than the usual Adult film, thanks to no-name (probably some more famous pornographer hiding out) director "Caesar Bonobo".

Incoherent script has her ordered to kill her evil older sister Jill (well-cast as Jill Kelly, in NonSex Role after retiring from the porno wars) for using the mystical art of Kama Fu to bad ends. Her saga is woefully short on action, as Bonobo cheaply emphasizes a sex only approach in which even violent clashes take place off-camera, and blood/gore is minimal.

So we get a series of sex scenes with poor continuity, hardly qualifying as entertainment. Hambone Evan Stone seems to be reading his mock- mystical dialog off of cue cards, and the cast is generally out to lunch.

Typical of the asinine approach has Mya ready for battle in a snazzy yellow bodysuit copied after the original film, gets on her matched yellow motorcycle and there's a fade out before the bike can set into motion. Similarly with sword stabbings. Kelly is misused, offering nothing here for her legion of fans. Nonending fails to set up the sequel, which is perhaps a good idea given how truly awful Vol. 2 is.

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