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  • Don't really want to say too much about this since I feel that the best way to enjoy this film is to go in knowing as little as possible. That's what I did and I was thoroughly entertained until the credits rolled.

    This isn't an action packed gore fest, instead it is a well crafted thriller that does a good job of getting you attached to the characters. The slow build up helps to make the characters feel real, that and the excellent acting by the small cast.

    Some may be deterred by the slow pace but I felt the slow pace just made the finale that more thrilling and emotional. The screenwriters thought outside of the box for this one and it was really refreshing to see something new.

  • Quite reminiscent of The Road, Hidden is quite slow in the first half of the movie. This however is carried very well by the central characters, all very believable in their roles and they draw you into their world surprisingly easily. There's quite a bit of mystery and suspense builds slowly. Usually I'm a know it all about story lines however Hidden kept me intrigued and even surprised me. Its quite a dark movie and a slow burner and quite apocalyptic in it's nature so you'd need to be in the mood. I watched Pixels before hand which probably cost about 20 times as much and had a cast of 20 times the size and I definitely enjoyed Hidden more. Completely different movies mind, and Hidden is an adult movie of course. By the end however I did want more, although I doubt there'll be a sequel, however certainly in a crowded market a well made film.
  • I loved everything about this movie; the acting, the set-up, the slow burn, the reveal. Everything worked so well that it was a just a joy of a film to watch. That little girl is so damned talented, and the parents were so convincing, I actually wondered if they knew that they were being filmed while they were acting.

    Interestingly, the best thing about this film had to be the third act. You think the film is about one thing, and then it flips that upside down in such a way as to have you wondering how you never guessed where they were going with the story in the first place. It was just an amazing sense of progression that was well realized, nicely paced, and incredibly effective.

    If there is any movie that deserves to be seen by as many people as possible, this is definitely the one. No one saw this coming, and I am SHOCKED that this film did not receive a wide theatrical release. Everyone deserves to be praised for their work in this movie. It really is superlative cinema.
  • First of all what defines horror? Jump scares or gore? There is all kinds of types of horror. I'd say the fear of losing your family can be horrifying.

    It's all a matter of perspective and maybe empathy at times. I for one really felt the bond between the father and daughter. The father constantly keeps his family's sanity together.

    The first half of the movie is all about these aspects and doesn't show anything remotely scary. The only mentioning about the creatures, referred as "The Breathers" comes from the daughter who isn't allowed to talk about them anymore. If you lost interest by now just because you didn't see anything scary then just stop watching.

    If you are wondering what they are hiding from stay tuned.

    In other words the horror aspect is more so the fact they are hiding from forces that are a threat to them, but you don't actually see them until the second half of the movie.

    The acting is well done. Script is well done. Claustrophobic post- apocalyptic environment is well done. Flashbacks are well spread out and not overdone.

    I have seen far worse horror movies and this is just different. Even if you strip away all the horror it is supposed to have it's still a great movie IMO. The twists are there as well and in this day and age those are hard to do. Just freaking enjoy the movie and don't be so technical about it. Don't bash it just because it's not your definition of horror.
  • rocketbr922 September 2015
    To start off, this movie was very slow and if you have the time and dedication to finish it I would truly recommend it. Some serious twist and surprising plot developments. Alexander Skarsgard was tremendous. If it wasn't for him, this movie would have fell face first. The script was the only thing that I thought could have been better. Poorly written but but again the acting was what it kept the movie together. I'm very tough on my ratings but an 8 of 10 is quite accurate. The final 30 minutes is when the tension builds up and captures the audience and I promise, if you can stay with the first half and not give up you will be very happy you did.
  • I don't normally do reviews but i enjoyed this film that much that i just had to. Firstly i thought it was going to be your average zombie movie (i like zombie flicks) isn't.

    It is about an infection outbreak that is having an effect on people however it is far from average zombie film.

    It is unique and don't think its ever been done before. Excellent plot!!! Well delivered. Really enjoyed it.

    So horror it isn't but worth watching it is. With a really good twist.

    I cant say more without giving the game away but i really cant recommend it enough.
  • Absolutely incredible acting. The father and mother were, of course (considering who played them) great, but the girl in the movie was completely awesome. What a great twist on a "zombie" movie--and I'm not about to give anything away. Its time for you to spend some time on the edge of your seat like I did. I loved the way the story worked in what happened by flashes of the past that were still tied to the present. This movie is well worth what you will pay to watch it. This movie reminded me of a horror story of old like " The Haunting", where scenes took their time to build and had you fully invested in what was going on when anything dramatic happened. Watch it in a dark room and enjoy!!!
  • I was *very* pleasantly surprised by this film. Is it a "scary" horror? No, not necessarily, although it did have a few moments.

    It ended up being a subtle story, brilliantly told for the most part, a great character study and acting. Filmed in a brilliant little set, claustrophobic and moody.

    If you're looking for jump scares and special effects, guns and explosions, screaming bimbos and tough-guy saviors, this is not for you.

    It was perhaps a little heavy handed in its last 1/4, trying to "explain" things, but we all know that directors often think an average audience can need that. I think a little subtlety would have gone a long way with this, esp in editing.

    I highly recommend not researching this film, knowing anything beforehand.
  • Hidden posits one simple question, who are the real monsters? What hides beneath the facade we as people and as a society present to the world?

    This film looks at the nature of what it means to human and asks us to examine how we define our humanity. Are we tolerant of difference or are we frightened by it? How does this shape our interactions with those who are different from us? Are our assumptions about others really a damning reflection of our true selves or a vindication of how we value life no matter its form?

    This is a subtle, slow paced, emotionally moving film. The question it asks is done so quietly and as a consequence its message may be lost on those not paying attention.

    The acting from the cast is generally excellent all round. Its hard to find fault with the performances and I'd say given the environmental limitations imposed, the quality of acting is even more remarkable.

    Are there any shortcomings? This really is a somewhat subjective question when it comes to Hidden. If you like your science fiction thrillers fast paced then this is a shortcoming. If you expect every question to be answered then this film may, once again, frustrate you. I would say personally I did find Hidden occasionally, overly sentimental but this is a small consideration.

    In summary, for the most part, Hidden is an above average film. Its intelligent and its well directed and acted. Its message is a timely one too given the intolerance and cruelty people and societies seem to demonstrate on a daily basis towards one another. Eight out of ten from me.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    In Kingsville, Ray (Alexander Skarsgård), his wife Claire (Andrea Riseborough) and their little daughter Zoe "Zozo" (Emily Alyn Lind) have been living in an underground shelter for three hundred days hidden from the "Breathers". They have created and follow four rules to stay alive. Ray frequently recalls when an outbreak reached Kingsville and the army bombed the whole town during the quarantine, and he believes they are the only survivors. When they find that many supplies have been stolen from the pantry, Ray finds that a rat is the responsible. They chase the rodent and there is an accident with a kerosene lamp that burns a table. Now they are afraid that the "Breathers" might have seen the smoke. Will they be safe in the shelter?

    The tense "Hidden" is a little gem in the horror genre. The plot seems to be a conventional post-apocalypse story, but the plot point is absolutely original and unexpected. Alexander Skarsgård), Andrea Riseborough and Emily Alyn Lind are very convincing in the role of a trapped family. The hopeless conclusion is too dark and the consequences will certainly be devastating for either side. My vote is seven.

    Title (Brazil): Not Available
  • Delivering tension without resorting to over exposure the "threats" is a great indication of how effective a horror movie is. Hidden works incredibly well with small scale, dark atmosphere and mental trial instead of ordinary gorefest. Its narrative is only hampered by a few technical or consistency flaws, which are forgivable towards the end.

    Story follows a family of three as they hide from what seems to be a virus outbreak. It shows their current predicament while revealing the preceding events in timely fashion. This may feel like typical zombie movie, but the focus on this small cast is highly engaging. The slow pace from early on sets the tone very well, it gives more personalities to the distraught family that can resonate to audience.

    Acting is solid all around, all three characters have appealing traits which also accompanied by natural weaknesses. Emily Alyn Lind as the daughter is fitting, most of the drama here can only work with her character. It's a hefty task for a child actor, but she's believably likable and innocent on screen.

    What sets it apart is the twist on last act. To divulge it would be a disservice to the movie, but it's a fresh development from the usual movie of the kind. However, the visual might not be clear, perhaps to obscure the monster in question, but it's entirely too dark in some scenes. Characters sometimes act differently, like the daughter who appears mature, but acts childish when the plot demands it. That, along some other quirky disparities.

    This is not the thriller or horror one might expect, but it's a fresh take on old genre. While it stumbles once or twice, it manages to separate itself from its peers with intense psychological thriller as well as nifty twist on last act.
  • Although a little slow at the start, sticking with this film really rewards the viewer with a psychologically thrilling atmosphere and some shocking twists in the plot. The oppressive sense of doom and fear really make for a wonderful backdrop to this tale of family unity and it's hard not to feel empathy with the characters. Superb acting and cinematography (although a little too dark in places) make this a fascinating study of the psychology of isolation. It's wonderful to see a film that's different in so many ways and doesn't try to rehash the same tired narrative of so many others. If you're looking for a thrilling movie which surprises you at every turn, this is a real winner that I'd highly recommend to anyone.
  • Well this is a movie I am glad I watched. It's not an horror movie though so it should not be categorized in there. But it's a nice thriller. A thriller with a twist. And that's what I like the most about movies. When you don't see it coming, a total surprise. They don't make much of those movies because most of the times you figured out the end way before the actual ending. With this one you don't have that at all. We all know Alexander Skarsgård mostly from the series True Blood. And here in Hidden he proves that he is a good actor. The rest of the cast was also good, very believable in their respective roles. Nice suspense throughout the whole movie. And with a good ending like I said. I enjoyed it and will probably watch it again in a couple years.
  • Zozo is surely the most annoying kid movies have ever seen. She was given way to much spotlight and made Hidden sometimes almost unwatchable. If someone wanted to make a movie with a message for people not to have children (due to demographic overloads, for example), that someone could as well make Hidden. Having ZoZo for a daughter diminishes you survival chances greatly; almost entirely I think. If you want to keep ZoZo quiet and calm you have to spend much more energy that having a lunch at McDonald's packs, let alone old canned beans. My message is this: parents, spend a lot of time upbringing your children because one day your child's screams and unwillingness to listen may lead you to death.

    For this reason alone I give this movie such a bad rating. Don't watch this if you want to have children.
  • I tried to like this movie, I really did. And just when I started to, the character writing got in the way, time and time again. I love me a slow burner. And this was definitely a nice atmospheric piece. However, with nothing BUT time on the characters' hands, you would think the writers would have given them more credit for their situation. But no. Did they move even TRY to protect their food when they discovered they had a rat eating it? Nope. Just let it sit there and get eaten. Even a token attempt to move it into the bedroom or something would have been more flattering/less annoying for the characters. Same goes with the bunker door. All this time and they never thought to double or even triple secure until they were being attacked? And then, they leave ONE pipe in place of the chains? How about wrapping the chains back around the ladder as a backup? I mean, they knew the 'breathers' were going to come...or at least should have acted like they were instead of being the annoyingly blindly optimistic dolts that they were. Oh, and of course, when the bogeyman finally does open the hatch, sure, just stand there underneath it. You weren't expecting them to come down too right? I mean, grrr.

    All this may sound trite. But when you get into a film and find yourself being thrown out of it with careless character writing, it gets to me. These characters could have elicited much more empathy if they hadn't been written so blunderingly.

    I wonder if the brother writer and director team created a dynamic where criticism was not welcomed. Wouldn't be the first time...
  • This movie was awesome. It was extremely tense and well acted. The little girl can hang with any adult actor. Ive seen her in some kids movies that my daughter watched but here she shines and has a bright future. The Duffer Bros went on to make Stranger Things so i am not surprised to find this little gem on their resume. Some people say it was slow. They want to watch marvel crap with cgi explosions every 3 minutes. Do not read any reviews with spoilers because its better to go in blind.
  • I was skeptical of this but had read a good review so I thought I would give it a try. Starts and moves slow. Picks up speed. Acting better than some give it credit for. Low budget but good. The kid in it is one of the most annoying kids I have ever seen in a film. Part created that way I am sure. You have to wonder WHY some actors take the scripts they do. I understand why these actors chose this film. Different and original. I had to wonder what there WAS about this film that some thought was so good. It is unique is why. Different. THAT is difficult to find in a time of derivative plots. Give it a shot and watch out for the ending. Wait for it...
  • I really enjoyed the concept and the isolating feel of the film. The whole time your trying to figure out who these creatures are and what they want. The pros are almost outweighed by the annoying little girl's character. I thought there girl's acting was great but the character was so obnoxious. She wouldn't shut the heck up for one second. She's taught to keep quiet in order to survive but she was so loud and cried every five minutes. I honestly wanted to shut the film off because of it. Not only that, but her need to interject stupidly all the time felt pointless. Instead of the parents doubling down in ensuring she knows her role for survival, they catered to her every question and babied every sad expression she made. Your sitting there thinking that this is no time for Mickey mouse b.s. this is the time to shut up and stay alive. Honestly, this movie would be great if the kid's character was cut or they made her not the center of the movie.

    Five stars because I liked the concept and the overall plot line but hated the kid.
  • This was a terrible dark movie. And yes. That might be something good. Yet here... Not so much.

    Most of the movie was shot in the dark. So really no way of telling what was going on.

    Besides that: many "flaws"...

    • A rat eating through a can without leaving a trace;

    • A shelter with two "entrances" (one a door, one a "window"). One entrance that needs two ladders to climb out. The other can be climbed with the help of another person. Yet the floors of the shelter aren't mounting;

    • Worrying about smoke leaving the shelter. Fine. Sure. But ashes leaving the shelter from a small fire? Not so much...;

    • Creatures walking on top of shelter. They (inside) try to stay still and silent. Yet they don't worry too much (read: at all) about the lights that are still on and shining through their "window".

    • They're leaving through the "window" when the breathers are entering their "door" rather slowly, and don't seem to care that the window and the door are in plain visible sight of each other (hence: girl watching the door from the window with the "periscope" earlier).

    Ehm... I really could go on for a while.

    This film had quite a good plot. But come on: it wasn't too realistic (a school shelter with only a hand full of bunk beds?). I never felt any tension at all while watching it, I was that much annoyed by flaws.

    Oh well. Maybe it's just me...
  • cbak22325 November 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    A film that comes along that gets very little "marketing" behind it and blows me away is all but too rare. This is one of those films. Hidden starring Alexander Skarsgard(Ray) Andrea Riseborough(Claire) & up and coming young actress Emily Alyn Lind(Zoe). This is why I love such a film that flies under the radar but has two very good actors in it, which both need no introduction, if your not familiar with Skarsgard or Riseborough it's time you are. The film starts you in the confines of a dark, dingy what you soon to realize bomb/tornado shelter, as your introduced to Ray & Claire, husband and wife, and they're daughter Zoe. As you start to gather they're existence is very futile, malnourishment, lack of water, no bathing to speak of all the while these two parents doing everything they can to stay alive, even if for just one more day. They soon find themselves in a predicament by setting a blaze they're "living room table". This bunker receives fresh air and yes, the smoke from the fire soon goes up, and out. Now you discover that they are hiding, from the breathers. The film unfolds pieces of the past to see how they all ended up in the bunker, blending a great story and telling it in the same fashion. This film was written by Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer, the Duffer brothers and Directed by these two as well. Absolutely fantastic job at both, you had the actors, you had the camera, and this beautiful apocalyptic set between the bunker, and the surrounding area. Now the best part of this film is its end, the story takes an unsuspecting twist that is just fantastic. The premise of the film is Horror/Sci-Fi, but it has a certain psychological aspect to it. The building of the characters is perfect to understand, and care for them all by the end. This was a well written, well directed, well acted film that deserves to get noticed, great job!
  • I saw this movie advertised on YouTube and all of a sudden, I just had to watch it. It's 2015, there are so many horror flicks coming here and there and most of them are about either paranormal investigations and spirits or an apocalypse. This however was about an apocalypse but still got me in because it looked like it had its differences. The start gets you in straight away and I love the little flashbacks here and there to the scenario beforehand (not to give to much away). The acting was surprisingly good and the setting was eerie but cool at the same time. I thought that they ended it really well unlike other horror movies. I loved 'Hidden' and thought this would've been great at the cinema, seen as though I watched it at home. Well done hidden!
  • wteutonin9 April 2016
    Not that it changed my life forever, but I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. The story starts so seemingly familiar, similar to many "zombie/deadly virus apocalypse" movies before it, that you don't really expect any twists and just enjoy watching, waiting for action and scares. They did well making every scene enjoyable on its own - not setting up the stage for any particular turn of events or a twist, but showing the "daily" life of this family. It's a pretty good story, and it is executed impeccably. For a movie that mostly takes place in the dark, cinematography is very well done. I also have to commend the child actress, because it's not rare in our days to come across movies with kids that are unbearable to watch. Emily Lynd, and the rest of the team, were pretty good.
  • billking666615 November 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    I am a sci/fi buff, so maybe I am more critical than a horror fan, but this movie has so many things wrong with it. First, who happens to find a fully stocked shelter in the middle of a disaster by a schoolyard, with nobody in it? Secondly, these are intelligent suburbanites in California, yet they call military personnel wearing gas masks "breathers", as if they are some kind of new monster. Thirdly, the whole movie is filmed in a small, dimly lit area and dragged on for eternity. Finally, when the surprise ending came I was relieved I could turn it off. Many more loose ends, such as what were their plans for when the food ran out and what about their kid and her future? Only gave it the extra star for not having offensive material.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I really don't understand the people who reviewed this movie. This movie started of good, suspenseful, and somewhere around the half of the movie, comes the plot twist:

    *SPOILER ALERT* Those "survivors" are actually infected and turn into zombies when they are enraged or in danger, hence rule #2 - never lose control. The "breathers", the supposed "monsters" are actually government military forces with glowing night vision goggles and gas masks, hence the name. So, more or less - had so much potential, turned out cheesy reverse zombie movie full of woeful tries of being emotional. *END SPOILERS*

    Do yourself a favor. Don't watch this. People will praise anything that's different. But just because it's "different", doesn't mean it's good.
  • Save your time, I have lost 1 1/2 hours of my life with this boring movie.

    Nothing to say, since it is completely boring with not much story or anything to make it worthwhile.

    It is hard to find more to write about it, since it is so vapid.

    I am even sorry to say,

    I don't see how anyone could have given this movie a rating over 2.

    The movie is just completely pointless, mostly in a dark shelter and then something tries to get in. Without giving away this bore-fest, that is about it.
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