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  • Working for Missa X, from her script, Craven Moorehead displays a light touch here, far removed from his work on "Pure Taboo" vignettes covering similarly taboo sex territory.

    The short feature (50 mins.) spotlights a talented new starlet Theodora Day, whose name recalls that classic screwball comedy of the 1930s: "Theodora Goes Wild". Of course this new Theodora doesn't resemble Irene Dunne, but she's terrific in her always upbeat sense of playfulness, making this a must-see porn offering.

    Missa's script creates a funny situation, as Theodora and her classmates (all decked out in classic schoolgirl outfits) concoct a scheme to get Theodora laid by her stepdad Ryan Driller (who gets the character name Ryan Remington).

    What follows is irresistible teasing, as Theodora, Laney Grey and newcomer Mina Luxx, give a blindfolded Ryan lap-dances and plenty of erotic softcore sex, before Theodora takes over and goes XXX on stepdaddy. They're pretending to be Mina's stripper mother Nicole (who in fact isn't a stripper, they merely told gullible Ryan she was) and a couple of her ladyfriends who don't want him to identify them. Occasion is to cheer up the depressed daddy, as he's facing an imminent divorce from his cheating wife.

    Watching Ryan being fooled at great length, his discomfort turning to pleasure as he humps Theodora, is both arousing and quite amusing, and the cast's performances are terrific. That cornball claim of "chemistry" that so often is asserted in contemporary porn (as if actors were actually being turned on in hundreds of pay-day assignments) is replaced by a far more honest depiction of talented sex workers acting up a storm.

    Of special interest is the balance of high-quality softcore content (as depicted by Laney's and Mina's performances) with the XXX action by Ms. Day.