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  • Feluda is back with the latest film "Royal Bengal Rahasya".The story is set in the forests of North Bengal, where Feluda gets an invitation by a Zamindar who is a great hunter as well as a wildlife writer to crack an old riddle, which is a hint to a hidden treasure. Then starts Feluda's, Topshe's & Lal Mohon Babu's highly adventurous encounter with some hidden secrets of the Zamindar family, lies, a death, few mysterious characters & most importantly with a "Man eater".

    The film is a real visual treat because of the exotic locations. The scenes shot in the jungle as well as in the palace were simply outstanding. The editing and direction was exceptionally good...It is definitely amongst one of Sandip Ray's best works till date.

    Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Saheb, Bhaswar Chatterjee, B.D.Mukherjee, Debesh Roychoudhury, Paran Bandopadhyay acted wonderfully. But the real surprise package was late Bibhu Bhattacharjee, it is his last role as Jatayu before he passed away last month... and this is indeed his best performance in the shoes of the character "Jatayu".

    Royal Bengal Rahasya is a perfect entertainer for all Feluda fans....and in my opinion is better than other earlier released Feluda movies which were directed by Sandip Ray....
  • thesenlady23 March 2012
    After a long , long long time comes a Feluda movie "Royal Bengal Rahashya" that gels really well with the FELUDA lovers! (me being a fanatic at that) Numerous Bangalees like me have grown up reading and talking about FELUDA stories and Ray movies of the same name and endless numbers of times - have been greatly disappointed somewhat by the recent releases- This time .. the ONLY word that seems to come to my mind is the word KELLA FOTEH !! To speak from the bottoms of my Heart: Anek din por akta bangla movie bhishon bhishon enjoy korlam. While it is needless / pointless to go over the Story PLOT repetitively- it is far more worthwhile to discuss and ponder over the issues that have amazed me in this one! Sabyasachi Chakrabarty a.k.a Prodosh C Mitter can, by now play FELUDA with remarkable élan and tremendous poise. He excels in his given format as the ever intelligent, sharp visionary who solves a riddle with verbal clues that leads to the discovery of a GUPTO DHON in the Singha Roy family left by their ancestor Aditya Narayan. But the character who left me spellbound otherwise was elder brother of the Singha Roy family.. played by none other than Paran Bandopadhayay! Believe it or not: I have watched the scenes including him a number of times, back & forth- He has played the "inconspicously mental case" brother DEBATOSH SINGHA Roy like no other can! and our Beloved FELUDA scores a 10/10 who doesn't even take a blink of an eye to read through the 'so-called insignificant banters' of the elder brother. So in my opinion- FELUDA in this flick is duly supported by an ensemble able cast. Bibhu Bhattacharyya as JATAYU had always (truth be spoken) irritated the hell out of me by going over the top.. but his contribution is heart felt and overwhelming this time- What an irony!! Bibhu Bhattacharyya will never play JATAYU again! To sum up.. I have been an avid avid FELUDA LOVER most of the time.. and here comes a movie after a long time- that I have loved watching so much. Sabyasachi was an able successor as FELUDA after Soumitro Chatterjee but as he is growing old now (very prominent in the body physicality now)- The question that remains obvious- WHO will do justice to the legendary fictional character Prodosh C Mitter again?
  • Royal Bengal Rahashya is considered to be as one of the finest Feluda films ever made by Sandip Ray! The film equally did well in box office and was declared as 'Super-Hit'. It was the last appearance of Bibhu Bhattacharya as 'Jatayu' as he died after the completion of dubbing of this film. Rather expressing the story here I would suggest you to watch the film and enjoy the suspence. If you have read the story already still you will enjoy the elegant screen presences of Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Saheb Bhattacharya, Bibhu Bhattacharya, Bhaswar Chatterjee, Paran Bandyopadhyay, Biplab Chatterjee and so on.
  • debumymailbox14 December 2018
    Story, script, characterization and location everything was good enough for a Feluda film. Pure entertainment. :-)
  • avik-kumar-si14 October 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    The biggest praise one can shower on Royal Bengal Rahasya is that it reminds the viewer of the first two Feluda movies made by the master Satyajit Ray himself. In its tone and mood, Royal Bengal Rahasya strikes the right chord with the veteran Feluda fan while managing to be contemporary in look and feel to enchant the new generation of fans as well. As a result of which, one tends to keep aside one's skepticism despite an aging Sabyasachi Chakraborty reprising the role of the young sleuth yet again.

    Royal Bengal Rahasya is a film made with care, case in point being the immaculate casting in the character roles. The outdoor sequences are shot well, capturing a natural beauty and reminding the old viewers of the additional attraction of Feluda stories being captivating travel diaries which Satyajit Ray brought out in the first Feluda movie, Sonar Kella (The Golden Fortress) as well. Royal Bengal Rahasya, the novel, is one of the most thrilling Feluda adventures, with a denouement surprising the reader in a manner most unexpected. The film does justice to this denouement at the end of the winding plot, as well as to the characters, both the central trio and the others. And of course, the theme is reassuring, as themes are, in its familiarity !
  • This review is for all Feledu depictions after his creators depictions.

    Always delighted for the continuous plight to keep Felu Mittir alive and tuned with a Bengali mind.

    However, always will miss the phenomenon Feluda; which will be always an un-conquerable quest, marked by the Satyajit Ray.

    Where present Feluda lags?
    • The loud and visible confidence of the present day Feluda portrayers. It must be kept in mind, that a deep-everlasting impact of Feluda as a cinema character was manifested years ago by the legend. Which is irreplaceable.

    What we have liked so much of Felu Mittir? - His will power to conquer all odds, with a very soft approach. He never shouts, always thoughtful and composed. He is witty, but seldom laughs by his own wit. He acknowledges the strengths of his opponents, and re-compose himself to challenge the same. Most importantly, his plight to defeat his enemies by his brains, un-masking them; and importantly not by physical strength. "Shirter tolay 16" - he acknowledged, he is not so strong physical. Without a pinch of hurting his own self-esteem. But, after Joy Baba Felunath; Feluda changed and these remarkable characteristics. Which was un-matched.

    Hence, it would be a delighted to see some portrayer would come again displaying the same characteristics to us.

    Until, then these magnificent efforts to keep this character alive will remain an effort and would be a challenge to reach anywhere near to that milestone.

    • All this is my individual thinking, for all Feluda movies post Mr. Satyajit Ray's creation.
    A humble request not to get carried away with this review, if individual views differ. Thanks and regards.