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  • Kayden Kross known for her pretentious videos, delivers simpler, high-concept scenes in this collection.

    DVD's cover girl Kenzie Reeves stars in little more than a stag movie hook: the uncredited schnook A. J. asks her to watch his laundry spin as he rushes home to take a leak, the laundromat bathroom being "Occupied" (title of the vignette). Turns out a Black stud (Anton Harden) is in the public bathroom, waiting for Kenzie to have sex with him. A. J. Returns in time to see he's been bamboozled by the horny duo.

    Harden, whose sole claim to fame is possessing a big dick that so closely resembles that of legend Mandingo that he could serve as his body double, returns playing a bellhop (with monotone line readings) who is eventually seduced by hotel guest Jazmin Luv, again a trite situation, titled "Guest Services".

    "Make Your Move" is just as predictable, as Manuel Ferrara's depression when his bride-to-be gets cold feet is soon assuaged by tender loving from the bride's pretty sister Anna Claire Clouds.

    Remaining segment benefits only from the unquestionable beauty of model Azul Hermosa, sheer perfection recalling the look of '90s star Lene Hefner. She is ice cold, unfortunately as an actress, cast as a model photographed by Ryan Driller for client Mick Blue. Mick takes over and humps her in a nothing scene.