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  • "The Informers" represents Anjali Kara's best marriage of traditional story-line/character driven Adult Cinema with the currently dominant format of all-sex. Her later work has followed similar lines but with much more emphasis on the sex scenes, for obvious commercial reasons.

    The innovative Brit Porn label daring! Media had moved its headquarters from Spain to Holland by the time this was shot, though content remains strictly British. Interesting aspect of the DVD is that the all-sex cut of the film, with every dialog scene removed, is listed as the "Original Hardcore Version", while Anjali's complete story-line plus sex version is also on the Menu as the "Extended Director's Cut (Extended Version)". It runs 35 minutes longer and is what I'm reviewing. Unlike usual format (see Digital Playground's "Pirates") there is no Non-Sex edition.

    With thick regional accents, the cast of familiar porn studs play tough-talking adversaries, though the action is of a carnal nature rather than including any violent shoot-outs or fights. Jamie Barry is comfortably cast as the underworld kingpin Ronson, Marc Rose as his brusque law-enforcement nemesis Rose, and Danny D quite convincing as perhaps the shadiest type in the cast of innumerable informants.

    For the femmes, Kara has gone all out casting some of the best local talent of the period. Delta White is the biggest name and gets the star billing, but I was more impressed with Anjali's styling (hair/makeup/dress) of Kerry Louise, who has never looked better or more alluring on screen. (I watched a routine Brazzers performance by Kerry right after viewing "The Informers", and the contrast between her "normal" look and the high-styling here is striking.)

    Even more exciting is a cool blonde customer named Christine Love - a revelation to me with fabulous silver eye makeup and perfect sang-froid demeanor. Her career never took off, alas, with IMDb listing her mainly in throwaway assignments for Bluebird Films.

    The tattooed women are quite provocative under Anjali's direction, not just Kerry and Delta but also the exotic Holly D and in a fine character acting performance (NonSex), superstar Daisy Rock.

    Plot involves Rose riding herd on his assortment of informers, while Ronson plans to high-tail it for Switzerland. Michelle Thorne plays a corrupt boxing promoter who wants pugilist Stefan Hard to throw a fight, while real-life boxer turned porn stud (and now porn expatriate a la Dillon Day to Eastern Europe) Kai Taylor is a fellow boxer who services old flame Christine. Many of the femmes are cast as prostitutes and convincing in their roles, as director Kara exploits the thin line between porn "acting" and the world's oldest profession.

    I did an A/B comparison of the two versions of the film, and it was interesting to discover that not only dialogue set-ups but also several sex scenes (e.g., blow jobs) were also removed from the full-length film in preparartion of the "Original Hardcore Version". Even though they feature prominently in the trailer, several players are not present in this all-sex cut: Danny D, Harmony Hex, Scarlett March and Daisy Rock.

    DiSanto handled most of the technical functions and the resulting feature is a classic.