[Laurel looking at next door neighbors]

Basel: They're so perfect they seem fake. It's like they're in technicolor or something. I don't know their names so I just call them the Browns.

Laurel: I just don't want to be a virgin anymore, waiting for some fairy tale guy who doesn't exist.

Laurel: Why did I want you to leave?

Basel: So your sister could move in.

Laurel: That was nice of me.

Basel: Yes, it was until you called me a creepy man-child and tried to kick me out. That was less nice.

Basel: What do you think, if you show me how you feel, I'm not gonna like you?

Laurel: Yeah, maybe.

Basel: Really? This isn't gonna last if it's like that. If this is real, we gotta tell each other the bad stuff. And if this isn't real, if this is just my kind of imagination... then I wanna know now.