The use of the color red was very controlled during production, appearing only when Liz is present (such as the high school auditorium and her home) or during the murders.

In the opening high school scene, Katharine (Franca Raisa) is reading a book titled "Dusk", a spoof of the "Twilight" series. The cover depicts a hand holding up a blood red cherry, which was an in-joke about the themes of virginity and sexuality in the movie.

The family portrait of Ashley and her parents was made intentionally tacky, as the director wanted to show the family had poor taste despite their wealth. The role of Ashley's father (who can also be seen briefly during the cocktail party) was played by Christopher Gourlay, the film's Location Manager.

A slow motion shot of the mothers and Liz Batho near the end of the film was actually an accident: the shot was supposed to be at normal speed but the camera's frame rate was over-cranked, and no one noticed until the film was developed. When the director saw it in the dailies the next day he decided he like the slow motion better and it was kept in the movie.

Elizabeth Bathory was a real serial killer in the 1600's. She was imprisoned inside her castle for killing virgin girls, believing that their blood kept her young and beautiful.

The film takes place in the fictional town of San Griento; the word sangriento means "bloody" in Spanish.

The three mothers (Jillian, Jan and Judy) are jokingly referred to as "The Real Housewives of San Griento". On set they liked to refer to themselves as "The Zommies".

Allison Scagliotti's stunt double (Talia Dillingham) performed the "spear flip" onto a hard concrete floor without padding and with minimal protective gear. She did two takes without injury, with the crew applauding wildly each time.

The flashback scene was originally written as a much longer sequence, with a horse-drawn carriage picking up each of the virgin girls in a small village before arriving at Bathory's castle. When the filmmakers learned how expensive the sequence would be to film they decided to limit the scene to just the castle interior.

Liz Batho's mansion was filmed in three different locations and edited together to appear to be one big house: a private residence served as the exterior and most of the interior scenes, another house was used for the meeting between Liz and Katharine, and a soundstage was used for the ceremony and final battle. In addition, the Gardener's "shack" was constructed in the garage of the mansion using scrap wood.

Filmmaker cameos: the five hooded minions in the flashback scene were played by director John Knowles, writer/producer Lotti Pharriss Knowles, and Producers Vlad Radovanov, Wendi Mirabella and Nathan Christ. They called themselves "The Abby Normals" (a reference to the film "Young Frankenstein"). A behind the scenes photo of them goofing around in character was used for the company holiday card.