Mediator 452 uses the same voice modulating effects found in the Video Game Portal for the character GlaDOS

The building used to film the school scenes was used to film the police station scenes in The Fall (2013), also starring Gillian Anderson.

The Deep Scanner machine, with it's tentacle-like pipes, resembles the main monster from the film 'Grabbers'. Jon wright, director of Robot Overlords, previously directed Grabbers.

The robot's cube shaped spaceships is a plausible nod to the Borg Cubes in Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987) and Star Trek: First Contact (1996). The Borg Cubes are spaceships and The Borg are cyborg creatures.

The opening music is eerily reminiscent of music heard in Alien (1979).

Acting debut of Milo Parker.

Connor is an obvious nod to John Connor from the The Terminator (1984) franchise. In those films, John Connor is the leader of the human resistance that are fighting back against Skynet and the Terminator robots that nuked the world and are bent on exterminating the human race.

The movie has some similar plot points and designs with the movie Oblivion (2013): -A group of machines from another world comes to conquer the Earth. -There are not alien beings, just robots. -There are cube shaped alien ships flying around the earth keeping tabs on the planet. -There are flying drones that fly around the cities looking for any humans that escaped. -Exist groups of humans that have escaped the robots and are are living in a secret area of the forest. -Both movies end in a similar way with the outcome of the machines, being almost the same.

Sean, Nathan, Alexander and Connor using a battery to deactivate their implants which reboots 13 hours later, which they must deactivate again with the battery is an obvious to Crank: High Voltage (2009), which that film, Chev Chelios (Jason Statham) must keep charging his electric heart with electricity to stay alive.