Quotes (17)

Pierre-Auguste Renoir: You're rather modest for an actress.

Andrée Heuschling: Actress doesn't mean whore.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir: It's us... old people, the infirm who they should send to the front, in the mud and trenches.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir: You want to make yourself useful? Go put a necklace on her. Take the emerald one.

Jean Renoir: [approaches a posing Andree] The boss wants you to wear this.

Andrée Heuschling: No introduction first?

Jean Renoir: Forgive me.

Andrée Heuschling: You're Jean? I saw a painting of you.

Jean Renoir: I saw a painting of you, too.

Andrée Heuschling: He always makes me too fat.

Jean Renoir: He makes me look like a girl.

[takes a fruit from a bowl in the studio and bites into it]

Jean Renoir: You just bit into one of my father's models. I understand. Renoir's paintings make me want to eat them too.

Andrée Heuschling: You want to eat me?

Pierre-Auguste Renoir: She won't come anymore, will she? Were you a gentleman with her?

Jean Renoir: Did I need your permission?

Pierre-Auguste Renoir: All women, whether they be a whore or a queen, deserve the same respect.

Andrée Heuschling: I cost ten francs.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir: I need living, breathing material. What interests me, is skin... the velvety texture of a young girl's skin.

Coco Renoir: Show me your tits.

Andrée Heuschling: Are you nuts?

Coco Renoir: Show me.

Andrée Heuschling: Why should I show you?

Coco Renoir: You show them to the boss.

Andrée Heuschling: That's different. That's for art.

Coco Renoir: What's the war like?

Jean Renoir: It's war...

Jean Renoir: If you told me what you wanted...

Pierre-Auguste Renoir: You can't explain a painting, you have to feel it. Go see Titian's courtesans at the Louvre. If those don't make you want to caress them, then you've understood nothing at all.

[Jean leaves]

Pierre-Auguste Renoir: Where are you going?

Jean Renoir: To the Louvre!

Andrée Heuschling: I paint like a child.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir: That's a good thing. My whole life, I tried to paint like a child.

Andrée Heuschling: I'm not spending my life with a plate painter.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir: Titian would have worshiped her. I'd give my right arm for her tits.

Pierre Renoir: Andree said you were going to make films?

Jean Renoir: No. Nothing's been decided.

Pierre Renoir: That reassures me. The cinema isn't for us French. It's entertainment for the masses. Our artistic heritage is too old, too heavy.

Jean Renoir: [his father has suffered the torments of arthritis in his hands] Papa. You can't take any more.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir: The pain passes, Jean. But beauty remains.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir: [Jean has re-enlisted in WWI] Go get yourself pumped full of lead, imbecile! Or if you prefer, go kill some good German fellow who smokes a pipe. If you think it'll change something.

[long pause]

Pierre-Auguste Renoir: You, too... you can't live without her either.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir: You can't explain a painting, you have to feel it.