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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I've seen India Summer give hundreds of excellent performances, seemingly impervious to who is directing her -she's a talented self-starter actress. This one- shot directing assignment is equally impressive, packing a wallop in the final reel.

    It's set in a clothing store where India works alongside Prinzzess and tailor Ariella Ferrera and the program's theme is seduction and bad intentions, giving it a dark mood. For Girlfriends Films, it falls within the best of their genres, similar to the popular "Lesbian PsychoDramas" and "Twisted Passsions" series, both of which provide more engrossing plot lines than the typical Lesbian video content of smooch, grope, finger, lick and trib - a format that becomes terminally boring.

    A non-sex cameo by Chastity Lynn as a customer is followed by 4 vignettes of quite exciting in-fighting and nastiness. First up is a battle of the busty Latinas, with customer Mahina Zaltana, an unfamiliar face who is worth noting for the future, seducing Ferrara in a touchy/feely scene rather than the expected violent outburst.

    Nicky Hunter goes dominatrix mode in the second sex segment, using a strap-on dildo to deflower cute Emy Reyes. This BDSM lite content is very well performed by the two actresses and is in sharp contrast to the friendlier previous scene. Domineering India caught Emy shoplifting and rather than turn her in to the gendarmes, manipulated her into going to Hunter's mansion to service the bombshell.

    Still the manipulator, India orders Prinzzess to deliver dresses to the mansion of the mayor's wife Mrs. Rothschild (Julia Ann), who turns out to be the store's owner. Julia has P try on the dresses for her, they gossip and then she seduces the Girlfriends label's all-time favorite player. As in other segments, India makes use of more background mood music than is the norm for a Girlfriends feature.

    Finale is a classic scene. A cat burglar breaks into India's home and rapes her. When unmasked it turns out to be Zoey Holloway, and when India announces "My beautiful Zoey" we realize this has merely been a case of sexual role-playing, not actual rape. Their subsequent discussion reveals an espionage subplot. Zoey admits to having been unfaithful to India and I was frankly shocked at the plot turn at curtain time: India ends the sex scene by strangling Zoey to death -then smooching the corpse, and fade out. This reminded me of the ancient film structure (popular in the late silent era but rarely used recently) whereby the movie would end on a high or dramatic note with no following scene -BAM! and it's over (see: Jeanne Eagels starring in "The Letter" for a similarly powerful finale back in the early Talkies era of 1929).