Vince Vincelli: [Vincelli addresses the desperately struggling Paula - as she is being tightly bound to the railroad tracks!] The 11:55 out of town will be a FITTING END to your LIFE!

Bad Santa: [drawing his pistol, & aiming it point-blank at Jimmy, who is lying on the ground] I don't LIKE reporters!

Jimmy Smith: That's okay - I'm a photographer!

[just then, 'Bad Santa' is coldcocked from behind by Veronica - causing his shot to miss Jimmy]

Vince Vincelli: [Two burly thugs remove the chloroformed Paula from the trunk of a car; her head is enshrouded by a hood. Still groggy, she is dragged inside & seated on a metal chair as her wrists are bound tightly behind her back. The hood is removed, & we see that the beautiful reporter has also been securely gagged. One of the thugs removes Paula's gag, in order that Vincelli might interrogate her. Cut to Vince Vincelli - staring at his helpless captive for a moment before he begins to gloat] So, THIS is Paula PERiL? Hahahaha Hahahaha Hahaha! Seems Carleoni overestimated your abilities.

Vince Vincelli: It's ALL over if we can't SHUT UP that reporter - she's gettin' TOO CLOSE!