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  • I recently saw the premiere of Shaun Micallef's return to the ABC.

    Shaun is in his element in this show. His opening bit was hilarious. I laughed so hard I often had to rewind it to hear the next joke.

    I am thrilled to see Francis Greenslade and Roz Hammond return to working with Shaun. I like the new additions to the team as well.

    To a degree the show reminded me of 'The Colbert Report'and 'The Daily Show', with fake interviews but more sketches. It works well. I'm a fan of Colbert but as an Australian I often find myself wanting a show lampooning Australian news and politics.

    If you liked 'Newstopia' then you'll enjoy this show.

    'MAD AS' IS THE SHOW I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR! Thank You Shaun and Co.
  • (Review updated after 2018 season).

    If you know Shaun Micallef's previous work - The Micallef Program/Programme/Pogram, Newstopia plus his work on Full Frontal - you'll know what to expect. Clever dialogue-driven comedy, where every word matters and the joke often hinges on a single word. Throw in some Pythonesque left-field randomness and there you have his modus operandi.

    Now put that in a fake newscast environment (a la The Colbert Report) and any item of news is a source for comedy.

    Very intelligent comedy...with a touch of the absurd throw in.

    This was, until about 2016/17. At a point Micallef either got reminded by ABC senior management that the ABC is in the Liberal-bashing business or he himself decided to pander to the average ABC viewer. From then on, instead of being clever, politically-neutral satire the show became clearly left-wing and the originality went out of it, being reduced to empty, tiresome, predictable jibes.

    I got through 10 minutes of the 2018 season before giving up.

    9/10 for the first 5-6 seasons, 3/10 thereafter.