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  • Thinking she's safe from further attack, a woman's attempts to move on and have a wedding with her friends at a formerly-haunted southern mansion causes them to be targeted by the psychotic killer once again and forces her to stop them once and for all.

    This one here was quite a troubling if somewhat decent-enough effort. One of the few good parts here is the fact that the film manages to make quite good use out of the massive plantation hideout they're all staying at, as it's a place with a lot of decent suspense attached to it. The excessively overdone rooms, the grand waiting rooms and the general layout of the slave-plantation looks quite impressive and creepy, especially once it moves into the later stage with the slasher's massacre cuts through the group in admittedly-fine fashion which all gets quite a better feel here due to the great setting. As this seems to be a direct correlation to the backstory that comes off rather nicely with the ghost-story history that nicely brings about the connection to the guests arriving here. These here are where the film really gets into the good slashing scenes which really picks up the energy here into the later half where this all works rather nicely. Still, these few elements here are all that really works for this one with quite a few problems that are present here. The film's biggest problem is the fact that there's just so much time spent on filler material that it really takes way too long to get going with barely anything really important going on in terms of horror activities during these segments. As these scenes are filled with utterly lame scenes of the group going through the house and interweaving the whole affair with plenty of excessive cursing at their situation, finding out the truth about the house's legacy and then engaging in a series of bachelor party games before attempting to hook up with each other, and these overlong scenes are filled to the brim throughout here which are just so lame and bland that there's little that can be gleaned from these scenes being used for any kind of purposeful horror sequences. The way these play out makes them all so bland that there's little to like about them anyway, yet there's also the fact that they drag out the killing to the final half which gives the pacing such a disjointed feeling that there's little to like about what's going on in these sections. As well, there's also the film's utterly lame and pathetic killing scenes which are just so bland that there's little about them that can be seen as scary or shocking at all, as not only are the actual methods hilariously- staged simplistic murders that are either stabbings or slicings without much variation and just cause the film to look amateurish with the way they play out. There's little creativity or imagination in them and they're so shoddily filmed that they really take away from the film despite how much fun they all are packed into the final half here. The only other flaw here is the fact that there's such a ludicrous and utterly lame motivation for the killer's rampage that it's truly laughable during the initial reveal and there's no way it's designed to be rational and logical which doesn't help the utterly terrible way it's spelled out overall in the first place. These here are what really lower this one significantly.

    Rated R: Extreme Graphic Language, Graphic Violence, Nudity, mild sexual scenes and drug use.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    If there's one thing that annoys me, it's a movie whose plot doesn't match its description. The description for Holla 2 on its DVD is about several friends who stay at a haunted mansion implying it is some sort of ghost movie, but it's anything but. First off, it's a long boring set-up that takes forever to get started and never really goes anywhere. It's boring as hell, the characters are tedious and the plot plods on slowly. The production values are so cheap that it might as well be someone's home movies. What it really becomes is a weak slasher flick lacking the strength of "Friday The 13th" or the power of "Nightmare on Elm Street." The nude scenes are seriously offensive and obviously gratuitous with absolutely no purpose at all. The so- called killer is disguised as a man-sized golly, a racial cultural character from the 19th Century, which is actually more culturally insensitive than scary or threatening. Overall, it's one of the dumbest most uninteresting under-developed so-called horror movies I have ever seen. It's only worth is if it was used to torture terrorists into giving up secrets to the U.S. Government.