Frightening & Intense Scenes (5)

  • Moderate
  • The movie involves ghosts that the characters call "remenants" or "rems". One rem in particular causes a few jump scares.
  • A man chases a women through the woods at night
  • A car drives very fast weaving in/out of traffic
  • A man and woman attempt to capture a ghost on camera while he stands at a sink. They use some scientific means to turn their cellphone camera into a spectral lense using everyday equipment. As they're fumbling with this equipment, the ghost appears to become angry and eventually alters his face, turning and then lunging at the camera in a pretty intense jump scare
  • As a man and woman avoid detection by a gang of drunk thugs by pretending to be ghosts that are kissing passionately. One of the thugs comes up to them thinking they're ghosts. To test it, he takes out a knife and slowly brings it to their faces to see if skin can be penetrated.