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  • After the explosion of a research laboratory in Chicago known as The Event that kills a great number of people, the living people cohabit with ghosts known as remnant especially near the ground zero. Ten years after The Event, the teenager Veronica Calder (Bella Thorne) has classes about the remnant laws with her teacher August Bittner (Dermot Mulroney). She also coexists peacefully with the remnants until the day she is threatened by the mysterious remnant Brian (Thomas Elms). She seeks help with her schoolmate Kirk Lane (Richard Harmon), who is an expert in remnant, and they need to the Chicago's No-Go Zone, a place forbidden to humans, to learn secrets about The Event and the killer.

    "I Still See You" is a surprisingly good supernatural thriller with an original ghost story. The screenplay does not have the usual clichés of the genre and the acting is good. My vote is seven.

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  • Within moments I was oddly gripped, I loved the concept and the whole thing looked sleek, original and fascinating.

    Starring the stunning Bella Thorne and underappreciated Dermot Mulroney this is one that is very hard to pigeon hole as it doesn't really fall under one category.

    It tells the story of a science experiment gone wrong and a world where ghosts walk among the living frequently, though they are unable to interact nor aware that they're deceased.

    The ideas within the movie are remarkably clever but I quickly began to think that they'd be better suited to a television series rather than a movie. By the end, I had that belief confirmed. Don't get me wrong I Still See You is a very enjoyable movie but I think it was perhaps released in the wrong format.

    Genuinely clever, interesting and captivating I can't argue that it isn't without its flaws as truth be told it has many BUT the quality of the film outweighs them.

    I'd recommend the film to anyone and everyone, sure it has that teen-sci fi vibe about it but thankfully manages to be considerably better than that.

    I'd love to see this become a television series, I'd rush to watch that every week. But if this is all we get, then it's enough.

    The Good:

    Looks great

    Bella Thorne and Dermot Mulroney

    Some great ideas

    The Bad:

    Some of the ideas don't feel fully formed

    Leaves a lot of unanswered questions

    Things I Learnt From This Movie:

    There is still life in the ghost sub genre

    We need more original movies like this and less reboots
  • I really liked underlying premise of this movie, specifically that the millions of people killed by a cataclysmic event became ghosts, or remnants. In addition to this novel concept, the acting was good, and the characters' motivations and actions were logical and intelligent. In fact, I can't think of a single instance where extremely poor decision-making was used to advance the plot, setting this apart from most horror/thriller movies.

    On the minus side, there were a number of plot holes and cheesy bits. Although they weren't bad enough to ruin the movie, there were enough of them that I can only give it a 7/10.

    Overall, it was an enjoyable movie, and I would recommend it.
  • While not exactly being a fan of Bella Thorne (can't stand 'Shake It Up' for example), it was the concept that had me sold on watching 'I Still See You'. A concept that was among the cleverest and most imaginative, and one of the most ambitious, ones for any film seen recently and really had me intrigued. Even the advertising grabbed the attention and did hear good things about it, so the potential was certainly there and it was not exactly small.

    'I Still See You' however could have done quite a lot more with this concept. It is not a bad film and it is not a complete waste of the potential it had, but there was a big deal of room for improvment and the potential is far from fullfilled. It also struck me after watching that the concept would have lended itself better to a mini-series and that it was too ambitious for a feature film. It really does annoy me somewhat when a film like 'I Still See You' has such an intriguing and ambitious concept, that could have been done very imaginatively, but executes it in a too ordinary, mundane and muddled way. Far from being one of the worst cases sure and there are flashes of greatness, but a concept as good as this deserved a much better film.

    There are good things here in 'I Still See You'. It actually looks quite professional visually, the photography is slick, the moodiness of the lighting fits the atmosphere beautifully and the effects are surprisingly polished and like time and care went into constructing them (even if they weren't what one would call special). The moody atmosphere is reflected very effectively in the score, which doesn't overbear what's going on and doesn't sound cheap or inappropriate, the placement never questionable.

    Direction is competent and the acting is well above average and while not award-worthy it's acceptable. Bella Thorne surprisingly carries 'I Still See You' more than capably, was expecting her to be too lightweight and out of place but she was neither. Dermot Mulroney is up to her level and their chemistry works. 'I Still See You' also started off very promisingly indeed, with the imagination, suspense and intrigue present.

    So it is sad that the second half is nowhere near as good. 'I Still See You' comes rather mundane and one loses interest. The dialogue can be very cheesy, of the difficult to take seriously kind which jars when the film itself is quite serious. There are a lot of predictable moments and there are parts that are of pure stupidity.

    Am now going to elaborate on my opinion of the concept lending itself better to a mini-series. There are too many ideas, all great but never given the chance to be fully explored, and the film tries to be too much all at once which creates a tonal muddle which really confuses the story. 'I Still See You' becomes convoluted and cluttered, and the mundane feeling comes from the pace slackening (think the makers realised how much they were trying to pack in and tried to slow down to accomodate) and the suspense and imagination becoming lost under the over-ambition. The characters never fully develop either and are basically flimsy cliches no matter how decently acted they are. Then there is the somewhat hasty ending which leaves too many unanswered questions and loose ends and leaves the viewer crying what in frustration, a twist is also attempted but it felt rushed and didn't ring true. All of this giving off the sense that the film is too short.

    Overall, great idea with very average execution. 5/10 Bethany Cox
  • hilary_mae-912-8056113 October 2018
    It is a film about intelligent people in a ghost story and that seems to freak some viewers out. Oooh all those big words. Despite being a fantasy tale, it was realistic about how life does go on despite a catastrophic event. I liked the academia aspect of it; that it showed teenagers who have intelligence. Setting the film in the middle of winter helps maintain the dark look of the film. Overall, it was a decent flick. I did guess who the evil-doer was, but that didn't lessen my enjoyment of the film. Not every film has to be perfect to be enjoyable. Not every ghost story needs horror. I'd watch it again.
  • lolly673 May 2020
    Went in with no expectations and really ended up enjoying it. A few good jump scares.
  • SnoopyStyle12 November 2018
    Warning: Spoilers
    It's ten years after the Event, an accident at a high energy experiment in Chicago. Many were killed and it has brought back the dead from the past in the form of spiritual remnants. These rems recreate moments in their lives. Veronica Calder (Bella Thorne) lost her father in the Event and he spends every morning reading the paper during breakfast in their small town of Jewel City. August Bittner (Dermot Mulroney) is a trusted teacher and Kirk Lane (Richard Harmon) is the mysterious new student. Veronica's life spirals when a new rem shows up in her bathroom.

    The premise is intriguing and the first half goes well enough. Bella Thorne is built for these dark teen characters and so is Richard Harmon. It could been a good ghost horror story but several things happen that strips it of the earlier promise. The minor issue is Mr. Bittner. He's not a science teacher and his knowledge of the Event is head-scratching in the moment. It makes more sense that she would ask the nerd with the crush to set up the panic room. It's obviously done for the plot but it doesn't make character sense. The bigger issue are the rems and their actual powers. The ending suddenly introduces new capabilities for them. It needs some foreshadowing but better yet, the movie could have ended without changing them. Bittner could have been distracted by his daughter without physically touching her. The rems are more compelling if they can't affect the physical world.
  • Whoever came up with the idea for this movie. was a genius. but the damn fool cudnt execute it well and now its wasted...simple as that. i would recommend you watch it anyway, because it wasnt that bad... but it could have a legendary classic if it had been done right.
  • Well written, creative ghost story. Was pleasantly surprised and engaged, given main actors. But, perhaps the perfect mix. If it had been bigger names, probably would have been distracted wondering why they chose to do this project. Cogent plot with some interesting twists and turns. Last 15-20 minutes were logical closure, but getting there was entertaining.
  • Sound is horrible on this movie. Makes it miserable to watch. Whoever mixed the soundtrack thinks blasting music and sound effects and muffling dialogue is creative. Keeps you constantly turning sound up and down.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I liked the idea. I don't like the story, actors, twist ... Film. Please if you set a rules for the story, you shouldn't change it else it doesn't make any sense! Bella should start wearing a bra if she plays 16yo and all the romance in the film wasnt necessary. They didn't even bond or make jokes. Sharing sad events from your life shouldn't be start for kissing. It seems film wanted to have everything, just didn't have much time which is funny .. because movie feels boring. If you still wanna watch it, don't look for logic just eat chips talk to others during movie and it will be enjoyable otherwise you'll be angry. Questions: is she emo, or just sad? Why is she so plastic? If ppl meets rems on daily basis for 10y why are they still so surprised? What's with the ghost town which is restricted? Where ppl getting food? Why are they going to watch murder of girl every day? Why is Eva at home and not in the plant? Why ghost can interact with others and be physical only last 20mins of movie? Why only to stop teacher? Why they stopped basketball game after Ronnie's friend said her name? Why throwing body to the game and not hide it? Why manager of company went down to the reception just to said he doesn't have a meeting?
  • It's a shame this film lost major potential to be great from the over-convoluted plot-issues-filled writing.

    Was this a sci-fi? Was it a horror? Was it a mystery? Was it a romance film? It tried to be all of the above, but failed miserably by taking the novel by Daniel Waters, and hacking it into disabled screenplay by actor turned writer Jason Fuchs.

    The 98 min length was too long and should have been edited down by cutting the unnecessary plot issues and fill in some missing gaps, and had the pace sped up a little.

    The directing by Scott Speer however was excellent, the cinematography great and the acting fairly decent. Location/sets were amazing and the visuals on point.

    Sadly, it's only a generous 7/10 from me.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The film takes place ten years after the incident in Chicago. An explosion has vaporized people who are now seen as spectral or ghosts that play in a loop. They are called remnants or "rems" for short. REMS is also a unit of radiation.

    The script centers on Roni (Belle Thorne) now in High School. She believes a ghost named Brian has contacted her and may want to do her harm. She befriends Kirk (Richard Harmon) who has an intense interest in the ghosts and does not believe what they are told about them. Their murder mystery investigation takes them into the forbidden "No-go Zone" of Chicago.

    It was an interesting film up until the end when they introduced the twist and tried to be clever. I like the fact it was different combining ghosts with science fiction.

    Guide: No swearing. Blurred nudity. No sex.
  • Bruxadomar12 October 2018
    Different concept, a little cheesy but I was entertained but as everything in life you have to try it for yourself.
  • Great idea above all else. Just the right mix of creepy and interesting. The characters are great and the acting is really good. The entire feel of the movie is just smooth and really traps you.

    I just wish more was explained or drawn out. This would have made a great mini series. I dont know that they could have really gotten to everything in just a movie.
  • One of the worst performances ever, I mean come on, one facial expression for the whole movie and one and the same intonation. You have actors who gain/lose weight for a film, and then you have Bella who is not even able to dye her hair (a wig? seriously?). The screenplay is apparently written by a 9-year old as the plot makes no sense. She drives a bike every day but she has the physical fitness of a 90-year old chain smoker. Every possible cliche ever is present in the movie with hideous music that makes the overall feeling even worse. Flat characters, messed up plot, zero performance. My local children's theater group would do this better. The only post-apocalyptic event in the film is the film itself.
  • We all live with ghosts, fragments of our past that haunt our tomorrows, but what if we weren't the only ones haunted? What if ghosts walked among us, doomed to repeat endless moments of their life, maybe their last moments? Would we remain bystanders, believing that we were safe from harm, right until we find ourselves confronted by a killer? Would we run or still believe that they could do no harm, but time is on their side. And the cold hands of death are reaching for the throat, ready to pull us down into that cracked open abyss, and we are drowning in-between. The only way out is through, through the cold and the darkness, letting go of the fragments of our past, so we could live another tomorrow.
  • Its getting hard to find stuff on "streaming" that is good and has great acting. Was this predictable? yes, but found it entertaining. And loved the actors. And (although havent read the book) really enjoyed the story as its a unique take on apocalypse, disaster, scifi with a twist.
  • ghelik18 January 2019
    Another one I watched for Richard Harmon. The cast is ok and the story fine. The concept is very interesting and the final twist you don't see comming. The finale was a bit convoluted for my taste, trying to wrap up too many loose ends too quickly. But all in all, a fun ride
  • Amazing. It's been a long time since I dont see a movie about ghots like this one. Totally recommended
  • I'm not one to really write reviews because I don't have the patience for them, however this movie took me by surprise. I had always been intrigued by the trailer, but seemed like a slow movie so kept passing it by. My ADD gets in the way with slow movies. This movie pulled me in from the very beginning. It's worth the hour and thirty-eight or so minutes of your time. Put your phone up, and relax and enjoy!
  • The idea - great. Not often we get to see something that original and new. But the movie then somehow gets off track, as if they went with a first draft for the script, or something. At the beginning I was fascinated. But the story seems to be not fully matured and thought through. Of course you cannot expect a ghost movie to have stringent logic, but in itself it should be somehow plausible. And I was missing something there. Performances of the two lead actors were great. Bella Thorne alone is worth watching the movie. One star extra for those lips... 😍
  • It was going so well until an hour in, then you hear one line and understand the writer couldn't think of anything better. It then just follows the normal attributes to this type of film. However the acting is good and it is constantly moving so give it a go, in fact I've just added an extra mark as I was being to critical.
  • This movie from start to finish was fantastic. Not gory, no nudity, just pure enjoyment. It has a good mix of suspense, storytelling, and quirkyness. It is really well written in the sense that you are not left guessing whats going on. Dont get me wrong, they do a good job of making you question what is going to happen but it leaves you with a great understanding, and answers all your questions. Like I said before, from begginning to end this movie was amazing. If you arent into gore, like thrillers, and a non steriotypical storyline then give this one a chance. You wont be dissatisfied.
  • lilyloo-7980714 October 2018
    I really enjoyed this, great atmosphere about it and storyline. I felt the ending was a little rushed but other than that the acting was good and it's an easy watch.
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