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  • lor_2 January 2019
    This Penthouse Letters release is fraudulent porn, its title bogus and intentionally misleading. Just another clunker from massive underachiever Cash Markman.

    The five vignettes are based on the supposedly surefire porn gimmick of mating horny housewives with sexy babysitters, as mentioned in the smarmy voice-over narration. The moms and fake moms have no best friends, and it's an all-girl show, with the title "my" character nonexistent. And even though part of Penthouse Letters series, there is no hostess to read the letters because there are no letters.

    Two of the segments have the lady interviewing or hiring a babysitter with no baby to sit. India Summer, regal and serene as always, states near the end of the interview that the baby is actually 43 years old, her husband. But he does not show up in the show.

    Sex is mundane, and the attractive cast including many big names wasted. I file my Penthouse videos alphabetically (by label: Forum vs. Letters vs. Variations, etc.) and this one's next to "My Best Friend's Mom", which also has nothing to do with its title.