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  • In both writing and casting, Nica Noelle scores a bulls-eye in this second volume of the specialized but rewarding Strap On series for Sweetheart Video. The director has gone on to Male (read: Gay) porn but her skill at depicting the psychology behind Lesbian encounters is well- demonstrated here.

    Like her contemporary Dana Vespoli, Noelle has mastered the art of concisely creating a believable, even dense, situation and instant back- stories for the protagonists, leading to convincing and hopefully arousing sexual interplay. That represents the necessary and sufficient conditions for creating Adult Cinema, this being the now universal vignette format.

    All four segments score high marks in believability, something woefully lacking from the most popular Lesbian porn being released today. The sincerity with which Nica's actresses create their characters, and then remain in character throughout the payoff XXX footage, is diametrically opposed to the now-standard facetious approach in which every virgin or newbie is suddenly a black belt in the Sapphic Arts once the clothes come off.

    Final scene is the most unusual, though labels like Girlfriends and Filly Films have occasionally delivered an ultra-butch fem to break up the routine of pretty and prettier girls from Central Porn Casting. IMDb lists this as her sole screen credit, as the cutely named Kat Skills literally dominates her scene opposite dynamic star Zoey Holloway, both actresses bearing distinctive tattoos (symbolic of rough terrain ahead).

    Kat is literally seething with repressed anger as she waits for her lover Zoey to return home, and Holloway gets into bed, going under the covers to sleep without even a "hello" for Kat. Skills erupts angrily and has no sympathy for Zoey's lame excuse that she's been staying out late (or all night) for the past two weeks to "find herself" and explore her sexuality.

    Since Kat is the breadwinner of the shacking-up together couple, she plays the Power card, and forcefully attacks Zoey, leading to hot sex of course, and the title dildo brought to bear. It's a strong scene and benefits from the contrast of Zoey's well-tanned body (replete with convincing makeup simulating grotesque bruises on her posterior from evident BDSM explorations) with Kat's paleness. Nica cast an unattractive woman in the butch role which adds to the scene's power, if not satisfying the viewer's demand for a glamorous or exotic at least femdom personage.

    Samantha Ryan is well-cast against type as a dominant in her tussle with lover Sarah Blake in the opening segment. Redheaded Blake doesn't look like a porn actress, adding to the scene's panache, as she is the recipient of breast worship from Sam but otherwise taken to task for her diary's notation that she's feeling bored sexually by her partner and looking for new thrills.

    Sam unethically read this private passage, and shows Sarah a thing or two about spicing up the bed action, with of course a handy strap-on dildo for assistance. This is definitely an arousing scene and once again demonstrates Sam's acting prowess -certainly the equal of most mainstream players.

    Showiest scene has Allie Haze unhappy with her job taking care of loony Veronica Avluv, who is shown all dolled up in bed admiring her hand- mirror reflection, imagining she is some great movie star ready for a date with a Prince (perhaps a Disney star?).

    Avluv's beauty and over-the-top acting punches across this scene, and Allie is utterly convincing in resisting Veronica's sexual advances, up to a point, this being porn after all. They make a wonderfully mismatched team and the resulting XXX footage is of high-caliber.

    Remaining segment is instant quality thanks to casting heart-on-sleeve Michelle Lay as the taskmaster to jail-bait level lover Chastity Lynn. Michelle haranguing the kid for endlessly texting her friends instead of paying attention to her is perfectly performed, and the resulting putting the youngster in her place, aided by a strap on, is surefire Lesbian entertainment. All told, a solid Nica Noelle program.