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  • corrosion-213 November 2013
    I Am a Mother (Man Madar Hastam)caused some controversy when it was shown in Iran. The reason was that it included a few subjects normally taboo in Iranian films such as characters drinking alcohol & getting drunk and sex between unmarried couples(implied but not shown). The opening of the film where an old lady called Simin (Pantea Bahram) is describing an event to her psychiatrist, is strangely reminiscent of the beginning of Amadeus where Salieri is making his confession. We then flashback to the past where the Simin character has just entered Iran after living abroad for a lengthy period and thereafter we have a social melodrama, very well acted and strikingly photographed in bold primary colors. Both its theme and direction / photography remind one of the films of Douglas Sirk. As the title suggests, its theme is about the sacrifices parents make for their children, with particular emphasis on the Iranian society with its traditions.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    it was a good movie, u could see a nice story with powerful actors, some shots and some dialog s were extra,but it was OK,,Pante a Bahram was very good , Farhad Aslani was OK, actually in this period that Iranian cinema has just two kind of movies that contains Comedy or Drama and sometimes Historical,it is a good movie between them,,i don't know why Jeiranni likes to make movies to make the audience angry,,i call his movies sadistic movies,but as i said it was OK for these days of cinema, i suggest just watch this movie for 1 time, there was no hidden or higher psychology , everything was clear,u can understand everything in first watch