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2 February 2017 | lor_
Weak episode of the series
Perfunctory performances and weak casting sink this Part 8 of the long- running series which focuses on May/December lesbian couplings.

Divided into two separate halves, it starts with Hall of Famer Kelly Nichols welcome back before the cameras (after her distinguished interim career as a makeup lady) as mom to Faye Reagan, preparing noshes for the mother/daughter couple visiting for a hook-up.

Heather Starlet as the visiting kid botches up the preliminaries, by letting slip several times the notion that U. of Thornhill softball coach Darryl Hanah is not really her mom. She's sent home by big D. as a result, with the excuse that she's down, having her period. In a private confab, Hanah criticizes the girl and makes verbal reference to their previous successful mating with the Foxxes, a nod to Part 5 of the series when they hooked up with real-life ma/daughter team of Desi and Eli Foxx.

Hanah successfully seduces Faye, who was hoping to hook up with Heather instead, her character not aware of the basic premise of this on-line meet-up club. Reagan's beautiful nipples and peaches & cream complexion highlight this by the numbers Sapphic liaison up in her bedroom.

Heather returns next day on the pretext of getting back an Edgar Allan Poe book she lent Faye, but what's in store for her is a pair of predatory cougars. Nichols had been chatting with her pal Cameron Keys, a big-bust but otherwise instinctive performer, and they gang up on the kid, grilling her about her faked "period" induced malaise. Both examine her pussy for evidence, leading of course to an all-out threesome that uncredited (as usual) director Dan O'Connell lets run an to an interminable length. I guess if your a fanatical fan of the Girlfriends label you might say "so good I hoped it would never end" but it ran for what seemed like hours rather than minutes.

Big Dan is very sloppy in the editing department (no technical credits for the crew are ever listed), so as the trio are cooling down at the conclusion of their scene and the first half of the DVD, a jarring jump- cut takes us to the middle of the initial scene of Part 2, way too abrupt. A simple fade out would have sufficed.

This half involves a foursome in which nobody thought to tell young Audrianna Angel that the meet-up has to do with the sex club. So when the opposite mom Payton Leigh is up in the kid's bedroom examining books, Angel is surprised at the touchy-feely approach that Payton takes immediately, It isn't long before her Sapphic sexual initiation commences, and the scene adds up to one big nothing, no suspense, just sex. Angel is attractive in the Sovereign Syre vein, but her career never took wing.

Her mom is played by Euro superstar Katja Kassin, famed for her anal scenes in many hundreds of hetero films. Not often cast in all-girl videos, she is merely okay here pawing away at Payton's daughter Prinzzess, kind of a showdown between icons from different divisions (boy/girl vs. girl) of Adult Entertainment. Prinzzess is the aggressor, and their nothing scene together is the shortest of the four vignettes. Clearly the assembly-line produced a relative clunker this time, with poor attention to both casting and execution.

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