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  • Girlfriends Films' trip to Hungary to take advantage of the vast local talent pool comes a cropper in this episode of the series, midway through the franchise's run.

    We get the four requisite sex scenes starring Euro beauties plus visiting USA icon Elexis Monroe, but the scene set-ups are extremely poor. Elexis seems at a loss for words (in this improvised script debacle) and what the co-stars have to say is unintelligible with their thick accents and halting English. At one point I perceived a dramatic rift between two sisters, but the younger one had nothing to say at all, perhaps unable to comprehend or speak English.

    So we're left with bland, deadly dull Sapphic couplngs involving many a familiar face and body to fans of Euro porn. Certainly there are worse things than gazing at buxom Zafira or lovely young Dorothy Black (recently terrific starring in a Marc Dorcel lesbian opus "Madam Eva and Her Girls"). But like Monroe, they are all better performers in other videos.