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  • lor_8 June 2020
    By definition, this Girlfriends series is all about infidelity, what every triangle has in common. For Episode 19, the triangles are too contrived to be believable or interesting, and worse yet, the cast is reduced to just five actresses instead of the usual complement of eight or more.

    Picture opens with Rayveness laying down the law regarding daughter Ashlyn Rae going out in her beautiful white gown to a ball with Heather Starlet as her date -she's grounded, with Ray using a dumb excuse confusingly based on Claire (presumably Robbins) at the bank foreclosing on their house if she does. Ray ends up spanking Ashlyn and of course that stimulation leads to incest.

    Ray also volunteers to be young Heather's date and we see them along with the label's most popular couple India Summer and Prinzzess en route to the ball (likely Thornhill's annual Girls in White lesbian coming-out shindig).

    By film's end Ray is having sex with Heather and Prinzzess has not only humped India post-party, but moved on to bedding Heather. This sort of round-robin could be handled in an amusing or even merely titillating manner, but here it is merely dull.