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  • These vignettes are related, with same characters involved, but are shown out of order on this Girlfriends release.

    In particular, Heather Starlet is working for winemaker Anita Dark, and is invited by neighboring vintner Payton Leigh to join her employ, replacing Leigh's current assistant Tabby. But the next two scenes afer Payton hires and humps Heather concern Tabby, with Payton hiring her, clearly taking place some time earlier.

    Tabby, an attractive, flat-chested jail-bait performer, does a good job here, first asked by Payton (who is a skinflint playing her only $4.50 an hour to work in the vineyard plus serve as chef) to have sex with redhead client Janet Mason in order to seal a deal for grapes, and then have sex with Keira Kelly, another girl working for Dark.

    The other sex scene of the requisite four per video has Kelly seduced by Prinzzess. IMDb credits Nica Noelle as director, but overall it is not one of her better efforts, and the credit seems unlikely given her full-time job at rival Mile High Media (Sweet Sinner and Sweetheart labels) at the time.

    Several unbiilled cameos liven up the story: Deauxma and her wonderful "Road Queen" '51 purple auto show up at Anita's house to rent a room for a week, chat with Heather, and then head back on the road to her next exotic dancing gig. Dark as the tough-minded winemaker also is uncredited (and has no sex scene), and star of a previous era Cherokee pops up as an uppity sister bossing around Prinzzess.