• WARNING: Spoilers

    Told through the eyes of Rachel an African-Canadian six-year-old, the story takes a comedic look at an unlikely group of 1st grade students who stage a secret revolt against the monthly hated fluoride treatments from the 1980's. For Rachel there are a lot of things to fear in 1st grade, mainly the fear of not having any friends. No one in Rachel's class seems to like Krissy; a disheveled Caucasian girl who wears faded and food stained clothing that doesn't fit. Rachel's friends Sue and Catherine always comment disapprovingly and even Rachel's mother has condemned Krissy's demeanor. Rachel being a minority is just glad she isn't getting picked on at school, but she feels badly for Krissy. However more than their disapproval of Krissy is their hate of 'Clean Teeth Wednesdays', which Rachel fears the most! She has nightmares about the putrid tasting blue fluoride rinse that must be swished in your mouth for the full 30 seconds. She even got in trouble once for spitting it out too soon. On the 2nd Wednesday of each month, the dental hygienist in her crisp white uniform and tight bun, hands out the little white cups, her toothy grin adding insult to injury as she places a cup on each desk; the wheels of her cold metal trolley move through the rows squeaking demonically, indignantly mocking the children. Rachel fantasizes about tripping the bun haired woman, and watching the vile liquid spill, but in reality she knows she's not brave enough to make any kind of stand. However to her complete shock Krissy chooses to confess to Rachel that she doesn't actually take the fluoride rinse, and explains there's a secret way they can all get away with not taking it. Rachel is astounded by Krissy's daring behavior, and makes her share the secret with Catherine and Sue. Before long the entire class is participating in their secret revolt. 'Clean Teeth Wednesdays' will never be the same again and neither will Rachel's opinion of Krissy. Who would have thought that the most unpopular girl in her class that everyone made fun of would end up being Rachel's hero!