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  • Homi Adajania's 'Cocktail' has a Winning First-Half, but an Average Second. It begins wonderfully & offers some hilarious moments, but in the latter hour, the proceedings not only become serious but also very dry. Nonetheless, a decent effort!

    'Cocktail' is about 3 friends, of whom each, falls in love with one another.

    'Cocktail' rides on an excellent first-hour, with each sequence working big-time. But as mentioned, the second-hour is average. The proceedings appear dry. Imtiaz Ali & Sajid Ali's Screenplay is good, but could've been tighter in the latter hour. Homi Adajania's Direction is highly efficient. Cinematography, Editing & Production Design, are top-class. Music by Pritam, is terrific.

    Performance-Wise: Saif Ali Khan is a fine actor & the actor once again pitches in a sincere, believable performance. Deepika Padukone is fantastic, her performance stands out. Diana Penty does quiet well, although her role lacks meat. Dimple Kapadia & Boman Irani are impeccable. Their sequences are simply hilarious! Randeep Hooda deserved a better deal.

    On the whole, 'Cocktail' is a decent effort.
  • rajshah13 July 2012
    Bollywood has had its share of love triangles. Does Cocktail have something fresh to offer or it's just an old drink in a new glass?

    Meera (Diana Penty) is a traditional Indian girl in London who meets the London bred and oh so sexy Veronica (Deepika Padukone) by chance. They gain from each other's contrasting personality and friendship blooms. Gautam (Saif Ali Khan) the happy and getting lucky with women kind of a guy falls for Deepika and he gets friendly with her best friend Diana. As it so happens in real life, Saif develops feelings for his girlfriend's best friend Diana too. Cocktail is the story of friendship that will undergo a litmus test, of love, heartburn and heart breaks. Does friendship supersede love or love prevails over friendship? Was the best friend bond wafer thin? And can anyone 'rise' in love? I won't tell you. Watch the movie ;)

    The movie has lots going for it. The introduction of Saif, Diana and Deepika is flawless. Their camaraderie is so enjoyable you get simmered in their funny and frolicking ways. What happens then is a realistic depiction of problems between friends about love and companionship. You are bound to identify with the highs and lows it takes you through. The second half is marginally stretched and could have been trimmer but that, would be nit picking.

    Saif has played such roles earlier. As such this is not a fresh character for him but Gautam Kapoor is his best portrayal of what he does best – a cute, fun to be with and innocent character. He portrays it with finesse, in comedy scenes and the dramatic ones. Deepika sizzles as a sexy rich brat. She looks hot and is unstoppable as Veronica. Her depiction of a wild child caught in an emotional web is praise worthy. Diana's debut couldn't have been better. Perfectly casted, she is never out of character and manages to hold her own even with experienced actors like Saif and Deepika. The seniors, Boman Irani as Saif's mama and Dimple Kapadia as Saif's mother are very good too. Randeep Hooda even in a very short role is good.

    A great cocktail needs the right mix. Imtiaz Ali's script not only delivers but packs a punch! Here's an example of what an excellent script can do. The intelligent dialogues guarantees laughs and keep the mix tangy. Pritam's 'Tum hi ho bandhu' is already a rage and 'Jugni' too is an outstanding song. Anil Mehta captures the beautiful locales well and Sreekar Prasad's editing is crisp. Anaita Adajania deserves a special mention for the apt costumes and making Deepika look her sexiest self.

    Director, mixologist Homi Adajania should be credited for getting this mix spot on. He treats the excellent script and dialogues with élan, adds great music and extracts superlative performances from his actors. This Cocktail is a fresh take on love triangles set in the contemporary milieu and is so refreshing, you might even ask for a repeat. A great watch whether with friends, best friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, love interest or your ex! Grab your seat now!

    Watch for: A thoroughly enjoyable contemporary and mature love story. Watch out for: Performances. Don't watch if: Nai yaar. Go watch.

    Story: 9 | Screenplay: 9 | Performances: 8 | Songs and Music: 8 | Direction: 8 | Overall: 8/10
  • I watched this movie because of the refreshing music and the shooting at foreign locations that I saw in the trailer. It was a mistake. I should have known better that nice music and shooting at breathtaking locales does not equal a good film.

    The movie's weakest point is its story. Without going into details I'll say that it is full of stereotypes. Deepika plays Veronica- an independent girl who drinks, wears short clothes, visits night clubs and loves having casual sex. She also does not understand basic decency. She is supposed to be seen by the audience as the 'modern' girl because of her 'forwardness'. Diana plays Mira- a damsel-in- distress type girl who wears salwar kameez every other day, does pooja everyday, knows how to cook, has no self esteem and no self confidence. The audience is supposed to see her as the desi behenji Indian girl(because of her 'backwardness'?). Saif plays Gautam- A guy who seems to want to flirt with every girl right from the moment he sees her.

    Can you see how the stereotypes are framed here? When are the Indian script writers going to stop portraying women as 'pure' and 'impure'? Just because a girl wears short clothes does not mean she likes drinking or having casual sex. Just because she drinks does not mean she loves having sex with random guys. Just because she has sex with a guy, even if she does not have serious feelings of love for him, does not make her 'impure' or 'slutty'. It is this outdated mindset of Indian society which is impure. It is a personal choice when a girl wants to have sex and portraying her as a slut because of her sexual forwardness in such movies is not just outdated but also sexist(The story never talks much about Gautam's 'purity' even if he has sex with multiple women). In one of the scenes Veronica tells Gautam "I can be pure too". I wanted to shout at her and tell her "you don't have to be 'pure', you are already pure. If you try to be like someone else, then you will actually become fake/impure." It is movies like this which encourages the Indian mentality that 'It is OK to rape a girl because she asked for it because she was wearing short clothes'. On the other hand not every girl who is religious and wears traditional clothes is good, innocent or 'pure'. I know many girls who do those things and are mean bitches. Also, the lack of self esteem in a person is not a good quality, it is a bad one.

    The acting is not remarkable either. Saif overacts in almost every scene and looks too old to flirt with young women. In real life, a young girl would/should call the cops if someone like him tried to flirt with her. He seemed like a pervert. Diana does not understand how to give facial expressions for different emotions. The only good acting was from Deepika. Dimple and Boman Irani had very short roles. The main characters, who are supposed to have the 'happy ending' lack chemistry. The dialogues lack originality and are forgettable. At some points I didn't understand what a character is trying convey with his/her dialogues. They were that bad. The direction was hopeless too. In some scenes I thought the director is trying to stretch out the movie to make it more than 2 hours long even when there is nothing happening in the scene or there are no dialogues. Sadly, there were many such scenes. The music of the songs was very good but the lyrics were not.

    Apart from Deepika's acting, foot-tapping music by Pritam and one hilarious scene where Saif dances on a famous Bollywood item song, there was nothing entertaining about the movie.

    It's because of movies like these that I keep wanting to give up on Bollywood.
  • I wasn't surprised to realise the point made in the summary, for one reason: this is a film that easterners may not have the capacity to digest. I'll tell you why this is the case and what I thought of the film.

    First of all, this is co-written by Imtiaz Ali, the director who presented us with films like Jab we Met ('07), Love Aaj Kal('09) and Rockstar ('11). It is perhaps his touch that takes this film beyond the reach of those who prefer the typical 'masala' stuff, examples of which have been given above. For me, it is once again a pleasure to experience all that Imtiaz's writing brings to a film, not least in the situations created, dialogue, and humour evoking parts. New ground has been broken above and beyond Zoya Akhtar's Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.

    Secondly, this film has been directed by Homi Adajania. He's the director who had the guts to attempt something like the almost perfectly executed 'Being Cyrus' on debut. With is name on the film, you have to anticipate that it will present something in a different manner. Once again, he has done a solid job. Though the second half could have benefited from a few changes, this is once again a solid effort.

    Above I have provided an explanation of why this film won't be the cup of tea of many in India, but instead to Asians living in the west and fans of off-beat cinema. Now let's focus on the positives and negatives.

    Of course, as with any review, it is necessary to provide an account of the performances of the cast. Saif Ali Khan is extraordinarily natural in this role. No other actor in India could have fulfilled this part to a level anywhere near his. The film marks a solid start to Diana Penty's career in Hindi films, who is consistent throughout. Deepika Padukone has given her best performance to date. She has been set the task of fulfilling a very difficult role and she throws absolutely everything at it. Kudos. Boman Irani is very good (and funny!) throughout. Special mention to Dimple Kapadia who is effortlessly entertaining as the Desi mum. She is part of of one of the most hilarious scenes in the film, shot on a beach in Cape Town, South Africa. Randeep Hooda gets an opportunity to shine with his brief appearances but he has once again grabbed it with both hands.

    The film has been shot in London, New Delhi and Cape Town. As such, the cinematography, is amazing. Credit to the D.O.P, Anil Mehta, who has captured the beautiful views of Cape Town and the chaotic and unpredictable nature of life in London very successfully.

    The soundtrack is one of the best of the year, and is entirely appropriate given the film's title. It's a rich mix of different flavours that packs a punch. The chart buster 'tumhi ho bandhu' is beautifully picturised. The other tracks are pretty amazing too.

    A negative is the second half as previously mentioned, leading to the climax, which could have benefited from a greater insight into emotions. I suppose you could also argue that the climax itself is not quite sufficient for all that's gone before.

    Overall, this is one of the best films of 2012 so far, regardless of the flaws. The main plus points are the performances, a great soundtrack,amazing cinematography and refreshing dialogues. This is a film for you if you, like me, encourage further exploration of genres new to Indian cinema, but also want to enjoy a film at the same time. Go for it!

  • It could have been a little more better. The movie starts off with an impressive first-half having its fun moments and builds a good interest among the spectators. The second-half looked story-less and a mere drag! It was a decent try to build an emotional scene but wasn't a very successful attempt. Good performance by the cast of the film. Saif Ali Khan gives a good funny side to this otherwise boring film with the same regular bollywood story! The screenplay and the sound department didn't really help to keep the spectators interested for the whole movie ! Few of the scenes had no sound effects , No background music for the emotional scenes. A good debut by Diana Penty who plays the role of Meera- The perfect Indian bride very well. Also no one could have played the role of Veronica better than Deepika Padukone. All in all the movie dint live up to the expectations and could have been a little better ! A definite once watch - 6/10 Cheers !
  • Cocktail – CATCH IT (B) From promos Cocktail looked like something really out of the box or fresh but sadly it's just another story about 2 best friends falling for the same Casanova guy. Now the only thing made this movie different from the previous movies was the brilliant performance and confidence of Deepika Padakone, this woman was amazing and literally stole the show with her brilliant performance. She deserves all the accolades, as she brought this sympathy into audience's hearts towards the party girls. That even though they are bold, and do crazy stuff it doesn't mean that they don't have heart or don't want simple things in life. On the other hand Saif Ali Khan as Casanova was irritating. He has the looks but c'mon his cheesy dialogues and pickup lines were just too cheap to ignore. New girl Diana Penty makes a good impression. The music of the movie is really good. In the end, it's a typical movie with nothing new but still enjoyable and a must see for Deepika's Performance.
  • Post 'Dil Chahta Hai', Indian cinema developed a young urban audience which was receptive to hip films. Trendy music, trendy fashion, trendy plots and trendy urban setting. Hum Tum, Salaam Namaste, Wake Up Sid, Rockstar etc. were targeted towards the same segment and were accepted by the audience as well. These movies made Saif and Ranbir stars of the multiplex audience while Khans, Ajay Devgan and Akshay Kumar remained the superstars of masses.

    Cocktail is another film for the same audience, with the same cast and believe it or not, actually almost the same story line as previous films. Does this Cocktail have all the right ingredients to quench the thirst of the modern cine-goer? The answer is No. And it's a big flat NO.

    With some inspirations from 'Vicky Christina Barcelona', Cocktail is a love triangle on the lines of 'friends with benefits'. Guy chooses one girl over the other, jealousy sets in and in the end one of the two girls offers a sacrifice. Co-written by the seasoned Imtiaz Ali and debutant Sajid Ali, Cocktail's weak script is its biggest weakness. I would put more blame on Imtiaz for not doing justice to his own original thinking by literally borrowing scenes, treatment notes and dialogues from Love Aaj Kal. Never mind the climax or even the name of the heroine i.e. Meera. Imtiaz's first four writing ventures were as authentic as film writing can get. He did take a few creative liberties in Rockstar but in Cocktail he goes the route writers like Robin Bhatt or Shiraz Ahmad (Knock Out, Prince, Jaanasheen) would take. Convenience of co-incidental meetings of Indian strangers in London, supportive Indian snobbish girl offering her apartment to a total stranger, nobody having a British accent despite being brought up in London, Deepika's multiple mental transitions and mysterious new injuries Randeep Hooda carried in every scene and much more.

    The director Homi Adajania in his second ventures misses more targets than he hits. In some sequences he is brilliant but those sequences are rare and are mostly performance driven by actors. In others, he struggles to communicate his point with authenticity. The film has a poor first half hour with over the top and deliberate cheesiness of Saif's character and senseless turns of events that you would expect from a Salman Khan's no-brainer. The middle part of the film is good, has strong comic segments and the story develops fast but as the climax approaches, things become way too predictable and mundane. The kind in which you start looking for loo breaks or tweeting.

    The one thing which does not disappoint much in the film is the acting bit. In fact, performances are the savior of this otherwise sinking ship. Surprisingly, these are not lead by the main characters but Dimple Kapadia and Boman Irani's supporting roles. Dimple has delivered an ace while Boman is not far behind either.

    Saif, besides the first half hour, does well too even though he was a bit over-dramatic for my liking. Excellent comic timing nonetheless and effortless dialogue delivery. Whether you want to see Saif Ali Khan as a 32 year old bachelor or not is a different story. Deepika Padukone has never been a great performer but a bearable one and the status remains intact. Her outrageousness as a party girl was convincing but her emotional banters was weak. Diana Penty gets a good debut. She looked comfortable in underplaying her part with a charming screen presence. She needs to work more on her dialogue delivery and dancing but she is definitely far ahead of the disastrous Nargis Fakhri. As a debut, its somewhere between Nargis Fakhri and Parineeti Chopra. Randeep Hooda has been wasted.

    Anila Mehta deserves credit for his camera work and breathtaking visuals of South Africa. Bosco's choreography is also good to watch. Do wait for the end credits after the film is over as they show some hilarious bloopers and 'Second Hand Jawani', very well shot on steadicam.

    I don't want to call it a 'BAD' film because that word I have used for films like 'Tees Maar Khan' and 'Blue'. Also, the thought of calling a film written by Imtiaz Ali 'Bad' is a bit disappointing. Let's say, it's not a great film. It has its moments but the moments are very occasional. You should watch it in the theater only if you are a die-hard Saif, Deepika and Bikini scenes fan. If not, wait for the TV airing.
  • The only good movie in the Indian cinema this year! Either Indian don't know what a good movie is or they just want the Body Guard or Rowdy Rathor crap (which I haven't even see, but my intellect tell they were crap). That being said, the major major epic element in this movie was Strong Story Line!! There are many movie released with shitty story line & for a movie to transcend a Strong Stoy Line is a must. Cocktail's script even made the new comer, Diana Penty, look like a great diva (she was the bomb in the movie). I have stopped watching a lot of Indian movies, because I know it's going to be crap & I was intrigued for writing this review because of the rating/reviews others had posted, which was is a total unjust towards a great piece piece of art. That being said I would say watch the movie, albeit it's not in the theaters anymore. I watched it twice in theaters & for me two watch a movie second time is pretty rare, unless I know I'll be getting my bucks worth.
  • COCKTAIL as the name suggests is a perfect example of the chaotic formula usually followed in our Hindi Films. Chaotic, because they often make a mess out of a film which in reality could have been a great entertainer for all the young at heart. In fact it has now become a routine to see new big banner films with a great star-cast, starting off brilliantly in their first half and then crashing down miserably in the second as if the makers had lost their interest in its making.

    Unfortunately COCKTAIL also falls in the same category of films which successfully manage to impress the viewer before the intermission but then suddenly become tough to handle in their second half since they have nothing new to offer in terms of content or storyline. Now in case of COCKTAIL, no doubt the viewer already knew that its going to be the same love triangle as visible in its promos but still the treatment looked fresh and interesting with some good songs. So the excitement level was there which really gets served well in its first 90 minutes.

    But then what happens to the entire narration, writing, direction and acting in its later reels forces you to think that, "If the viewers can see this huge negative difference in the two halves of a movie then why the writers cannot see the same while writing it or why the director cannot see it while directing it or why the actors cannot see it while enacting it or why the consultants cannot report the same while watching the rushes of the movie while its being shot?"

    Putting it differently, COCKTAIL is quite similar to the pouring of beer which excites you well with its energetic sound, bubbles and smell while its filling up the glass. But if you keep the same beer for a while then it just becomes useless losing all its charm, energy & taste representing the second half of the movie. Such is a contrast in its two halves that it further raises two questions that Whether there happened to be any problem in its making leading to this mess and Whether this was the exact movie, director wished to make in his mind or not?

    Personally, I enjoyed watching both its performances and the treatment given to its predictable storyline before the intermission. But post that, the same narration turns so routine that it becomes really hard to even bear it for another hour or so. Also the writers remain pretty confused about how to portray their characters on the screen in moral terms. For instance, I kept thinking that How they really wanted to show Deepika's character as? Was she a drug addict, a freedom loving person believing in free sex (sleeping with everyone) or just believed in being available?….Who was she as a person really? In the similar manner, the script is also never interested in talking about the character of Randeep Hooda, in the role of a cunning husband.

    In the music department, though the songs sound great as a soundtrack but they do hinder the pace of the movie adding to its extra length. Pritam also borrows two hit Punjabi tracks from Pakistan's Arif Lohar (Jugni -Coke Studio fame) and Punjab's Honey Singh-Gippy Grewal (Angrezi Beat), may be since he is now working with Honey in his future projects too (probably RACE 2). Background music by Salim Suleman is cool working well in its romantic scenes and Cinematography surely adds to the exciting look of the movie in great terms. But writing about the technical aspects of the film would remain incomplete here if I do not mention the styling or fashion part of the movie deserving full marks for its appealing outfits.

    Performance wise COCKTAIL is unarguably a Ladies film from start to finish withDeepika taking a small lead from Diana due to her bindas portrayal and skin show. She looks sizzling hot, comes straight out of her shell and delivers the best performance of her career till date. Diana Penty as the calm girl supporting Deepika, makes a highly impressive debut which is sure going to be noticed by the Industry. She really looks beautiful & elegant in all the Indian outfits and brings a special kind of innocence to his character deserving praises. Dimple Kapadia is truly lovable as Saif's mother and one enjoys her scenes a lot in particular.

    Talking about men, the film has a half hearted kind of performance by one of its producers, Saif Ali Khan. May be because he has done these kind of flirting roles many times before which have now lost the pull. Though Saif is not bad but he really is not there in his full spirits. Boman Irani shines in his few scenes and Randeep Hooda is treated like a forgotten character by the writers.

    As a director, Homi Adajania who earlier gave us BEING CYRUS is in his full form in the first half of the film. But what actually happened in the second? a question which only he can answer the best. COCKTAIL does have traces of Woody Allen's VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA in its initial reels but then it quickly falls off from the height and gets into the same old routine Indian emotional plot of a love triangle and its sacrifice.

    In short, the film can easily be compared to a COCKTAIL party in which you are first served with an imported Gin and then later on the bar- tenders start pouring some Desi Daru into your glasses openly. On a serious note, its really sad that they really ruined a potential sparkling film just like that.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Time and again, Bollywood ensures you are dragged to the movie with its peppy trailers; makes u feel its worth it in the 1st half and then simply ruins it to make it fit Bollywood style.

    The movie is about Gautam (Saif) who is a rich flirter & woman-charmer. Veronica (Deepika) is a rich spoilt girl living in London's air. Meera (Diana) is a typical Indian bride who comes for her husband Randeep Huda , who simply denies her of everything.

    Gautam, Meera & Veronica quickly become friends and stay in Veronica's house. Veronica falls in love with Saif and no points for guessing who Saif falls in love with in a love-triangle. The sweet moments between Saif & Diana bring charm to the screen. At interval, you are totally in the nasha of cocktail.

    But Alas, welcome to the world of reality. Deepika wants to marry Gautam now and curses Meera. What follows is mundane.

    Deepika carries forward her hot 'Break k Baad' image. (if only looks could work, get ready for a sweet murder). Saif irritates at times with girly dialogues & girly dances, but is completely natural when acting calls for. Diana as the newbie does a decent job. Randeep is wasted. Boman and Dimple have very small roles. The tracks are peppy.

    However, an ultra-stretched 2nd half for an expected climax kinda ruins the experience. Watch only the 1st half and you will come out with a smile, else get ready to be dis-heartened !
  • The good point of this movie is it not very filmy. The acting done by all the 3 main characters are above average, and story is also good. I read in a review someone was asking for background musical score. Then watch Balaji TV serials. Even the Oscar winner movie "No country for old men" did not have any background score. If you want real life like picture then you have to FEEL it. And if you want just family gathering entertainment then watch Balaji serials or SAB TV. If Boman Irani have got any more footage and scenes in the movie this movie could have failed terribly and may become a Houseful kind of movie. So right editing and right stories. Dimple Kapadi acting was very good, as usual.
  • jjo8831525 July 2012
    This is possibly one of the worst productions of modern day Bollywood. The director seems to be making strenuous attempts to display lives of urban Indians, but its becomes almost immediately clear that he knows nothing of the subject. The protagonist, Veronica, is a femme fatal for the first half of the movie, but the second half invariably brings in as much moral indictment of her character as the director could possible pack in. She is disrespected by her boyfriend's mother to an extreme but doesn't mind, since suddenly her low sense of self-esteem is to blame for her 'immoral conduct'. Veronica's boyfriend, an oblivious playboy just looking to have a good time, of course on cue falls for a good, virtuous Indian girl that Veronica is helping get back on her feet. This girl happily accepts his advances and reciprocates his feelings - the director then tries to infuse pity for this girl in the eyes of the viewer despite the fact that she cheats with her best friend/ care-giver's boyfriend. Why should we feel sorry for this woman? Not because she's an honest woman, but because she unlike Veronica is docile and morally intact i.e. a virgin.

    This is possibly the saddest depiction of the Madonna-Ho complex that is so deeply embedded in the Indian psyche. The man sleeps with the immoral ho and marries the virginal Madonna- a sad commentary on Indian society's ethics. The movie advocates bigotry and whatever the director believes 'Indian morality' consists of - a very sad and limiting belief indeed. In this attempt, unfortunately, ethics are forgotten. I am an Indian and am highly disappointed in this erroneous portrayal of my society. This heinousness promoted this review.
  • ars8913 July 2012
    Worst movie ever.

    The biggest flaw in this movie was the Editing & Screenplay and they didn't even care to put any background score. Imagine a movie without a single drop of music.

    Oh good god i hate every second of this film, from the beginning and don't even get me started on the story, characters.

    There was not even a single good feel moment in the entire film.

    Every single scene look like it was forced and that crappy Direction with very poor Screenplay, was unbearable.

    I have to write 10 lines, of review for this crappy movie, that's another point how worse this movie is.

    Final Verdict : Don't waste your money
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I was repulsed by this film's message so came to IMDb reviews to assure myself there are other sane people in this world too, which I'm glad to say there are.

    Who exactly was this film made for? It's made for primarily MEN and weak incapacitated women who despise feminism.

    I'm not a feminist but this film saddened me.

    Veronica is a liberal lady living in the West, she's rich, enjoys life, parties and comes across as a good person. However she is not Human. How can she be? She's not a virgin, she drinks alcohol, she wears shorts, has boyfriends.....

    So then comes "saadi shareef" Meera who Veronica with her kind heart lets into her house, only for Meera to then STEAL her boyfriend.

    And that is the story. Saif and Meera live happily ever after.

    The film clearly sides with Meera. She is portrayed as a gentle soul rather than a psychopathic devil who steals her best friend's boyfriend. Veronica's feelings do not matter because she is IMPURE because she is not a virgin. And Saif, well he is a man, so obviously a HERO. It's not even relevant how many women he's screwed over before opting for "pure" Meera.

    Uuuuugggghhhh.... what an awful film.

    Fellow sisters, there is nothing wrong with being educated, confident, having self-esteem and making our own choices. We should boycott films that promote messages of misogyny where a woman's worth is only her so-called purity that is her virginity, no matter if she destroys the life of her liberal sister since our liberal sisters do not have hearts and thus have no capacity to feel LOVE. LOVE is only for the shy sweet woman who slyly steals and slays hearts.

    Zero stars for such a crap message this film sends.
  • Watched "COCKTAIL". It is just awesome. Best COCKTAIL of script, direction and performance. A must watch. Hats off to Director Mr. Homi Adajaniya. He is fantabulous. Now I am dying to see his first movie BEING CYRUS. He should not have taken the break of six year after BEING CYRUS. Anyways, He has taken a mind blowing script to seventh sky. He just blended the actor and himself so well with script so it is very hard to believe that he has not written the script. Script by Mr. Imtiaz Ali and Sajid Ali is mind blowing. It is simply unbelievable. Music by Mr. Pritam is also good. Performance of debut ant Diana Penty is marvelous. She has a long way to go. Deepika Padukone is fantastic as usual. Saif Ali Khan's performance is speechless. Even in small roles but Boman Irani and Dimple Khanna are awesome. You can't feel that you are watching a film. simply you will witness their life. After very long time a have watched a movie which I would love to watch repeatedly. Waiting for DVD of this movie to release so I can feel proud to have it. Go and watch friends. You will also like to watch it again and again. Youngsters will like it like mad.
  • The trailer which was so hyped was nothing but just a mix of bikinis on beach and double meaning talks. I already knew that the film would be bad but I had to see it because of peer pressure. Moving on to the film, I found nothing good in the film. There were scenes inserted in such a way that it looked that the editor did not even cared to know the story. Film like this made me feel low of Bollywood. There are certainly good films but how can someone fall this much low as to make a film like this. The most important thing that has to be seen in a film is a story and I am ashamed of saying that the film lacks every bit of it. I am so sad Imtiaz Ali came up with this crap. Even an amateur viewer can identify the flaws of editing here and there. The director has to know that just because you shoot a film in London, showing pubs and glamorous body of the actresses is not at all tolerated in India now. I just cannot understand as to how hard is this to understand. However I am happy to say that there was a moment in the film when I felt good about the direction and character development. It was the time when the two girls met and started living together. But sadly that thing was for 5 minutes and after that it was just a show of deepika's body. Now if I may comment on ACTING than anyone could easily guess that saif is one overacted fellow in the film. Because of films like these I always have a hesitation to watch Hindi films. However the acting of Deepika was awesome and this is the first time I have liked her acting. Also Diana was good considering her first time. Overall this film is again the same repetition of bollywood's mindless work.

    "Please do not see or you are at your risk."
  • A complete lifeless movie.From beginning till the mid,cant say beyond as didn't see the movie beyond the interval. Saif's acting is disgusting and makes you feel he has been forced to act in the movie. Deepika Padukone plays her character well but that wasn't enough to carry the movie. Diana is fresh but has miles to go to get her acting skills in place. Right from the starting Saif's flirting character is extremely artificial and the gals seem waiting for him even before he has spoken to them.A complete waste of time & money.The only worthy piece of this movie is Boman Irani.Crappy Direction, useless acting, garbage. Stay far from this movie.
  • Being an avid cinema goer and having heard good things about the film from friends I went to the cinema to watch it and ended up walking out in the middle, disgusted! This is another bollywood attempt of stitching together stories and scenes from Hollywood films. The whole film revolves around a sex triangle and nothing else! People who want to see a good story should not waste their time watching this cheap film. The topping on the cake was Arif Lohars song Jugni attached to a cheap sex film, shame! Bravo to Saif Ali khan for his childish acting and dipikas depiction of her real life self!The 12A rating is completely wrong and I felt really terrible for the people who had brought along their children for the film! Grow up bollywood, taking scenes and stories from Hollywood and throwing in sex and nakedness does NOT guarantee a good film!
  • xtgr15 October 2012
    I watched the movie after seeing some decent reviews, couple of hit songs and having seen and liked few of Saif's previous movies (Hum Tum, Salaam Namaste) which were highly entertaining. What a waste of time it turned out to be. I couldn't barely watch half the movie.

    Story is not very interesting, any attempt at comedy fails. Characters are shallow. Saif looks too old to act like a college boy. Deepika's acting not very convincing. Dimple is also difficult to look at in her character role. Couple of songs are nice - but they are shot as dance party songs - a requirement in Hindi movies lately. The newcomer Diana Penty is an okay face.

    On the whole - Avoid.
  • Cocktail (2012) Director: Homi Adajania Rating: **

    Cocktail is a story of three characters - Gautam, Veronica and Meera; Their friendship-> relationships-> Love -> conflicts -> climax. The first half of the film has got some funny moments, but second half gets way too melodramatic.

    Acting : Deepika Padukone - She plays the carefree, flamboyant Veronica effortlessly and her character is the most complex one out of the three. Her breakdown scene in the club is brilliantly shot and acted.. and you can empathize with her character. This is her best performance to date.

    Saif Ali Khan's performance is disappointing. Considering the number of times he has played this kind of role before (from Yeh dillagi to Hum Tum), this character should have been a cakewalk for him, but it's not. He fails to impress here.

    Newcomer Diana Penty looks pretty and that about it. She wears 2-3 expressions through, but she is much better than Imtiaz's previous discovery Nargis Fakhri(Rockstar). Also, her voice (dubbed?) was not in sync with the dialogs.

    Music: Pritam's soundtrack is impressive. All the songs are chartbusters already. Irshad Kamil's (lyricist of Rockstar) lyrics are in the context of the movie and they actually convey emotions of the characters... especially luttna and tum hi ho bandhu.. and last but not the least- Arif Lohar's cult classic 'Jugni ji' (from Coke studio) gets film picturisation.

    Writing: The writer Imtiaz Ali has become master of heartaches now. Each of the movie directed/written by him had had this element. Some of the scenes in Cocktail are well-written. At some places film tries to break B'wood clichés..Like when love triangle gets complex, Saif tries to resolve the conflict directly by face-to-face conversation..rather than creating unnecessary misunderstandings between the characters. But at the same time, movie brings out some outdated scenes like - Dimple offering her kangan (bangles) for her prospective daughter-in-law, while travelling through a ship in South Africa.

    You can still watch Cocktail for Deepika Padukone's performance and some good moments captured through the movie. But overall this is a low energy cocktail which just ends up being a mocktail.

    Rating: 2 out of 5
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The story revolves around three friends – Gautam (Saif Ali Khan), Deepika Padukone (Veronica) and Diana Penty (Meera). Gautam has a crush over Veronica and the feeling is mutual. However, he falls for Meera. Now what does she do?

    The movie can be associated with a couple of proverbs like "too many cooks spoil the broth"and "two's company, three's a crowd". Cocktail by Homi Adjania takes various portions of our lives and puts them into a story which takes place in the beautiful cities of London, New Delhi and Cape Town. The movie revolves around the lives of three friends who have settled in the United Kingdom, their funny moments and their emotional turmoil.

    Gautam, Veronica and Meera find themselves enjoying the company of each other and their bonding seems to be perfect. Gautam is a flirt by nature; Veronica is a spoilt rich brat while Meera is a simple middle class Indian girl. Initially we see Veronica and Gautam engaged in a non-committal relationship. There are many elements of laughter revolving around this relationship. Meera, Veronica's best pal, is content to be a part of the gang although she makes it a point not to interfere in Veronica and Gautam's bizarre relationship.

    The script by Imtiaz Ali is great in parts. During the first half of the movie, there are many light hearted moments and great comic relief. The songs by Pritam seem to take the audience straight into party mode. However, during some scenes where the actors are having a conversation, there seems to be a disconnect somewhere. This leads to a somewhat fall in the overall tempo of the movie.

    The chemistry amongst the group has been captured beautifully. The relationship between Meera and Veronica is realistic and sometimes compels one to think. The relationship between Veronica and Gautam can seem to be a bit bizarre at times while the love between Gautam and Meera could have been explored a bit more. That particular chemistry that we see between the lead pairs in all of Imtiaz Ali movies like "Jab We Met" and "Love Aaj Kal" seems to be superficial when we talk about Gautam and Meera. Despite all these minor flaws, the movie still will score as the youth of today will see a part of themselves in all the three characters. They will relate themselves to the characters in the movie and that is the plus point of Cocktail.

    The film shifts into serious mode when Mr. Cupid strikes. Friendship is overshadowed by love. The film then takes the route of a distinctive Bollywood love triangle which has become the time tested path for many directors and producers of Hindi films to trod on over the years. There are many positives to take away from the movie. The lead actors have all excelled in their characters. Saif plays the role of a modern day Casanova with elegance. We actually love when we see the flirtatious side of him. Deepika Padukone is the pick of the lot. This movie may be a turning point for her as this is probably her best performance since her debut. She perfectly portrays the character of a rich spoilt, bitchy brat. She looks beautiful throughout the movie as well. Diana Penty, making her Bollywood debut, was good though she needs to polish up her act if she wants to survive.

    The other characters in the movie have been done complete justice. Dimple Kapadia, who plays Saif's mother, is excellent as the loud desi woman. Boman Irani, essaying the role of Saif's father, is excellent as usual. The music by Pritam is already scorching the charts. The dialogues are funny and have some outrageous one-liners. All in all, the movie should be praised for introducing the free-spirited Gen-Next era to Bollywood – an era where everyone can relate themselves to the characters in the movie.
  • vilontetoyou24 July 2018
    Deepika's acting was amazing. But honestly, the chemistry between Diana and Saif wasn't that great. I didn't believe the love they had for each other was strong enough to overpass what Meera believed of Saif's character.

    There were some really funny scenes! And I loved the mom though.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Although 'Cocktail' was peddled as a movie for the those in their 20s, there was nothing in particular that pertained to the youth. In fact, if the writers thought that the 20's something generation was as shallow as their characters, they are surely mistaken. 'Cocktail' is just your average Desi romance flick with some good songs.

    The film opens with Gautam Kapoor (Saif Ali Khan) flirting with a flight attendant on the way to London, something he repeats with many girls in the film. On another flight is a newly wedded conservative girl Meera Gupta (Diana Penty) on her way to meet her husband of a sham wedding. And then there is the carefree Veronica D'Costa (Deepika Padukone) for whom partying is a way of life.

    Circumstances lead to a helpless Meera finding shelter in Veronica's home. The two soon become close buddies. Gautam who is in a casual relationship with Veronica moves in with them. Later, after a run in with his mom and uncle who may not be approving of Veronica, he pretends that Meera is his girl. The two don't like each other much, but as the movie progresses, sparks fly between them.

    While we are accustomed to seeing Saif in yuppie playboy roles in 'Hum Tum', he must realize that many years have now passed since he did them. And his age now shows. Although his mom in the film Dimple Kapadia says he is 32, he surely looks a decade older, closer to his actual age, 42. Despite this glaring drawback, some of his Casanova antics are funny although some others are way overboard.

    There was a quite a bit of noise about Diana Penty's debut but there is nothing remarkable about her. She is overshadowed by Deepika, both in the looks department and acting. In fact, Diana Penty was the first choice to play Ranbir's love interest in 'Rockstar' which eventually went to Nargis Fakhri. After watching cocktail, it was evident that if Penty was cast in Rockstar, the film wouldn't have had as much impact.

    Deepika Padukone, for one, has actually learned some acting skills. Compared to what she was in 'Om Shanti Om', she has come a long way. Also, she carries off her designer wear with aplomb. Amidst all the gloom, her acting is an asset to the film.

    Where the film fails are with its poor writing and shallow characters who are seen partying around most of time as if they are on an unending holiday. None of them have must depth to their personality. Boman Irani & Dimple Kapadia contribute to some funny moments, but isn't enough to keep it going.

    The worst thing about cocktail is that it aligns with the hypocritical Indian moral view where Veronica, the promiscuous party-girl is a bad girl while a god-fearing and docile type casted Meera is supposedly virtuous and gets the guy in the end. All this when our hero manages to 'patao' every other girl around except Meera. Maybe it's only the hunt that gets him interested in her rather than anything else.

    Songs like 'Tumhi Ho Bandhu', 'Daaru Desi' are already runaway hits. But with Pritam being the Music Director, we would never know the source till one looks up YouTube with the search string 'pritam songs + copy' . As far as the Punjabi folk song 'Jugni' is concerned, the movie makers have purchased rights for its use.

    'Cocktail' comes across as a confused film. Did they want to show a purely romantic flick like 'Love Aaj Kal' exploring urban relationships? Or did they want to play safe with some 'homely girl vs. party girl: who gets the boy' theme? Or was this meant to be a comedy? In fact, it is a cocktail of these three, with the recipe gone awry.

    Now for the verdict: Don't be fooled by its name coz this cocktail isn't going to get you intoxicated. Probably, one can call it a mock-tail instead. Don't even watch it on TV.
  • First half of 'Cocktail' : Super fun, 2 Best friends (Deepika and Diana) and a guy (Saif) have fun, joke, do silly stuff, make the audience laugh. Concept looks fresh, Deepika are Saif like each other, live in together, sleep with each other, have fun, neither is interested in a commitment. I thought I could watch this movie over and over again.

    Second half : Hopeless, very typical Bollywood Love Triangle. The guy falls for the 'Desi' girl. why?? This could have been a cult movie, with such good looking people who suited their characters so well. The music was fantastic.

    Performances : All 3 (Deepika, Saif and Diana) have acted well. Saif was extremely funny at times and no one could have pulled off the character of Veronica as well as Deepika did.

    I would have loved the movie if Saif would have fallen for the Deepika (the girl who parties and drink and has fun).

    Bollywood is yet to get over the good/Desi girl and bad girl concept.

    Its definitely a one time watch.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Have we seen this story before, sure. Did this version breathe new life into the clichéd storyline? Well, that's up for discussion. As for me, I was thoroughly impressed with the cast, story and songs of 'Cocktail' and pleasantly surprised by the previously unannounced guest appearances by the likes of Randeep Hooda (who plays a real creeper husband from hell of newcomer Diana Penty's character) Boman Irani and Dimple Kapadia who provide comic relief to the otherwise intensely dramatic tale that plays out in the lives of the leads.

    Deepika Padukone (Om Shanti Om, Desi Boyz) plays Veronica, a mysterious wild child who rules the London nightlife scene until she crosses paths with Meera (Diana Penty) who has come to London via Delhi in search of her husband Kunal played by Hooda. A friendship forms between the ladies until one night on their way to a nightclub when Meera spots a man who had been harassing her upon her arrival in the country and tells Veronica about it, Veronica being her wild child self goes and confronts the man (Gautam) played by Saif Ali Khan (Agent Vinod, Omkara, Hum Tum) and embarrasses him in front of his friends and co-workers as payback. Later that evening, Veronica spots the Gautam in the nightclub and strikes up a conversation with him and as the night progresses sparks begin to fly between them and a relationship between the two follows shortly after.

    Everything between the friends goes well until Gautam's mother (played by Kapadia) comes to visit from India and is dismayed to find two women in her son's flat, given that she had been trying to match-make him and get him married back home she is taken aback by her discovery. Gautam quickly devises a plot to calm his mother down by pretending that Meera, the more suitable girl is his fiancée knowing fully well that his mother would never accept scantily-clad and ill-mannered Veronica as her daughter-in-law.

    The ruse sticks initially but what happens next makes up the rest of the film. Within the first ten minutes of the film, I already figured out how the film was going to end but nevertheless for its entertainment value, I rate it 9/10.
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