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  • There's few reviews for this so I decided to write one. This movie could have been made better with a more experienced director but the movie has heart and he gets a good message through and tells a good story. Sometimes we pick movies apart too much and forget to enjoy them, people do it all the time with big blockbusters like avengers but all and all not a bad film at all and no I have nothing to do with making this movie or know them, I'm just a normal Midwestern guy.
  • Tikinaut14 December 2018
    I enjoyed this little movie. It definitely had heart and soul and captured the essence of being a struggling musician. The moral of story being, those who are gifted sometimes just need to be in the right place at the right time to get noticed.

    I agree with another reviewer here that this movie could have been much better though with a more experienced director. Parts of the story lacked exposition and character development. In fact, I really wanted to see more of the darker side of Winter Rose. Unfortunately, these darker life experiences are mostly implied or glossed over one of which was a cameo scene with Billy Zane.

    Kim Whalen is also a very pretty actress. Most of the movie though her face is hidden behind her long hair. I'm not sure if that was deliberate on the part of the filmmakers, but being able to see her facial expressions would have made her character more present and likable. I also wanted to hear more of her singing!

    One last gripe I had was with the editing. It was abrupt in places that unfortunately made the movie feel amateur at times.

    On a positive note Paul Sorvino (Goodfellas) is excellent as the boyfriend/manager of Rachal Love and plays the part with a lot of feeling.

    Interestingly, there are a few cameo appearances in the movie including Edward Furlong, Billy Zane and Andy Dick. Even one of the early James Bond actors, George Lazenby, makes a very brief cameo.
  • excellent production !! great cast in a moving story with excellent production elements. Superb acting, and outstanding direction evident. Very moving story and memorable and touching presentation. Must see for all ages. Don't miss this one for anything. You will never forget this great story. Life changing experience. This was a superb film and all round professional production in all respects.....everyone involved turned in outstanding performances ! Bravo !!! Features a great story line, wonderful music and carries the viewer into a wonderful cinematic experience, that is memorable, in every respect....a moving experience for members of all ages....don't miss this one !!