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  • Nica Noelle opted for a feature rather than separate vignettes for Volume 5 of this Sweetheart Video series, quite well cast.

    It opens up with Tanya Tate warring with law partner Magdalene St. Michaels, both underplaying the conflict expertly. The power struggle soon gives way to solid sex pairings, humping in the office.

    Allie Haze and a brunette Jessie Andrews excel in jail-bait roles, while the strong leading ladies literally dominate their sex scenes.

    A mature actress whose face was somewhat familiar has a nice role as the firm's receptionist, but is left uncredited. I was stumped at first, but pleasantly surprised to see her return as Autum Moon and also have sex in Volume 6 of the series, with exposition about her firing connecting #6 and its new cast with the events transpiring here in #5.
  • For a long time, Jelena was the sidekick of exciting #Aria Giovanni and she was completely invisible for me, all the more she had blonde or brown hairs. Then, she did a female domination shoot for Ken Marcus with Aimee Sweet as her toy and she was completely hot. Soon after, she had her hair black, does hardcore with her boyfriend for her website and then, I really appreciate her strong features. But she stays that way as she plays nasty, the dominant partner.

    Here, in this movie, she is long expected as she appears only for the final scene. Before, we got 3 lesbian scenes in a law office that are pretty much boring (offices are not suited for sex) expect for the first one (What a great babe this Aiden with her tiny dark glasses) and for the fact that they are tied in a plot. If Jelena does a home action, it's because she is the girlfriend of the new boss assistant deliciously played by Allie Haze. As Allie is the young woman in doubt, Jelena is a perfect choice to be the one who comforts her, all the more than her loving is intense. It's funny but as the two babes are rather good actresses, I wish we had finally more speaking interaction and learn about their future than adult action !