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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Romance novels make up a whopping 30% of all novels being sold today, quite a remarkable share and certainly benefiting from the more notorious successes like the "50 Shades" stuff. Nica Noelle crafts one of her best Sweet Sinner features from her original script covering aspects of older/young romance and interesting mystical "fated" content.


    Story concerns 50-something Magdalene St. Michaels, who it is gradually revealed lost her soulmate lover 30 years back when he was killed in a car crash in which she was in the passenger's seat. They were driving to City Hall in order to elope.

    In present day, her daughter Lily LaBeau brings home her new beau Ryan Driller to meet mom, as well as Maggie's live-in lesbian lover, played by porn superstar of a decade earlier Aurora Snow. Snow's catty and dominating performance is a scene stealer, and adds much to the texture of the film (shot on video, as are all Sweet Sinner shows).

    Both Ryan and Maggie have a shock of recognition at first sight, since he recognizes her, much older, from a recurring nightmare of his involving her younger self (played by Lily Carter) in the passenger seat as they have a horrible head-on collision with a truck. Nica uses tangible props: his watch and her engagement ring to link the two stories together, underpinning the "it's fate" subtext.

    Straight-line sentimentality of this highly romantic tale is leavened by Aurora's character: she has a highly sensual love scene with Maggie early on in the show, but later catches sight of her talking about the mystical connections late night with Ryan.

    Departing structurally from the iron-clad 4 sex vignettes of a Sweet Sinner Video (designed for de-constructed separate video streaming at the label's website, what pays the bills in modern-day porn), there is introduced a brief but potent 5th sex scene of Aurora in the bathroom confronting her rival for Maggie's affections Ryan with an ultimatum: "To get to Magdalene you have to go through me", giving him a thorough blow-job and noting that she'll be watchful in future.

    Meanwhile, Lily was phoned by an ex-lover Evan Stone who pleads for one last meeting to see if she still cares for him. She visits him, lying to her mom about where she's headed, and humps Evan rather than telling him it's over for good.

    Maggie ends up visiting Ryan's beach bungalow to insist that they are united, as he resembles her lost love Michael (cameo by Alan Stafford) and has the dream/nightmare evidence linking them. Though professing to insist on scientific proof and not swayed by mysticism (he's studying to become a veterinarian), Ryan succumbs to the older woman (Maggie's dialog is convincing: "We can't chose who we love, or how long we love them...Sometimes it's forever", and they have a romantic but explicit sex scene to end the film.

    Nica leaves the story open-ended as usual with a fade-out after the money shot and final smooching, so the viewer can ponder where the principal characters are headed after this, for now, happy ending. Casual porn fans might find it old-hat or cough up the usual "let's skip the dialog" cop-out, but here's a perfect example of how narrative and characters can turn otherwise generic XXX footage into a moving experience.