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  • Warning: Spoilers
    Michelle Lay's over-the-top performance in the title role puts this third volume of Sweet Sinner's "The Teacher" series into another realm, and shows writer-director Nica Noelle in a playful mood.

    Lay is a predatory teacher whose scheming springs into action when she finds out that despite her regularly blowing the university president (cameraman Jake Jacobs in a cameo role), the dean of students job she's been counting on is earmarked instead for rival prof Randy Spears. Had this been a more recent Noelle video, Spears would have been giving Jake blow jobs too, as over the past couple of years Nica has shifted to Gay (and transsexual) Cinema.

    Lay has a failing student Xander Corvus, who falls for the mature beauty, and after thoroughly servicing the delighted youngster, she inveigles upon him to help her deviously get the dean's job. With her as dean, Xander can expect a free ride toward graduation.

    An ex-student of Lay's, Danny Wylde pops up, just having been sprung from the loony bin. He had slept with her several years back before going crazy, and she's none too thrilled about him showing up. Second sex vignette of the show is a flashback of Danny recalling happier times in the sack with Michelle.

    The video has an unusual structure, in that Lay stars in the first two sex scenes, while young beauty Allie Haze takes the second two; and instead of ending with a money shot and a cool-down hug, the video has a full 20 minutes of running time left at the end for plot exposition and resolution.

    Haze, her prominent dark nipples the dominant contrast on screen, is Xander's girl friend, and after they hump he presses her to help him complete Lay's nefarious scheme. She is to seduce Prof. Spears and thereby get him in trouble, disqualifying him for the promotion to dean.

    This works like a charm, and Xander shows Pres. Crew (that's Jake Jacobs' acting pseudonym as he calls himself "Jay Crew" a double duty pun since he's a crew member turned spot actor) incriminating photos of Spears/Haze doing the nasty, and Spears is summarily fired.

    Lay gets the coveted job, and the final reel has some excellent twists and turns to give her a comeuppance. I enjoyed Nica's various contrivances in this old-fashioned pot-boiler, and both Lay and Haze kept the sex content red hot.

    Lay has a rubber face which expresses her emotions unfiltered and it makes for an extremely campy performance given the melodramatic material. Along the way, besides Jacobs's cameo, we have Nica herself appearing as a fellow teacher and Richie Calhoun pops up as the long arm of the law at the finale. Sort of a porno Chris Walken, Danny Wylde's unusual line readings are quite interesting, especially considering his "is he crazy or isn't he?" character. In sum, an entertaining, offbeat show.