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  • jereco21 March 2014
    I caught "Dear Sidewalk" at an old (read: dirty, poorly maintained) theater in San Francisco as part of an independent film series. Though the venue was a fright, the film turned out to be something else altogether: a charming, quirky comic drama about an introvert with no social skills trying to navigate the waters of his first serious adult relationship. Though it doesn't end up going anywhere much, and though the ending is too quick and tidy to be believed, the film is nevertheless a pleasant diversion (and it's worth the price of admission simply for the performance of Lana Dieterich as Trudy, and Austin, TX - though not named specifically - provides a lovely locale).
  • Alixisok4 July 2015
    I originally saw this film at the Austin Film Festival and was excited to see it again when it came out on VOD. I like dry humor and I'm an indie film fan and this was right up my alley. Non conventional with fun laugh out loud moments. I would have liked to have seen more of the ensemble cast as it was one of my favorite parts but I found all of the characters to be enjoyable. The romantic story line I felt could have pushed the boundaries a little more and have been more developed but the fact that it didn't fall into stereotypical plot points was refreshing. Josh Fadem who plays Calvin was a standout for me as was Michelle Forbes who I enjoyed from The Killing. Always nice to see actors stepping into fresh roles that go against type. Overall it was a fun ride that I'd recommend to my friends.
  • There are so many movies popping up these days and most of them ride well-worn paths to fairly predictable endings. But every now and then you come across an indie like this that you've heard nothing about - and a simple line of dialog grabs you - and you have that "Hey - you just don't hear things THAT honest in movies" moment! Wow. This is such a film. "DEAR SIDEWALK" (an appropriately original title!) is one of those ever so rare pieces of original fiction that delivers on its own terms. You have not met these characters before! And their relationships are about to unfold honestly, without being burdened by the usual cliches. A terrific film experience, laced with unexpected humor, pathos, irony, and pretty much everything else that makes for a fine film experience.