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  • Warning: Spoilers
    The daily lives of high school boys. A series about three friends, Tadakuni, Yoshitake, and Hidenori. All who do not have a single clue on how to date a girl, let alone talk to one without tripping over their tongues in the first place. Seeing as it is a teen angst series, it is much based upon the real world, where teens imagine things that are a hundred times more worse than the situation calls for. Which is the reason this series is a gut buster of laughs. For many reasons, I can recommend this series mainly because 1.) Most teen boys do not get girls. 2.) Girls do not get boys. 3.) When both mix together, you get a Mish mash of misunderstandings because of the misconceptions on both sides, with things that girls think about, such as . . . (Will he like me? Is my face too round or fat? what will he think of my butt and so on.) ON the other hand, boys don't seem too concerned about what a girl thinks, just as long as they have curvy features and a big rack. Needless to say both sides have no clue until such a time when a prom night comes up. It's basically all the same, with the flushing skin, fast heart beats, the jittery nervousness both feels on a date. In point, a possible failure which will be told to the Girls/Guys when it's all over. I think this series touches base on the most fundamental questions teenagers have no matter how ridiculous it may seem. I really enjoy this series, it reminds me of my youth, and how bad it was to date girls in high school. A highly recommended series.
  • A perfect slice of life anime with both witty and crude/absurd humor. Very close to actual high school stuff and loads of fun to watch it with friends.
  • This is not a series. It's more like a collection of sketches. Which is perfectly fine! Just don't come in here expecting the show to go somewhere and enjoy it for what it is - a collection of cute sketches about the daily lives of high school boys. I found the later episodes better, once the characters were more established in my mind. Definitely a good watch!
  • From the start of the very first episode, the show delivers. Whether it's funny scenes or the comedic lines played after each segment. The series is based on the misconceptions that both highschool boys & girls have about each other. While the character and story development is kinda negligible, the constant edition of new characters that are equally charming really makes up for it. It's a must watch, might not attract people of a group above 25 IMO.
  • Daily Lives of High School Boys (man is that an unwieldy title) is one of the more surprising anime series to come along recently. What originally looked like a male version of K-ON and its ilk turns out to be a quite funny parody of that kind of series. The show nicely translates the anxieties of teenage life into hyperbolic comic characters, making especially good hay out of the way girls and boys think of each other as alien species that you might one day like to date.

    I believe this is from the same creator as School Rumble, and like that show this is a bit hit or miss but a still generally pleasant riff on high school anime. It's not a brilliant must-see series, but it probably won't let you down either.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Have you ever seen a show that started out as a really forgettable show and then became something great. Or maybe the opposite, a show that starts out great and then just plummets down. Surprisingly, I've found that most shows I've watched are pretty consistent with it's quality. You know, we have shows like Darling in the Franxx or Death Note who both have a very large quality drop near the middle of the show (IMO). But I don't think I ever thought about dropping any of those shows. But that's where DLHSB unfortunately. From the first episode I really disliked it. It had some good parts like the skirt scene, which is one of the best scenes in the show IMO. But the rest just felt so boring. I don't really know what it was, but something about the writing made me not enjoy it. It really felt like a 2010 anime. The show uses a lot of meta jokes throughout the show, and for the most part I think they were really funny. Commenting on the fact that one of the characters weren't in many of the scenes, or that all of the scenes were never their daily life (as the titles suggests), but the most interesting. It comments on how Slice of Life anime were written, and how few shows actually felt like real life. But the first meta jokes in the show really grinded my gears. It felt like they just made fun of something they themself did. It's like when deadpool says that the writing is bad at one point in the second movie, but doesn't do anything with it. Breaking the fourth wall to make fun of yourself isn't funny unless you do anything with that. At one point I was glad that the opening and ending were long so that the actual episodes wouldn't take time to watch. I know just watching a show to have watched it is bad, but I always have this thought that a show could redeem itself if I just took time to watch everything.

    And of course, it definitely did. When I watched the fourth episode, something weird happened. I started to enjoy the show. The conversations that the main characters had became very realistic to how friends actually talk (Like in the scenes where they play volley and the visuals were oddly artistic, especially for this show. I'll get to that later), while still being funny. Something happened at after the third episode. I don't know if it was that I got used to the bad writing or if it actually got better. But either way, I accepted it gladly and my decision to drop it was finally scrapped.

    But I'm definitely not saying that it became a perfect show or anything. The problems I had with the first three episodes were still there, but it didn't feel like every scene was annoying, but that the annoying scenes were scattered across the whole show. I'll explain.

    I had many problems with the show. It had many predictable jokes and ones that go on for way too long, or should've gotten a longer time to develop more. Many jokes are beaten to the ground like the "stealing the sisters underwear" joke that really embraced the over-the-top nature of the show at first but then just becomes annoying, Some of the exposition is handled pretty horribly. And lastly, many of the characters don't feel very unique, I mixed up many of them. Mainly Hidenori and Yoshitake. Their sense of humor felt really similar, their characters felt very similar and both of their voice acting was very undistinguishable (I could tell them apart while watching the show. But if you let me hear lines of dialogue from both of them, I would not tell them apart anymore)

    But there were two problems that were the most memorable ones. The first one is the structure of the show. The show is structured in a way where nothing is chronological. But that every scene is a new funny scene. I did not like this structure at all. There are shows that do this well, like this seasons Kaguya-sama. Like in DLHSB, the shows structured where none of the scene are chronological. That the scenes are there to present us with jokes. The difference is the connection between the scenes and how many there are. In kaguya-sama, none of the scenes very often isn't in a chronological order, but is just scenes that the creator came up with. The difference here is that most scenes are about the same thing. Kaguya and Miyuki battle for dominance. They try to make the other person confess their love for the other, to make sure they don't have to do it themself. Not every scene works like this, but it's how the show works in general. In DLHSB, none of the scenes share anything. The first scene could be about the main characters stealing one of the sisters underwear, and then transition into a scene where the joke is that all the characters fall into pools of water outside (An example of a joke that goes for WAY too long). Though, this isn't the main problem. But the real problem is the amount of scenes in every episode. I'll continue to compare with Kaguya-sama. Cause in that show, there are 3 scenes in every episode more or less. The jokes get to develop this way, and are therefore funny. The difference here is that DLHSB has around 7 scenes per episode (I only counted once, so it could be more or less. I'm guessing it was normally more). It's the opposite, where none of the jokes are developed and are usually just one jokes that is thrown at us multiple times. This is what really made the show boring at times, and is what I hate about the first three episodes. You could've cut out scenes and developed some of the better ones. An example would be this. In one of the episodes, one of the characters (Really vague huh?) receives a love letter. He shows it to his friends and they all assume that it is a joke and want revenge for this. Then we cut to the place where the love letter told the character to come. A way to develop the joke could've been to show us them planning and training for the revenge, to really show us how absurd the scene is. It is a simple mistake that can change a lot. At least that could've raised MY enjoyment of the show.

    Now as I said, there was one other thing that was as bad. And that would be the visuals. I'm not a massive fan of the normal anime art. There are great visual in anime for sure, but I like more stylistic art styles more than animes almost realistic general artstyle. And this a good example of this. Most of the visuals looked pretty ugly in my opinion. Other than the artstyle not being for me, the the coloring looked really bland, the character designs weren't that memorable and the animation was really boring, where much of it is edited by just using the same small animation over and over again (Like when something impactful happens, the animation would just be two characters jumping in front of a red background and the camera would go up and down a bunch of times. Yeah, that was a pretty bad explanation.)

    But the big problems with the visuals for me were the background characters. Or what I call, hentai designs. A way to fit the budget with an animation is to make background characters faceless. Or at least eye-less. This a good way to save money, but not to make a visually appealing show. But if that was just the case for the background characters it would've been fine. The problem is when "main side-characters" gets this treatment. An example of this Tadakuni's sister Mei. Her character is in the show A LOT. She is a pretty big character even thought I wouldn't say that she was a main character. But we never see her eyes. Her and her friends are all eye-less. It makes them look very inhuman. Eyes are a big part of how humans identify people. Is is a big part of our face and identity in a way. So removing them looks really weird, especially when they're big enough to make me notice it every time. And what annoys me more is when tiny characters don't get this treatment. Yassan is a joke character used in a few scenes. She has a face. Her brother is used in ONE scene. He has a face. They were willing to spend money on drawing two joke character, where one isn't even a character, and not a character who is in a majority of the show.

    That was probably the most annoying part of the show, even the structure could've been ignored at times. But every time i saw a faceless sister, all I could think of is that hentai use the same method to make the viewer immerse themself into the male character so that they can cum faster. (Not to disrespect BTW. We're all into different things)

    But all that aside, I thought the show was okay. I enjoyed it, but I saw a lot of problems in it. I'll give it a 5/10 for now
  • I watched episode one, waited for a plot, found out there isn't one, then stopped watching.

    If there was comedy in this show, I wouldn't have cared as much. I mean there's jokes. I understand the setup/payoff shown here, but the jokes aren't funny. This show is over reliant on grossout humor and just randomness. Both of these can work in other contexts, but on its own just throwing random thing onscreen doesn't stand on its own. You need well developed characters and some kind of narrative. Maybe the characters develop over time, but I don't think it's worth it to sit through hours of painfully unfunny sketches.
  • Irishchatter4 September 2018
    Without a plot in this anime, it makes it less interesting and becomes rather boring. All it is about is 3 horny teenage boys wanting to desperately experience love and thinking they are big shots. Seriously waste of time...