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  • In a plot that doesn't make sense, using the standard jumping from the present to the past to explain, and using music that gives the movie an edge, the viewer is left wondering why they just wasted an hour and twenty minutes of their life and, more importantly, why Danny Glover accepted this this role. The movie is rife with "build-ups" that lead to nothing, relationships that lead nowhere, and confusion galore. But the most confusion thing about the whole movie, like chalked up to "artistic freedom", is when two people have a conversation. Typically, one is talking in Italian while one is talking in English, with no translators. Why don't you just talk in one language? Clearly you understand both languages. Did the director just have a friend who did subtitles for movies that needed a job? About the only good thing about the movie is the fairly realistic gun firing.
  • This is the worst movie I have ever seen in my entire life. Why in the world Danny Glover accepted this script is beyond me. Must have been the money. Half the movie is in English, half in Italian with subtitles. Bad writing, bad directing, bad acting, bad editing. Bad. Bad. Bad. I rented this for $1.50 and they should have paid me to watch it. A small independent film is one thing. Bravo for those who make Indies. But this movie felt like some rich guy gave his son a bunch of money to blow making a movie no one should watch. Don't torture yourself by watching this movie. I'd rather have pins stuck in my eyes than watch it again. It would be funny if it wasn't so Baaaaaaaad.
  • Outside of the Lethal Weapon series, Danny Glover really seems to have very little range in his ability to play a believable character. And even then, it would seem that he was just in the right place at the right time to play opposite of Mel Gibson. Being a likable guy and being a good or great actor are two different things. As terrible as the writing is, and the direction, actors in this so called movie are not able to make this a believable story. Even Michael Madsen, who is usually adept at this kind of role, can't pull it off, or rescue the screwy twisted plot and story-line. Enter Cassandra Gava, a very beautiful woman, isn't enough distraction to help us get through a movie that should have been scrapped before it was made. I would not have paid the box office price for this film, and I think I over-paid by renting it.
  • Talky and boring Italian production about a criminal low life who's lost his memory, spilling the beans to a priest, Danny Glover, on a train, complete with flashbacks and other dull nonsense. Besides Glover, who probably shot his scenes on the train in one day, the film boasts name stars in small roles from Michael "Reservoir Dogs" Madsen, Steven "Scarface" Bauer, and John "The Deer Hunter" Savage. With than many of decent actors, you'd think this production might be halfway decent, but you'd be mistaken. No action and no interesting characters or storyline. Madsen seems to be the only one who's having fun and realizes that he's trapped in a terrible movie. I don't think he took off his sunglasses once the entire film and I don't blame him.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    This is a film about redemption, particularly of two bad men. It starts out as our two bad guys meet on a train and freely open up about each others criminal past. Leonard (Danny Glover) is now a priest. He was a gang leader who killed a man. Davide (Giovanni Martorana) is now a blind man who was in the middle of a poorly scripted mafia war in Sicily with one side headed by the greasy haired Don Mancino (Michael Madsen).

    From this film we get these words of wisdom, "Easy money does not exist," and "Marry a dumb young chick." Madsen as an American tries to take over Sicily by using "Remember Troy, the horsie?"

    The dialogue was poorly written, so the lines could not be delivered by seasoned actors. It was a very boring film with the flashbacks adding to the "please get on with it" attitude I developed watching. The movie seemed to be closer to a failed college experiment, than serious film making. A mafia war film that will be sure to waste 90 minutes of your life.

    Parental Guide: F-bombs (two languages) brief bed scene, no nudity.
  • I think it's a really interesting film, the script has some holes ... but on the whole it becomes interesting.I loved the small roles, then tells a harsh reality. The scene of the train with Danny glover is very strong ,... train travel you see that is fake...but it is an independent movie... Location of Sicily are fantastic. Shootings are very crude, photography is quite simple, editing quite insistent. the soundtrack, I do not really like , I think there was a true artist. Is a long time since I saw a movie with lots of close-ups, this made me pleasure. I must say that there are some very nice shots. I believe that with more money might be a good movie.
  • Hi, I'm Italian, I live in Messina and Los Angeles, I booked The film is the last week in Los Angeles at red-box. Well The film You can clearly see which is independent, Maybe Shot with just a few Means and Digital, but I is not sorry and then the producer and the director Hanno Done UN Miracle, cast put on UN International! These Actors Americans believe is the first time IL Able to act in UN Independent movies and more Italian, From Images you see the What Was Shot in Sicily, I recommend it to The Italo.Americani all. Does anyone know the director? I would put in contact with him. Thank you. L.Antony Ps : I think that this movie has only one problem , the language...some dialogo in Italian and some in English , they must dubbing it before to sell...