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  • Warning: Spoilers
    DIRECTOR: Good afternoon, sirs! I came in today because I was stoned out of my mind earlier and I thought of the best idea for a movie ever! STUDIO: Alright, we're listening! DIRECTOR: So, like, in the near future, the government will allow 12 hours of crime a year! Like, murder will be legal and stuff! STUDIO: Okay, cool! Why? DIRECTOR:Uh... well... because if people go crazy on one day, then they won't need to do any other crimes the rest of the year! Because all crimes are created by random murderous passions, right? ONLY SMART GUY IN THE ROOM: Why don't the rich people just leave the country? That's the worst idea I- STUDIO: That's so original! People will eat that up. And it can double as a shallow social commentary! DIRECTOR: Uh... yeah... social commentary. I know what that is. Anyways, I got Lena Headey and Ethan Hawke to sign on! STUDIO: Fantastic! I bet you have lots of good dialogue to go between them.

    DIRECTOR: Yeah... good dialogue... I know what that is. Anyways, the dad sells these security systems and the mom is... well... a mom, I guess. She can sulk a lot. And the older female kid can be a "typical" sulky teenager who is completely brain dead! She won't see anything suspicious when her much-older boyfriend, who her father disapproves of, sneaks into her house on the night murder is legal and says he's come to see her dad! And the also brain-dead boyfriend can botch his low-awaited parent killing by yelling out the dad's name before shooting! He'll die and then the shocked girlfriend will cry and then wander around the dark house by herself for no reason! ONLY SMART GUY IN THE ROOM: Uh, why would the boyfriend think she'd continue to date him after he killed her dad? That's an awful and unnecessary i- STUDIO: Perfect! It'll be tense when she wanders around because we really care about her character! Who else is there?

    DIRECTOR: Well, there'll be another son with that awful super-long hair that's popular with horror movie boys nowadays! He'll be reclusive and play with creepy remote control dolls and he'll be the only moral character in the movie while being completely moronic! He will shut down the security system without letting his parents know in order to let a homeless guy in, and then he'll hide him, even though that means his whole family will die. And then, when he sees his sister about to go hide in the same spot, he won't yell out or warn her or anything! And then even later on, he'll hide in the basement and STILL let one of the invaders sneak up behind him, even though he has a gun! STUDIO: He sounds so lovable! What about the other characters? Are they dumb too? DIRECTOR: Oh yeah, super dumb! For example, the dad will have a complete 180 degree moral change halfway through the movie even though he sees the purge first hand, as if he didn't already know about it because he sells security systems for the purge! And then, he won't even untie the guy he's saving so he can help! He's completely retarded. And then there's the wife! Instead of hiding and having the advantage against the invaders, she can get up and wander around so she can be snuck up on! And then she won't shoot the guy who's threatening to kill her daughter because... well... she's stupid! And finally, the lead bad guy will try to kill the main character, but stops and leaves after giving him a flesh wound in the stomach! And then gets snuck up on, too!

    STUDIO: That's wonderful! Movie goers are much more likely to cheer for stupid characters than intelligent ones! DIRECTOR: Oh and the invaders will wear masks like "The Strangers"! STUDIO: Great, that movie was terrifying! ONLY SMART GUY IN THE ROOM: No it wasn't, that movie was awf- DIRECTOR: I'll be sure to include the max amounts of clichés, too! Like, a bad guy will be ABOUT to kill a main character, but there'll be a dramatic pause before he does, and seconds before it happens, he'll get killed from behind! STUDIO: Genius! That should happen AT LEAST 4 times.

    DIRECTOR: And for the icing on the cake, the invaders will be like cultists and recite prayer-like incantations dedicated to America and the "new founding fathers" because that's what would happen in real life, right? STUDIO: Perfect! Let's get this movie made. ONLY SMART GUY IN THE ROOM: **** this, I quit.
  • shinwi23 September 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    I usually don't write reviews but this one was infuriating. I am going to list all of the things that do not make sense in this movie.

    1. The kid that lets in the stranger. This kid is unrealistic and does not have his own character. At one point he is so afraid of the purge and shows his knowledge for it so much. It is probably not his first purge either, yet he shows so much ignorance for what is going on, as if he was born yesterday. If I was a kid, and I was afraid of the purge, I would just watch the surveillance camera for 12 hours making sure nobody gets in. Instead, he opens ever door in the house on the most dangerous night of the year to a man who looks like he has nothing else to lose. His decisions were purely moral, but not of a kid in fear. If my father was fighting for my family's lives, the least I can do is sit in the corner and shut up.

    2. Now more of the purge itself, it seems unrealistic that so many people would actually participate in this act. OK, lets pretend for a moment here that this purge DOES actually release anger. Do people have so much anger trapped inside that they would risk their own lives just to relieve anger? The only people, I would assume participating in this, would be people who have nothing else to lose and people who have a particular grudge on someone. But lets say you do have a grudge and you happen to kill this one person. You not only risk getting killed yourself, but their family members will come after you on the next purge, putting you and your family members at more risk. This movie pretends that laws and legal regulations are the only things preventing murder on the streets, but people consider reputation and networking as well.

    3. The "bad guys" in the movie. Particularly the women. This night is the most dangerous night of the year. And you're running around with a knife? I thought you guys were good at this "purge" thing. You can afford equipment that can demolish high tech security but you can't afford guns? Why don't you just stay inside? Your chances of living are very slim.

    4. So apparently, these bad guys are huge fans of the purge, but they spend most of their night waiting in front of a house just to kill one guy. In that time, they could have killed hundreds. But no. They NEEDED this one guy.

    5. Why is murder the only crime being committed? I would assume robbery is the number one crime being committed. I think a huge robbery movie would have been a better theme. Everyone would just steal each others' stuff. It would be like a huge capture the flag game.

    If you haven't noticed, this movie made me very angry (especially the kid). Do not watch this movie.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    James DeMonaco's "The Purge" operates on a premise that is so stupid that you feel like throwing rotten fruit at the screen, or maybe the director. As you're watching it, you hope that the screenplay will make up for its insipid ideas with a logical explanation, but no, this is one of those movies where all of the players end up running around in the dark shooting and killing one another in the manner of a video game. To our intense surprise, it can't even get that right.

    By now, you've heard the premise, which has been spilled out in endless ads running on television. In the year 2022 the United States is now controlled by a series of corporations known as "The New Founding Fathers of America", who have devised an annual ritual so idiotic that no one can adequately explain it: Every year, on March 21st all crime is legal between the hours of 7pm and 7am – even murder. No police or medical services will be available. The government's explanation (you'll love this) is that they are trying to keep the population under control. They figure, given one night of violence, the populace will behave themselves for the other 364 days of the year. You could write volumes on the flawed reasoning behind this.

    It hardly matters anyway because once that idea is set in place "The Purge" turns into an ugly, violent home invasion thriller centered on a nice family, The Sandins, headed by James (Ethan Hawke) and his wife Mary (Lena Headey). They have two kids, teenage daughter Zoe (Adelaide Kane) and young Charlie (Max), who loves surveillance. James has made himself rich by becoming the developer of a home security system that will protect wealthy families from the purge. The Sandins are convinced that they are safe, but having seen the trailer – and countless movies like this – we know this isn't the case.

    As the purge begins the family closes themselves inside the house behind thick sheets of metal which cover the windows and doors. A short time later, Charlie sees a homeless man on the surveillance camera wandering the street in front of the house. The man is bleeding and begging for shelter. The kid lets the man in, but soon his pursuers come calling, assuring James that they will get past his security system within the hour. What follows is a plot similar to David Fincher's "Panic Room." The difference is that that film used logic and characters to set up a unique cat and mouse game. "The Purge" uses creepy-masks, shotguns and bad editing to create phony jack-in-the-box terror. It recycles clichés, like having the family split up into different rooms so one person can emerge later in order to save another person who is about to be killed.

    Somewhere in this insufferable mess, a message emerges about social justice and the tyranny of the "haves" over the "have-nots." It eeks around the edges of the film but conveniently doesn't get in the way of the repeated shots of someone getting blown to bits with a shotgun. This is an ugly, grimy little movie that comes down to a sick scene in which a mother painfully begs for her children's lives while they have guns to their heads.

    "The Purge" is a movie that gives you a lot of time to think. Ask yourself this: Why didn't the Sandin's just leave the country for the week of the purge? These are wealthy people, so why not just lock the house down and take a trip to Europe? Why not Canada? Or Australia, it's supposed to be lovely this time of year.

    1/2 (out of four)
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I had the unfortunate pleasure of getting to see the movie "The Purge" at the 10 O'clock premiere last night. To be honest, going into it, I didn't expect much. I didn't really know a lot about the film aside from seeing a couple trailers here and there and hearing customers blabber on about how excited they were for this movie (I work at a movie theater). I guess the concept sounded kind of interesting, and really, I just felt like seeing a movie I hadn't seen yet. My expectations were blown away; the movie was worse than I had originally assumed. "The Purge" pretty much just stinks from beginning to end. However, it does have a few slightly redeeming factors.

    Okay, I lied. "The Purge" has only one redeeming factor; and it's how hilariously bad the dialog is. As soon as the movie starts and we are introduced to Ethan Hawke driving in his car, talking on the phone. Right off the bat I could tell that the script for this movie was really poorly written. All the lines sound incredibly forced and unrealistic. For example, when Ethan Hawke first arrives home he says something along the lines of "Hey, hey! what a long day at work!". All of the characters, especially Ethan Hawke's character, say things one would never say in real life. This is the one good(ish) thing about this movie. How hilariously terrible the dialog is. I was laughing pretty much throughout, at just about every line. Now, to be fair, other things may have influenced my laughter, or intensified it, rather. But overall the dialog is just completely unrealistic. Realism. That is my biggest issue with this movie: it's lack of realism.

    Let us begin with perhaps the most painfully unrealistic part of "The Purge": the plot. The idea behind this whole futuristic America is that the Economy is down and Crime is up. It is just universally accepted that the cause of all these problems is built up aggression within the human population. In order to correct this, the United States Government decides that it would be a good idea to give the public a day to "release the aggression". So, one day of each year, they will have an annual "Purge" where all crime is legal (including murder. They put a lot of emphasis on murder being legal). Somehow, magically, this does help the Economy and Crime overall is down for the rest of the year. Because if people get out all that anger in one day, they will not feel the need to commit any more crimes for the rest of the year.. (yeah.. right..) I'm calling bull sh*t on this one. This would never EVER never ever ever work or even be considered in real life. I understand that not all movies need to be realistic to be good, but this movie is kind of trying to go for a realistic feel. It's clearly not supposed to be a Sci Fi film.

    Now, not only is the dialog bad in "The Purge", but so are the characters. The main characters throughout the movie consistently make stupid decisions and totally change their opinions in the blink of an eye. But the worst characters of them all have got to be "the bad guys". I'm gonna call them "the bad guys" because there were a lot of them, and I don't remember their names if they were even given. Without spoiling anything (if you still want to see the movie) at one point there is a group of people that approach the house to terrorize Ethan Hawke and his family. This group is heavily armed and set on killing off the filth of society or "the swine" as their leader constantly calls them.(He also uses words like "tootaloo" and "folks") For no particular reason they all wear clown masks, dresses, suits, etc. They jump around, act goofy, scream, laugh and play on swing sets... I think this was all meant to make the movie a bit more creepy and eerie, but it just felt forced and left me cringing throughout. There was nothing to justify why they were acting like circus performers.

    The ending was disappointing. There are numerous moral issues brought up throughout the film. None of them are solved. In the end, some people die, some people live, and it's just over. It's almost like James DeMonaco just gave up, and couldn't figure out how to end the movie in a decent way. So he just threw together a little stupid humorous bit at the end. I suppose this is to be expected with James DeMonaco though. Pretty much every project he has ever touched has been bad.

    "The Purge" is not at all worth seeing. It's not scary. It's not suspenseful. It's not realistic. It's not well written. It's not anything. It's just terrible.
  • jeffa12319 March 2014
    Warning: Spoilers
    my main issue with 'the purge' is the utter unbelievability of the entire premise. all crime is legal for 12 hours? this is supposed to reduce crime the rest of the year by giving people one night per year to vent? if your house were invaded and destroyed by the neighbors; and members of your family were killed in the name of 'the purge' i doubt you would have a very good time at the next culdesac barbecue. you would be enraged. and the next purge, what would you do? go on your own rampage? where does this cycle end? here's what you could do: go rob a bank; or empty the lottery ticket bins at the nearest 7-11. if anyone tries to stop you, shoot 'em. crime is legal after all. go kill all your co-workers. no stupid project to go back to. see where this is going? 12 hours is enough time to devastate society. their only disclaimer in the film is you can't use specific weapons above a certain rating; and you can't go after government officials. it doesn't say anything about your boss. why not wipe out your rival businesses. now you're a monopoly. how about killing off the rival sports team? league champs! there's so many things that would go wrong with 'all crime is legal for 12 hours' that it would NEVER EVER be implemented as an actual law. and this thing was supposed to be in 2022. thats 8 years from now, and that was with it already in place a few times. come on. what you have here is some twisted writers genocide fantasy. how can you reduce poverty and unemployment? kill off the impoverished and unemployed. problem solved. really? this movie sucked in every way. it doesn't make any sense. the boyfriend scene? how does that work? why does the angry mob waste their precious 12 hours trying to go after 1 guy, when they can go wipe out all the 'swine' they want? why not drive up to canada; or Mexico for the night? why even be home that night? NOTHING about this makes any sense.
  • From the producers of Paranormal Activity (as is all horror films these days) The Purge tells the story of a near future were crime is at an all time low and unemployment stands at under 1% of the US population, to compensate for one night a year all crime (including murder) is legal for 12 hours allowing society some kind of release.

    The film revolves around the Sandin family who are confronted by a group of college students hunting a man on the night of the Purge who the family had allowed into their home after lockdown. The Purgers (lead by Rhys Wakefield) drastically try to break into the family's home causing James (Ethan Hawke) and Mary (Lena Headey) to protect their children from the invaders in order to survive the night.

    The main problem with the film is the premise itself, whilst interesting is filled with flaws and holes that just make the whole idea ridiculous. Such as what happens to the serial killers and career criminals of this world? Do they just control their urges to kill or steal for the other 364 days until the next Purge, as well what if someone has a heart attack on the night of The Purge? Is it just a case of bad luck you chose the wrong night to need medical care?

    Despite the flaws of the premise, the film repeatedly ignores the possibilities of the premise, instead of exploring the ideas behind the Purge or the events that occur on the night of the Purge from different perspectives and situations. Instead the film settles for a typical home invasion story that although done well, is nothing we haven't seen done in many other films. The Purge in the end seems to only be the premise of this film to stop the age old question of "Why don't they just call the police?" in home invasion films.

    To the films credit it is quite subtle, there's a running theme that the Purge is just an excuse for the upper classes to exterminate the poor, driven by all the attackers wearing prep school blazers and the person they are chasing wearing dog tags around his neck. The film also contains some strong performances, especially from Ethan Hawke (Training Day, Lord of War) and Lena Headey (Dredd, Game of Thrones) who carry the film throughout. The film also has a twist near the end which allows the audience to get inside the heads of the people during this night.

    That cant be said for the leader of the Purger's played by Rhys Wakefield (Sanctum, Home and Away)whose performance is slightly cringe worthy, hes trying to be psychotic yet in control of the proceedings but it just comes across as a amateur dramatics' version of The Joker. He just never seems like a really threat and just a creepy next door neighbour.

    The film also contains some bizarre and just plain weird set pieces, such as the families' son who builds a spy camera on a chard baby doll on the top of a rhino tank from Warhammer 40,000. The thing looks like a demented contraption from Sid's bedroom in Toy Story.

    Overall, The Purge is an OK home invasion film, there are moments of suspense and a couple of jump scares are effective. The wasted potential of the premise is the films main downfall which could have lead to a more effective and possible original film then what we got in the end.
  • The idea is intriguing. For twelve hours a year all crime is legal, including murder; do what you want and face no consequence. All emergency services are suspended and with the exception of an unexplained restriction on weaponry, and certain members of the public being out of bounds as targets, there is nothing to stop you doing what you wish. The result is a venting of frustration and anger, a purging of demons, as well as the eradication of the poor and those unable to defend themselves. The end result of this annual purge is extremely low unemployment and crime, and a fantastic economy; "a nation reborn", where the weak are prey and the strong survive. One of the strong is James Sandin, who sells security systems to fellow high-flyers; these obviously come in most useful on the night of the purge. Of course on the night in question, things go rather wrong and the Sandin family find their home under siege, following their son Max's generous act of letting a victimised stranger in.

    For a second, put aside the rather obvious holes in the idea when considered as a practise encouraged at a national level, even put aside the cynical nature of the movie, and we can see the idea may have started out as a distressing vision of a near future, a terrifying "other reality". Indeed, 'The Purge' takes its cue from a lot of previous work that has done similarly; you don't have to look too hard to see various elements of 'A Clockwork Orange', '1984', 'Lord of the Flies' and 'Battle Royale'. The problem is that unlike those works, and unlike 'Straw Dogs', with which it shares more than a little DNA, this story has been watered down to a locked room domestic thriller; a potentially incendiary political fable is devoid of most of that which would have made it so. This is actually typical of writer/director James DeMonaco, who is responsible for the screenplay for the remake of 'Assault on Precinct 13', a film which again extracted a lot of the original's rough edges and tough moments to leave a flat, action driven thriller. Similarly, the scope of the film is rather narrow; with early implication that there will be a study of repressed violence and how the night is used as an excuse, it is then disappointing to see the story steers frustratingly wide of all matters other than murder. The film lacks the gumption to tackle the disturbing elements of our unchecked nature in a way that Cronenberg would have done.

    So what we're looking at here is a film which, in different hands may have proved to be a controversial and stirring piece of work, but with DeMonaco scared to grasp the nettle, we end up with a flat, rather tame film, which is given some lift by its better elements, such as the performances and some of the fight sequences. Lacking bite, with a frustrating amount of exposition and not enough dissection of issues, 'The Purge' falls short of what it should have been.

    This is not to take away from Ethan Hawke's solid performance, or some of the more effective scenes, but what we would give to have seen this in the hands of Michael Haneke.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Watched this based on the fact it had an interesting, original idea and good ad campaign...

    The reality is that 'The Purge' is one of the worst movies I have ever seen - an original idea is ruined by huge plot holes, annoying, clichéd and unbelievable characters, bad acting and scripting, and an absurdity that goes beyond 'Sci-Fi' or suspending your disbelief...

    Rather than being scary, tense or exciting it was just incredibly irritating - watching characters doing the most stupid things throughout that made you repeatedly ask the question "WTF did they do THAT for?"... The woman sat next to me in the cinema was chuckling to herself throughout and at the end climax everyone in the cinema was laughing at how ridiculous and absurd it had all become - was it actually meant as a thriller or a comedy? It started off promisingly and went downhill very quickly indeed...

    As soon as you pick through the plot holes and how dumb the purge killers are for cutting off the power to the Sandin's house when they have just asked them to hand over the homeless guy they are harbouring inside you can no longer take any of it seriously at all... Maybe it's because had they NOT cut the power and the lights in the house there would be no movie left and this ordeal would have ended even more prematurely than the 85 mins I had to suffer... The actions of those involved make no sense and the whole feeling of the movie is that as long as you have money then screw everybody else in society...
  • Humans have a natural instinct as predators to kill, but society forces us to repress these feelings by living in a ''civilized'' way....according to new Ethan Hawke led film The Purge, a very interesting concept of a film, which explores a future society in which all crime is allowed for one night a year...

    It's 2022 (not actually that far away), and unemployment in America is 1%, crime is at an all-time low, and generally, everybody seems happy, especially James Sandin (Hawke), a rich citizen who makes his fortune selling security systems for houses to use during the annual Purge. Basically the reason why unemployment and crime is so low is because, for one night a year, a Purge occurs, where all crime (murder, raper robbery, the whole lot) is made legal, and no police or emergency services are allowed to interfere. Mad. But also intriguing. James and his family happily avoid the Purge by using a security system outside their large house while the rest of society kills each other, but all that changes when their youngest son Charlie decides to let a stranger into the house......

    This starts off as a really captivating film, the concept of legal crime kept me hooked, but soon enough, it descends into a stereotypical action film where Ethan Hawke fights off gangs from his house with a variety of handguns,and all originality gets lost in a haze of bullets (literally). The short running time (85mins) and variety of twists every 5 minutes makes sure that it doesn't get too boring, so overall a decent watch, but nothing that provokes any thinking afterwards.

    6/10- A lesser version of Panic Room
  • I saw this movie with basically no expectations, yet I managed to be quite disappointed. With competent actors such as Ethan Hawke and Lena Heady, and a premise that (at least to me) sounded exciting, I don't really know how they managed to ham it up this much.

    It's' predictable to the point of being laughable, and the family characters seem cut out of some template on basic movie-making. And the "villains" brings little new to the table, copying the home-invasion-psychopaths of Funny Games, The Strangers etc. (2 examples of it being done right, in my opinion).

    I think this movie got a free ride on the hype it garnered online, with a sleek campaign and major buzz on Twitter, proving that all a movie really needs to make it is a brief, smart slogan and peoples imagination and anticipation creates the rest.

    Too bad for an interesting idea. Can't help to think that maybe another director could've done something memorable with this.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    THE PURGE I have been waiting to see this movie for quite a while now. I saw the trailer a while ago and loved the idea. This is a highly anticipated movie for me. America is a peaceful country since a new law has been introduced… for one night a year, all crime is legal! The police, ambulance and fire services are not available for 12 hours. So during that night, as you can imagine is hell. The whole country has turned into a riot… murder, rape, arson, robbery… you name it… it is happening and is legal. One wealthy family lock their house down with really high tech equipment and everything is fine during the night of purging… until the young son hears someone screaming for help and decides to open the security to help him… now their house is targeted by a large group. It is a very good thriller and it did not disappoint. There were a few moments where it was very predictable… I saw a few of the moments coming before they happened… but there were also a few surprise moments. The ending is really good too. The movie stars Ethan Hawke, Lena Headey, Max Burkholder, Adelaide Kane & Edwin Hodge. Everyone did a great job in their roles… but the only problem I have is with Lena. She did a great job in this, but unfortunately I think she has been typecast as a bad person. I have seen her in Game of Thrones & Dredd and she plays a mean bitch in both of them and she plays it well. I just didn't quite believe she was the housewife victim she was portraying in this movie. But the star of the movie for me was Rhys Wakefield. He played the leader of the group outside… and he was great. The way he played the character was actually really polite and nice, but with a very mean streak. I thought it was a nice touch and he did a brilliant job. The action is great and there are some nice twists. Seeing as the whole movie is set in one house, it gives it a sense of entrapment. You don't get bored either… it has a great suspense about it. Excellently shot and well made. I am so glad that this highly anticipated movie was not a disappointment for me. I was hoping to see it in the cinema, but I missed it… apparently it was in the cinema for only a week. It didn't have enough publicity really… this film deserved a lot more publicity as I believe it would have been more popular that it is. I will give it 7 out of 10. "Incoming reports show this year's Purge has been the most successful to date, with the most murders committed."
  • Warning: Spoilers
    By the year 2022, America has become so nihilistic that it deems necessary one night of the year where people can commit any crime legally, in order to better benefit the economy.

    This provides the framework for "The Purge" a horror/thriller/sci- fi/social statement/dystopian movie that is ultimately too unsure of itself. The film tries to juggle themes of unemployment, the 1percenters, out of control youths and the American dream while also juggling the standard conventions of a paint-by-numbers horror in the house movie. All this added baggage turns whatever the film makers were trying to say into incomprehensible background noise, when all they can manage to convey is: "Boo Jumpscare!", "Look at our creepy villains!" and "I bet no-one who sees this will be old enough to remember Straw Dogs!".

    Ethan Hawke (who looks really haggard here) plays the father of a family of four, Lena Heady plays the miscast wife and two kids no-one will ever see again after this movie play the kids. I'm not just saying these things to be cruel. I promise you wont ever see Ethan Hawke half-ass it through a movie like you will here, I guess after Training Day he just gave up trying to be good in movies. Lena Heady is a fantastic actress, but she is in totally the wrong role here. Heady dominates the screen playing icy, disdainful strong women roles (Dredd, GoT) but is stuck playing the most bland generic motherly figure possible to write, she takes a mundane role and adds nothing to it. The children were horrible, i don't need to go into them any more. Rhys Wakefield steals the show as the polite leading member of a gang of murderers, a good example of what a creepy face and smile combo can bring.

    But what really sinks The Purge is the fact that no character in the movie acts like a real person does, it's all contrived to get the movie going. Characters switch motivations in the blink of an eye, only seeing the danger of the situation when the script suits it. After being told of their impending death unless they surrender a homeless man seeking refuge in their home, the family does almost nothing to keep themselves safe, they obviously don't care enough about their family to save their lives.

    The dialogue had me rolling on the floor though, "surrender the homeless pig" and "let us purge their souls for America" are likely to have audiences howling.

    A common scenario in this movie, was to have one of the main characters held at gun point or some other situation of imminent death, only to be saved by some other character off camera. This was fine the first time or second, but after about the eighth it was becoming predictable and laughable.

    Plus this movie is short, it barely scrapes 80 minutes. I get the impression they filmed this movie in a week inside some rich white persons home and then slapped the movie together without really having much footage to edit.

    The Purge is a bad movie, plain and simple. It's themes aren't though out, the actors aren't trying, the characters behave irrationally, the intense moments are hysterical, the editing is choppy and clumsy, the scenario is unbelievable and poorly staged and its not even long enough to really get mad over because it ends so soon.

    It may have had a pretty cool idea for a premise, but the execution sank this sucker. I expected better from Platinum Dunes.
  • I watched this movie against my better judgement. Most of the reviews on IMDb rate this movie somewhere between awful and horrible. I was hoping that maybe they were being too harsh, they were not. I made the mistake of thinking that Lena Headey and Ethan Hawke were both credible actors. (I love Headey as the evil queen in Game of Thrones) whoever wrote her dialog in this mess should be drawn and quartered. By the end of this movie I was actually hoping that the "good guys" would get killed just to keep them from having to suffer this script anymore.

    All in all this is a bad movie, don't waste your money or your time watching it. Trust me you'll thank me in the end.
  • ncollogan16 May 2013
    I am a movie theatre employee, so I saw this film last night at an employee screening. Going into the movie, I was rather excited. The concept is interesting, and has never been done before. While this movie was not as scary as I had anticipated, I still thoroughly enjoyed it. The antagonists were disturbing, and the movie really shows the struggle between self-preservation and what's right. It is somewhat short, but the makers certainly do get the job done. Plenty of flashlight-and-pistol standoffs and suspenseful scenes make for a movie with an interesting plot, and good acting. The ending was a bit predictable, but did not ruin the movie in my opinion. Not the best that I've seen, but overall a decent flick.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I was interested on the concept of the movie, but it was poorly executed, being one of the worst movies I've ever watched.

    Everything is wrong. The actors' work is terrible, and at best average, the plot is dumb and full of flaws and the story is kiddish.

    Okay, so you're the security guy and a band of morons can tear your front door with a car and chains? Also, it is the bloody kill day and apparently nobody is actually taking it seriously (specially the crew involved in the plot, I must say), you know your security system Is terrible and you don't have anything more to protect yourself but a bunch of weaponry? Apparently, it's Two-thousand-whatever and no one ever heard about bulletproof vests? The kid is hiding in the dark with a flashlight on? A bunch of killers enters the house and the girl just hides herself under the bed without any weapons at hand?

    If that all wasn't enough, the plot relies on endless deus ex machines, The homeless guy is saved by the kid genius (Who's actually a F$&#% dumb ass), The kid is saved by his father, the mother is saved by the neighbors, The remaining of the family is saved by the homeless guy. Come on, a child could think of better solutions.

    This movie plays with my intelligence, mocks it so hard that it makes me angry! I want my hour and a half back.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The subject of Man still being just a killer animal deep down is one that has fascinated writers throughout the ages, and increasingly in the modern world, where we in the West have achieved a lifestyle of such mundane safety and freedom from risk that we fall almost into a malaise, a spiritual deadness, requiring a sudden jolt of violence to wake us up.

    From "Dr Moreau" to "Lord of the Flies" to "Cape Fear" to "Straw Dogs" to "Death Wish" to "Hunger Games" we've seen this theme fuelling dark and disturbing polemic tales. What better victims of this cruel revelation than the perfect, successful, All-American middle class professional family, their safe little castle prone to sudden violation from the forces of savagery without and within? Add to that then a frightening dystopian future world as a grisly mirror of where we are heading now, in this case why not a law that makes all crime legal in the U.S.A for one night of the year that allows us to purge all the vent up anger and frustration for the rest of the year? OK, that's actually a pretty stupid concept which has a thousand holes in it once you think about, not least of which is that no government and certainly no population would ever consider such a thing, especially in a year or two (this is set in 2023 and "The Purge" has been running for years already)

    From this clichéd but still quite rich vein you could take the story in a hundred different fascinating directions. You could make a Judge Dredd/Robocop-esque satire on violence in the shiny corporate new world, you could make it the tale of a person who has repressed their anger all their life suddenly bursting it forth and finding they enjoy it, you could show violence and brutality as a social leveller, eliminating all supposed differences of caste, creed and society to show us all as the same animal beneath, you could show someone who refuses to become the monster even when everyone else has, clinging onto that faint wisp of civilization in uncivil times, you could make it a terrifying nihilistic nightmare in which those used to comfortable life find themselves facing uncontrolled brutality within the walls of their safe little home, the layers of their illusory state peeling away before them with more terror than any maniac could bring, you could make unlikable middle class bourgeoisie reveal their true natures over the dinner table in a Bunel- esque carnival of satire, you could comment on the wide-scale acceptance of violence in the media and how saturated we are with almost pornographic brutality while at the same time pretending that it does not really exist.

    Or you could make "The Purge"

    "The Purge" is one of the limpest films ever, which fails miserably as a social satire, a dystopian future nightmare and a blood chilling Horror movie. It is almost like drawing a straight line with a pencil, it starts, it carries on the same, then ends with no fluctuation, variety or development. The characters are literally place-holder cut-outs -the professional family man, his good mother wife, his rebellious teenage daughter and geeky teen younger son, the edgy boyfriend the father doesn't approve of, the noble saintly black man, the evil rich yahoo types, the snobby neighbours – who never evolve outside their 1 dimensional moulds. There are no shocks, no surprises, no twists you think might be coming, no grand lesson, no epiphany. Here everything IS simply black and white with absolutely no troubling shades of grey to worry your little heads about.

    The nice middle class professional family (who would already be married and having kids NOW) blindly accept what the Government tells them without a thought (You can murder rape and steal from who you like for a whole day? Hey, I'm fine with that..) and get rich from selling home security, which of course makes them partly evil because making money IS evil (unless of course you work in Hollywood, in which case it is perfectly OK) After a clichéd family dinner rift on Purge night, the geek son decides to take in an escaped slave pursued by lynch happy cackling plantation owners….(COUGH!!) Sorry, I mean a poor helpless black homeless man being pursued by lynch happy masked rich white kids (See, rich = EVIL, unless you work in Hollywood of course in which case rich = GOOD) The family find themselves being menaced by said bunch of Evil Rich White Kids, who wear stupid joker smile masks of themselves and rattle off "we are the decent people, it is our task to eliminate the poor scum from the face of the Earth and leave it for the good rich white folk" speeches written by some Liberal Hollywood type who imagines that's how anybody outside his comfy little circle must think. Despite being built up as the ultimate in terror, these "blood bloods" are the least menacing or effective opponents since the Demons in "Ghost Rider" and the ease with which they are dispatched is almost insulting.

    What have we learned as the long dark night is over? That Rich people are evil (especially white ones, unless they work in Hollywood) that all black people are saintly and good, that "New Founding Fathers" are also evil and probably Tea Partiers, that gun control is a must even though most of the killing done has been with knives and machetes, and that ambition for a family is itself dangerous.

    This film is as likely to insult Liberals as it is anyone else with its brazen stupidity and waste of a potentially interesting subject.

    And it's not scary or exciting either, but it could be a good cure for Insomnia if someone wants to patent it!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    A Re-hash of so many similar Movies - family trapped In house fighting for survival. The reasoning behind the 12-hour Purge Is never satisfactorily explained,other than It's a short period once-a-year during which there are no laws and everyone can do has he or she sees fit. Rather than huge Gangs causing havoc - race-war,religious war,etc, as one would expect - Instead,It's neighbour-on-neighbour. Quite how this release of pent-up animalistic anger makes for a good America(Including unemployment down to a mere 1%)we shall never know. Everything takes place Inside the one house and we are fed the usual "walking-around-slowly-In-the-dark-with-flash-lights" routine. Yeah,how fresh and unique! A ridiculous premise and lousy script made bearable by some pretty decent acting. Sadly,we are left still waiting for that special little something that never happens. Massive anti-climax. Don't bother watching unless you've no paint to watch drying!BLOOPER.....The guy Is tied up In the chair with the duct-tape down from his mouth....In the next scene,where he tips the chair over,the tape Is back around his face!And directors get paid tens of thousands or more for missing obvious mess-ups like that!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    *Contains Spoilers* but who cares? This was the worst movie ever made and proves how ridiculously moronic Hollywood is these days. The idea is in no way original nor interesting. It has been done several times before, most notably on Star Trek. When I saw the trailer and TV spots for this piece of generic garbage I was sick to my stomach. All I could think about is how some greedy old men in Hollywood thought people would eat up the boring premise of a night of murder. When people I know told me how excited they were to see it and how "original" the idea was, I did everything I could to restrain from laughing in their faces. When I make the effort to actually watch a "hollywood" movie (i.e. Super hero movies, sequels, franchises, and other unwatchable movies made for simple minded people) I actually go in with an open mind and give it the benefit of the doubt (For instance, I thought The Conjuring looked like crap but it was actually entertaining). Last night I broke down and downloaded a torrent of The Purge (I would never pay for movies like this and if I would have I'd be hunting down the director for a refund). Here's why it's the worst movie ever: 1. The Purge begins with terrible dialogue and is a downward spiral from start to finish. 2. Ethan Hawke is a great actor but lately he's been cast in these same kind of B-movies. 3. The actual idea of the purge is lost somewhere in the continual cliché moments of this amateur film and the explanation of it is terrible. All I had during this movie were questions. Nothing about this movie was even remotely believable. 4. Every character in this movie is a moron and had 0% like-ability. By the end I was cheering for everyone to die. When Ethan Hawke was killed I clapped. 5. The dumb cliché loner son with long ugly hair and a remote control surveillance device (basically Home Alone 3) disarms the security system and lets a homeless guy in because he begs for help. Wouldn't you think a stranger on purge night would say anything to get in? 6. The cliché bratty daughter, who for some reason never changes out of her sexy schoolgirl outfit, wanders around whining while her and her entire family are in serious danger. 7. Even though the family has been through many purges they seem like it's their first time. Quite virginal, isn't it? 8. The cliché "I'll pause before killing you so someone can sneak up and kill me" moment happens every 3 minutes. 9. The cliché "If I kill them I'm no better than the rest of the killers" moment happens every 2 minutes. 10. The neighbors' motivation for wanting the family dead is: "They made money by selling us a security system we needed. We are mad they spent that money on a small home addition." 11. The "let's all split up but not hide" cliché is used every 10 seconds. 12. The son hides in the dark while continuing to shine his flashlight to give away his location. 13. WHY DON'T THEY JUST LEAVE THE COUNTRY DURING THE PURGE?? the biggest plot hole ever in the history of movies, television, and radio. 14. This movie is a total 1hr 25min and a lot of that is the opening and ending credits. 15. Seriously, why don't they just leave the country.... ? 16. Security system is mildly defensive and not at all offensive. 17. The masked hipsters split up, skip around, piggy back, and have nothing but knives and axes. 18. Why is this only focused on murder? I would think if the purge was real robbery would be the crime of choice and people would be running to the store to steal electronics, appliances, food, money, cars, etc..... 19. Did no one really ever think of leaving the country....? really? seriously? are you kidding? 20. Just the fact that a sequel is coming... and the plot is: family car breaks down during purge night... let that sink in... yepp... it's an even worse plot than this movie. 21. There is no suspense, no scares, no thrills, very little action, and very little violence. How is this even consider an action/thriller/horror??? 22. The ending is terrible: dad dies from wounds, neighbors want to kill family, homeless man saves family, family spares neighbors' lives, the purge ends, homeless man leaves, credits roll. 23. I just can't any more... this is the worst movie ever. The only good thing that it has done is make me feel superior to the people calling this movie "art." bleh.... I'm about to purge my lunch... Go see a real movie: Under The Skin, Beyond The Black Rainbow, Closer, Wait Until Dark, Rope, We Need To Talk About Kevin, The Godfather, Alien, etc...
  • FallenEye25 November 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    I was expecting something exciting, given how interesting of a concept this film holds; rather, all I got was an annoying, irritatingly irritating... I'll say it again, irritatingly irritating and unnecessary story that tries to combat morals and fails so dismally you can't even enjoy this infuriating muck.

    The Daughter - Zoey (With her persistent schoolgirl outfit): She deserves to be purged. Why? She has this anger towards her father, that we later realize is because her father, James, has forbidden her to be with her boyfriend because he is older. Nowhere in this film are we given the opportunity to care about Zoey or her dumb relationship. Sure, it's not her fault that her boyfriend snuck in, but it is her fault that he (the boyfriend) got introduced into the life of the character we actually cared about, being James.

    The Son - Charlie: Oh my goodness! I hated him from the minute he was introduced. Spying on your mother with a creepy doll on a day such as The Purge. That automatically starts him off on a bad footing, then he goes and does what he did. EVERYTHING was his fault, but not once was he even ever blamed. I hate the character so much, I actually don't want to see Max Burkholder in any other movie, otherwise I may just "release the beast".

    Charlie was NOT a hero in any way, shape or form. He is an idiotic, useless piece of anything coward, that actively endangered the lives of ALL his family members and kept restricting the endangerment of his own... And for what??! This wasn't a moral conundrum. This brainless fool of a kid let his own sister make her way into the very danger he orchestrated. Even turning the homeless man into a hero does not save this half-wit little punk, because ALL that happened, could've been avoided had he just played his part... And if he wanted to be a hero, then, he should've endangered his life, and his life alone.

    Then we have the community trying to kill the very family that's providing them with all the security they need to stay alive, because the Sandins made money from it??! What the hell motivation is that??? OK, we kill them, then what happens next year? Will they be exposed, or will somebody else make money off their unprotected behinds???

    From there, James Sandin earned the viewers favour, and Mary Sandin did her bit to not be too annoying, and I appreciate that. The cinematography was polished, however, because of how senseless the story is, any attempt at startling and terrifying, fell on its own blade.

    2.4/10 for this squandered opportunity and unnecessary mess.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Do Not See This Film. I know the storyline looks somewhat interesting, but if you do not get into movies for free you will hate yourself then the movie for doing so. I only saw this because I am an employee at a movie theater and saw it at an employee showing for Free and I still was taken over by a rush of hatred and stupidity on my part that thinking the Purge could somehow be a decent film. So many ideas that are wrong in the first place. 1) the idea of 12 hours of legalized crime is absurd. 2) Runtime is way to short. Cannot make the viewer believe or a better word relate to the concept of legalized crime in that small amount of time. 3) killing people is not going to release the anger that is inside of you. I can say more but I shouldn't have to so I won't. This is my WARNING to stay away and wait for DVD. Save money, actually enjoy yourself, and whatever you do, do not purge!!
  • Once a year laws do not exist. Once a year you can do anything you want for twelve hours and not get in trouble. This is called The Purge and it is designed to let humans let out their frustration on the world. This apparently keeps society healthy, the economy up, and crime down. I'm here to tell you that The Purge is a waste of time. A Waste of money and should not be viewed by anyone with half a mind.

    I don't even know where to start with this mess. Let's start with the idea of the purge. In 2022 the idea is that if we let people go crazy for 12 hours they will be calm for 364.5 days. The logic and science behind this is beyond far-fetched and it is really laughable. The fact that anybody believes this works is out of their mind. Think about this. Somebody pitched this idea to a group of people and those people said, "yeah I believe that, we could make millions." Well I'm here to say shame on you people and how dare you try and convince audiences across the country of this crazy premise. To make it even worse scientists and other people try to say the purge is an excuse to kill the homeless and people who cannot defend themselves. It is an excuse to get rid of the weak and allow the strong to survive. I don't like the idea that this movie supported the idea of killing weak and poor people is OK. The first half of the movie really focuses on these crazy people trying to find this one particular homeless person. It allows them to cleanse society and themselves. It makes zero sense and this movie had potential and it was wasted on this piece of garbage.

    The story is basic. There is a family with a lot of money and they sell security systems for the purge. Their house is huge and I will say I would love to live there. So the purge is going on and their youngest son sees a man in the streets calling for help and of course he lets him in. Shortly after a radical group of lunatics come knocking at the door looking for him and if they don't get him in a certain amount of time then they will come in and get him. While they waste time at the house they could have been running wild and cleansing the world of more poor people. Instead they waste time on this one person.

    These people are completely out of their mind and it is impossible to believe they are normal for 99.9% of the year. There is no possible reason why they go nuts for 12 hours and go on a murdering rampage. I'm not sure if they are supposed to be funny or scary either. While they are outside they are dancing and prancing around being stupid with their stupid masks. One is on the others back running around. The masks are on and they pretend to make out with one another and it was really failed comedy or an even bigger failed scare. I just sat in my chair and laughed throughout the entire movie. I don't know if its horror movies or me but I find them really funny. I laughed more during this movie then I did during The Hangover 3.

    I will be honest, I did hate this movie but I don't regret seeing it because I did have a good time and enjoy myself. I sat in a full theater and listened to the crowd tear apart the movie. People hated the daughter's boyfriend and the son's stupidity and the craziness that was happening. Every time somebody died the crowd burst into cheers and applause so that was awesome. I liked ripping the movie apart in the theater. There was a scene where there is a giant glass bowl filled with dominos and for some reason I thought it was the funniest thing.

    Other than the crowd I was entertained through this disaster of a movie. The action scenes where bodies were flying and people were dying were cool to see and what the movie should have been about. The selling point of the movie was 12 hours of lawless mayhem. I wanted to see chaos and the world go to hell. Instead I got a stupid story about a family I didn't really care about being tormented by people out of their mind. This movie tried to touch on human nature and how they change in the heat of the moment and how they do things they won't normally do. It doesn't work. The movie gives the wrong message and the wrong counter argument to the message.

    Overall The Purge is a mess. The lame jump scares I saw coming thirty seconds before they happened were not scary. The lunatics were not scary or believable and reminded me of a silly version of The Strangers. That movie was scary and the stuff they did made me scared. The stuff these guys did made me laugh. I wanted something 100% different from this movie and I got boring characters, a terrible story, and a disappointment. This movie fails at almost everything it attempted. It doesn't get a recommendation, it doesn't even get and A for Effort. I haven't don't this in a while but The Purge gets The WillyT Seal of DISapproval. Don't waste your time. Take my advice, save your money, save your time, save the gas in your car. If you really have to see it, wait a few months and get it off the internet for free. You're welcome.
  • So, from where shall I begin? When I saw, for the first time, the trailer, I had big expectations from this movie. The idea seemed to be original, the trailer looked good, 2 great actors were in there. what more could you ask for? But, apparently, even after I saw its rating on IMDb and most of the critics categorized this movie as one of the worst ones in this year, I still had a little hope that they might be wrong and I'll enjoy this flick Nope, that wasn't true at all. After first 30 minutes, with a slow pacing acting and flawed situations,with unbelievable plot holes, I just gave up. I was convinced that this movie is one of the biggest failures of this year, standing next to After Earth. The acting, which is one of the main things in a movie, was so unconvincing and stupid, with pretty much lame dialogs.. oh god, I can't even talk about it. Plus, the situations the characters were involved into, were so illogically dumb and mediocre, which would make you feel like throwing up. And, of course, the "purgers". HAHA. nothing scary, nothing creepy, just some bunch of kids wearing masks, acting like they just got out of circus and making all those goofy jumps. C'mon, let's be serious. Even a 5 y/o kid wouldn't consider this movie, in any way, creepy, whether, scary. To conclude this, The Purge sucks BIG A**
  • BA_Harrison16 October 2013
    America—the near future: the annual 'Purge'—a 12-hour period where all crime is legalised—turns into a nightmare for a wealthy family who had hoped to spend the time in the safety of their heavily fortified home.

    The Purge has been the victim of a lot of negativity, but I found it to be a well-executed thriller with a satirical edge that deliberately adopts a far-fetched premise in order to take a pop at the USA's culture of violence, its undercurrent of racism and a legal system that favours the rich.

    I imagine that much of the hate comes from Americans who simply don't like the messages the film so effectively illustrates—an understandable reaction, perhaps, but sometimes its good to take a long hard look in the mirror, and if you don't like what you see, do something to make a change.

    On a more shallow note, the action was suitably hard-hitting, with the snooker room fight being particularly bad-ass, and both Lena Headey and Zoey Sandin are total babes.
  • The best part about this movie was pretty much the name and the concept... the movie actually ruined the trailer... literally one of the worst and stupidest movies I've ever seen. The motivations for the characters were unbelievably confusing and irrational. Basically all of society has turned into psychopaths with the exception of a few poor people and kids. I wish I could say that it was remotely entertaining because I really wanted it to be. The funny thing is it wouldn't have made a difference who was in this movie, the entire film needed a makeover. Truly bad from start to finish... I am totally perplexed that anyone can give this a good rating or review without a paycheck following!
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Well, I've seen worse movies but this managed to be in the top 10 worst movies I've seen. Predictable in every scene and really bad actors. The white dude that killed the father was actually my favorite act in the whole movie. His smile deserves an award for sure. Cat videos in the other hand, are unexpected and more entertaining. You never know if you get a purr or a scratch. Save your time and watch cat videos instead
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