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  • Warning: Spoilers
    SPOILERS... (can you spoil a "documentary"?) This documentary is simply self-publicity by a group of people who have become so obsessed with what they are working on they are unable to rationally approach the subject. You'll be introduced to lots of interesting ideas, and interesting characters working on them, you'll see lots of beautiful nature, pretty diagrams, and "demonstrations", but when it comes down to the actual proof of any claims made, the film suddenly goes silent. Occasionally when a clear claim is dangled in front of you they will admit "but it didn't withstand scientific scrutiny", and then follow up with "so development on it was continued" - which does give an insight into their inability to be rational. So many times the generation of energy (from what?) is mentioned, yet not one single watt is ever generated the whole time.

    As someone with a deep scientific understanding, I found this painful to watch. Don't start me on the "egg" shapes that aren't ellipses (unfortunately you need to get 90% of the way through before that nonsense appears).

    I'd actually assert that from an educational perspective, this movie is dangerous, as it contains word salad that has a veneer of being scientific, which could persuade people less capable of judging things on scientific merit that it has some. It has none.
  • Viktor Schauberger & Masaru Emoto are the Tesla's of water. Anyone serious about hydrology, permaculture, preserving life for future generations will be grateful for witnessing this masterpiece.

    1)Methods for repairing waterways. 2)Filtered water needs to be re-energized to help life. 3)Water cycle & protecting forests that protect water & microbiology that sustain life. 4)New plow design, importance of copper tools in gardening. 5)New water pump designs, remove or add air / ozone to water. 6)Vortex / spinning water in funnels to heal water & prevent algae in water & mold in breads / longer shelf life.

    Watcher's note = Make sure to set the German audio soundtrack to English if needed.