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  • Warning: Spoilers
    For Episode 4, LESBIAN TRIANGLES includes a special introduction from actress/spokesperson Veronica Snow that I found most interesting. I wish all video companies would include such "statements of purpose" to give the fans a bit more transparency.

    Snow informs us that this is the last of Kyla and Tara, the two greatest stars (back then) in the Girlfriends stable, sort of their (using MGM as the model) Greta Garbo and Norma Shearer of the early '30s. Both retired from Adult films she reports, wishing them well, and sure enough, neither has backslid and gone back to humping for a living some 8 years later, much to the disappointment of the fans.

    Victoria gives some solace in mentioning a revolutionary step by Girlfriends, in creating the unprecedented Thornhill Diaries meta-series, in which individual films from other ongoing series (GIRLS IN WHITE and FIELD OF SCHEMES for example) are intertwined with overlapping characters and serve double-duty as episodes in the DIARIES series, latter up to 30 volumes already. I find this a fascinating concept, and give the honchos at the label credit for fashioning a mythos behind their individual works - sort of analogous to H.P. Lovecraft's enduring Cthulhu Mythos (which is constantly ripped off by others, most notably currently in the "Gotham" TV series about the Dark Knight's back-story).

    Not coincidentally, the DVD box indicates Episode 4 of TRIANGLES was completed April 10, 2005, but not released until June 7, 2007 -obviously due to the desire to hold back some quality Kyla/Tara material to feed the fans' appetite a bit longer. She promises that Deauxma is taking over their slot, with half a dozen episodes through #9 starring her ("and her rowdies").

    First segment delivers on Snow's promise of varied, globe-hopping locations, as a Las Vegas montage introduces Tara Wild with Marina, as stewardesses. Marina, with her Russian accent, is a good match for the superstar, and I'm surprised M did not work again before the cameras, if IMDb's quasi- completeness (just kidding -their porn coverage still leaves a whole lot, perhaps 50% of titles missing? to be desired). The finale of them smooching against a skyline backdrop of Vegas outside the hotel room window is inspired.

    Jailbait Brianna Love, whose huge list of credits has boy/girl gonzo outnumbering her Sapphic assignments, shows up on Deauxma's doorstep, in from Texas to start a new life (not unlike earlier real-life transplant Deauxma herself). This segment is in poor taste, certainly on purpose, but let's face it squarely, I'm constantly more easily offended than the average porn consumer (i.e., I don't like gonzo in particular and hold Max Hardcore responsible for most of the industry's rush to the bottom).

    The extreme older/younger action is a bit gamy, as Deauxma keeps talking about having known B since she was a kid, and dropping those hints like "You're so grown up". Quite gimmicky, she seduces the youngster and then hands the girl a strap-on to service big D. Deauxma squirts four times in rapid succession at the height of her subsequent orgasm, but -SPOILER ALERT - what we see dear fans is a Golden Shower, pure and simple.

    Watching this reminded me of a connection I made several years ago between pro wrestling and Adult Entertainment, before the WWF morphed into WWE (for legal reasons due to World Wildlife Federation's objections). There is a pervasive phoniness and faking common to both that mainstream entities simply can't indulge in. The pretense that WWF never existed -that it was always WWE is silly, as is the renaming of porno stars or trademarking their names -I am still annoyed at Katsumi becoming Katsuni. And the whole "squirting" b.s. over the years is really irritating - if women have a "visible" orgasm -fine with me, but don't pretend that urinating is the same thing. And I have nothing against safe sex, but those magically appearing condoms on screen, especially in Gay porn videos - that would be like leaving all the wires visible in a SPFX mainstream movie when the superheroes are flying around the set.

    At any rate, rebounding from the shocking (to me, at any rate) Deauxma indulgence, there followed a nice encounter between Sammie Rhodes, a big boy/girl star and Isabella set in Cranston, Rhode Island of all places. This was a quality meeting of women both of whom bear alluring nipples.

    Finale unites Kyla with the impressive Swede Puma, or Puma Swede however you wish. I really enjoyed this match-up and even Puma was impressed with the naughtiness of not shy but unfortunately retiring young girl. Yes, it is Kyla who seduces Puma after giving her a massage.

    So Episode Four will be remembered as a tearful farewell to the superstars and takeover by the Squirter.