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  • Without question, Go-Busters has the best robot battles I have seen in a tokusatsu show, which is of no small importance in a Super Sentai series. The robots are really well done and the staging of their battles is superb. Tons of great mecha designs, each with multiple forms, and a more modern take on the sentai suit designs as well.

    Although the series might crescendo twice, the likable cast and central mystery (about a missing group of scientists that disappeared to another dimension to aid humanity) keeps things fun and engaging in every single episode, even if it is a bit sillier than most of my other favorites.

    Yet another thoughtful, well planned work by writer Yasuko Kobayashi.

    Beware of chickens!
  • It was a very good idea to mix the topic of technology with espionage. The trio of protagonists is very good and has a very cool mystery atmosphere. I think is kind of overrated, but I still like it.