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  • Ee Adutha Kaalath knits in several pieces from many plots and spin it with all the twists, flips and turns just like we do it in Rubick's cube. You need all the patience and brain in the world to really like it in the end just the way you need to solve the Rubik's cube puzzle. Its really lovable only if you follow the game from the beginning with keenness.

    The multi-plot threads are always gripping and thrilling, the character sketching being too substantial for this mode of story telling. "Ee Adutha Kaalath" doesn't come out good in that respect with some of its characters half baked, and some sub plots over dramatic. Though the dialogs were a bit rhetoric throughout the movie, the scenes in which the book titles explaining the situation were pictured rather smartly. Murali, the script writer who also played Dr.Ajay Kurien needs special mention for unveiling his character so rigorously. Indrajith as Vishnu excels. The casting wasn't the best to be, so was editing - Arun Kumar who is the editor & director had a dream debut with "Cocktail" - which went down at times. The background score by Gopi sundar saves the movie many a time from getting drowned.

    The movie brings in many contemporary social issues in the plot, all very brilliantly knitted. But seldom do we really stay glued to our seats anticipating the next move for it falls in shades where it could have been neat. That said, the script needs appreciation for bringing in too many things which are connected making them all fall in place in the end. Had it been suave and shrewd, it would have been a class apart. Ee Adutha Kaalath is a diacritical attempt which stands tall thematically and philosophically. Watch it once or twice.
  • Murali Gopy spins a fantastic yarn about a set of people who are all heading to converge on a series of events. The actors in this play come from differing backgrounds but end up having to depend on each other to make sure they are able to salvage their lives.

    There are a few places where the director slipped up which took away a lot from the viewing pleasure. First is the opening background narration by Jagathy Sreekumar which leads you to believe that he is a key played in the events to come and that the story is somehow about Trivandrum, the city. Neither is true and that leaves you disappointed in the end. Then there is the slide at the opening, which he claims that the Rubik's cube has some gazillion moves and that when it all fits together it is beautiful. The statement in itself is good, but then it gives away the end and takes away the suspense. It would rather have been more apt to have that sentence mouthed by someone in the movie, just before the end when the pieces are all finally falling into place.

    But the criticism notwithstanding, the movie is a good watch and very refreshing.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    The movie is really a take on the real time events and ultimate paradox. The movie has all the elements and flavors to be called a classic and that's due to the writer (V G Muralikrishna son Of Late Bharath Gopi) who penned this. He has proved that he has talent and is the son of one of the Omnipotent actor of Indian Film Industry. This movie narrates lives of several people and how their lives are tangled without or with their knowledge. This movie has a great star cast of potential actors like Indrajith,Jagathy Sreekumar,Mythili, VG Muralikrishna himself, Anoop Menon and last but not least Tanushree Ghosh who is a new comer but provided a strong acting. This movie narrates lives of people who strive hard for their family,frauds who uses ladies for taking porn movies and sell it in name of popular actress,then rowdies who give and take life and money,police who thinks they know everything and media feminists who turn out to be female after all. Tanushree was quite convincing as a malayali and wife. Indrajith is the most talented actor of our times depicting an entirely new range of acting skill. The ending sequence needs a special applause because it says every secret goes to burial ground but only secrets between 2 females aren't safe and that ideology is known only by another human "another woman".
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Life is like a Rubik cube…. and thus begins this movie. Different stories of completely different people coming together at the end was a trend popularized in Amores Perros by Alejandro González Iñárritu and thus this technique of story telling has come into many different films. To say, that this technique has been abused(many a times even in Malayalam ) by many filmmakers will be a understatement. Contrary to the recent experiences , Ee Adutha Kalathu, is one movie in which this technique has been used pretty well. There are loop holes in the story,but then the way it has been written is raw, blunt, tight and gripping.This is one of the movies that can be considered as the struggle that the Malayalam film industry is doing to come out of the claws of the conventional and clichéd film making. Murali Gopi, who has penned down the script , have molded the main characters well , and takes guidance from many tried and tested scripting techniques to make sure that he doesn't loose control over the story and idea that he has to convey. A very good example is the preparation of two main characters for telling a simple lie, when stopped by the police.

    The main characters played by Indrajith, Tanushree Gosh, Anoop Menon, Lena , Mythili , Nishan and Murali Gopi himself has been painstakingly created as each of their characters reveals itself step by step as the movie proceeds. The director has done a good job in keeping the scriptwriters vision intact. The control he has over the story is never let away. Being an editor most of his life, he definitely knows what to edit out and thus it never drags a bit. There are many instance handled very carefully, as the audience is expecting something and what ends up happening is different. The narcissistic character of Anoop Menon , who misses a very important conversation , which he could have easily overheard and lead the story in a totally different direction was visualized very well in the movie. The camera work is apt for the story, keeping majority of the shots tight and compact, which more or less resembles the style of storytelling and the way it has been shot. Its like seeing each of the character only through a keyhole not letting in anything that the audience shouldn't see. A really strong script , well written characters, some good acting all adds up the great movie that is Ee Adutha Kalathu. Not a family type entertainer, but a definite watch for the serious moviegoer.
  • Director Arun Kumar Aravind has come out with his second venture "Ee Adutha Kalathu" and the screen play is written by Murali Gopi for whom this is a second endeavour as well. The movie comes to the theaters today and narrates the strange realities of life in a big city. Vishnu, the protagonist, played by Indrajith is an all purpose utility man: he collects rags, he is in great demand by cricket teams for his unorthodox hitting, he is an errand boy and many other things. He is also a loving husband and an indulgent father. Ramani, his wife, played by Mythili, does not think too highly of him and justifiably so. He has an ailing mother and two charming daughters. In short, they are the typical struggling family living in the city and off the city. And trying to keep the wolf from the door! In the process, they have to fight off the loan sharks as well. The movie is full of interesting characters who are unveiled as in a fashion show. Madhuri (Tanushree), an ex-actress with a few B-grade Bollywood movies to her credit, lives with her husband Ajay Kurien(Murali Gopi) and eleven year old son Ayur. Madhuri maintains her stunning good looks even now. And she is a kind soul. Ajay Kurien is a self-made person coming up the ranks and presently working as the Chief in a city hospital. He learned his trade in Mumbai and is proud of his feat and knows how to get around in a city. Ayur is mad after cricket and spends time trying to solve the puzzle of the Rubik's cube. A serial killer is lurking in the streets stalking his prey. Rustam (Nishan) has come to the city on a contract and lives in a rented room among the migrant workers. He is dashing, drives around in a bike and speaks Malayalam in bits and peaces. He is a dazzler and a scoundrel. Anoop Menon is Tom Cherian, the Commissioner of Police. He is an aspiring cop bent upon earning name and fame and for him, the end justifies the means. And his love Roopa, played by Lena, is equally ambitious as a no-holds-barred journalist. "Ee Adutha Kalathu" revolves around these characters and how they cope with the strange realities of life in a big city. Indrajith is subtle and classy and Murali Gopi is as good in his acting as in his script writing. Anoop Menon confirms his rising stature as a star, with a scintillating performance. Jagathy Sreekumar has done justice to his role. Nishan is impressive. Among the female stars, Tanushree with her glamorous looks and lucid expressions has left an indelible impression. Mythili as the fiery wife and Lena as the journalist have portrayed their characters vividly. Gimi George and Baiju have not disappointed. Arunkumar Aravind has created a different movie, relevant, yet attractive and the technical excellence has to be appreciated. The visuals by Shehnad Jalal are of high quality and helps in improving the quality of the film. Art by Jothish Shankar tasty and refined. Gopi Sunder's music is pleasing and catchy as well. The same could be said of background music. As the story unfolds on the screen, we watch the people helplessly caught up in mazes and puzzles in their journey through life and trying to unravel the mysteries. Joy and sorrow, anxiety and humour, fear and courage, we witness the different emotions and the different ways of dealing with them. There are plenty of loops and turns in the story but there is an element of credibility in them all and the viewer's intelligence is taken seriously by the film maker. Coupled with the all round performance of the actors, "Ee Adutha Kalathu" is a remarkably refreshing and sensitive movie making a candid statement of life in the cities.

    Verdict: Excellent !
  • Only flaw that was annoying more than anything was film's length which could've sorted out with clever editing. Film is about a lives of many people with different lifestyle and how their life get tangled with each other effectively conveyed through multiple narrative narration. The usual problem with multiple or hyperlink narrative is that they test your patience for awhile and ultimately rewarded as it reaches culmination(everything would be settled in its place). I believe all the actors have performed their roles perfectly. Standout performance seems to be coming from Indrajith. Murali G as a angry frustrated man was convincing. Other actors like Anoop menon, lena, Jagathy, Tanushree ghosh, Nishan etc done their part well. Although Tanushree lip syncing was a bit let down. None of the songs made an impact albeit background music was apt and perfectly placed. On technical side they should've trimmed the length. Pace of the film was making me yarn throughout. Second half was better than the first half. Overall film is a likable fare. Rating : 7.1/10
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Dear Murali Gopi,

    it was a great script by you, exposing the phoniness of the Malayali middle and upper classes. It was a great account of a profoundly sick society with multiple narratives featuring characters from many walks of life.

    The film started off in a very unusual manner with the protest against the dumping of garbage in a rural area. I guess the garbage was a very obvious symbol for the dubious and depressed characters who were to be introduced one after the other.

    I liked how you inserted the narrative about the serial killer into what was otherwise a film about normal people. Apart from your writing, the tight editing by the director is another of the film's virtues. I remember the film had fine sound recording especially in the scenes where the doctor's wife is flirting with the young man.

    Tanushree Ghosh was a bit of a let down with her Bengali accent. But Mythili and Indrajith were terrific as the working class couple desperate to make ends meet. Baiju as the quotation killer was pretty hilarious. The guy ought to be in more films. Nishan's performance as the flirtatious young man was pitch perfect.

    You seem to be slightly sympathetic towards the RSS. Or did I interpret those scenes incorrectly? Anyway, this was a great effort, Murali.

    Best Regards, Pimpin.

  • Warning: Spoilers
    I seldom write reviews for Malayalam films but this is an extraordinary movie that deserves a review.

    Story revolves around the lives of a rag picker, a wealthy buy unhappy old time heroine and a few criminals who get entwined with each other and how they deal with it.

    The film focuses on the underworld activities in Kerala and the real lives of the so called wealthy, smart and rich people in Kerala. It is also very realistically taken, with excellent acting on the part of all actors. Music is quite good, no choreography in this film. I found this film to be quite negative but it proceeds well with a very good climax.

    Watch it - you won't be disappointed
  • The lives of six get intertwined. As simple as it may sound, there is an underlying complexity in this, which makes this for a compelling watch.

    The real success of this movie lies in the fact that no one really is the hero, or, if viewed from a different perspective, everyone is the hero in his or her own niche. Everyone is given a fair amount of importance which leaves no character in the blue.

    As far as the acting goes, Indrajith and Murali Gopi shine and tower above the rest. But Baiju and Tanushree Ghosh work wonders and have been able to strike a chord with the discerning viewer! The director has also managed to extract superlative performances from the others.

    The credit must go to the mastermind Murali Gopi and to a certain extent Arun Kumar Aravind, who have, without exaggeration, have crafted a masterpiece. The ease with which each the plot is untangled leaves one dazed.

    Shehnad Jalal's cinematography may not be the best but it is good and the visuals are very soothing to the eye. Multi narrative screenplays demand top notch editing and that is exactly what the director, who has edited the movie himself, provides. With his interesting narration and editing Arun Kumar Aravind has given the best solution to the Rubik's cube-like screenplay (there are several references to the Rubik's cube in the movie).

    An intriguing movie that will make you laugh, cry AND think.
  • Interconnecting different story lines and characters are kind of a craze in the malayalam industry now. While things haven't really gone bad for this genre with so many people jumping aboard, in fact a lot of other genres are being brought into the mix in this genre and things are looking good in the form of a Cocktail. There are so many characters in the story but the film advertises only six of them. And each of these six characters are vibrant and colorful human blueprints. How these humans make their decisions and what kind of an impact it has on the others - that is the basic core of the movie. And in order to the set the ball rolling, the director takes his own time. It gets frustrating after a bit but I sit patiently thinking that everything happens for a reason. And voila, the inevitable twist happens and then it is on a roll. By the climax, how things lock down has been brilliantly done by the director and the writer. What struck me was the inclusion of dark comedy in the second half. It is just a minor level entry but was done very nicely. Performances by Indrajith and Murali Gopy was good. BGM was average. Acting by Tanushree and Mythili was pathetic. It doesn't quite bring out the pathos experienced by the characters to the forefront. Overall a good attempt. Rustic over here and there. It doesn't bring about euphoric moments but worked around quite well for me.
  • E ADUTHA KAALATH ( 2012 )

    Saw this.. The story of the society at present, life of people at present.. Not so great.. average script and 'lots gone wrong' Direction makes this un impressive in the first half. Second half is better and engaging though not so great. Dubbing has flaws , acting of one or two not good .. But there are many good things also.. INDARJITH and JAGATHY masters their role perfectly. So is the stylish BG SCORE by Gopi Sundar. Fortunately the director himself was the editor. So lots of his own flaws he has hidden cleverly .. A nice attempt to create something different but it hasn't come out well..