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  • Warning: Spoilers
    I repeat: I am a sucker for Hallmark original movies. Therefore I rated this one an 8, even though I also saw the many problems with the inconsistencies. Somehow, since I liked both the main characters, I may have considered mundane things such as the missing epi pen irrelevant to the "real" story - the impending romance. My only problem is that Google lacks any listings for the key lines of the "new" song: "if you believe in yourself and trust what's inside, it's like taming a horse you could never ride." I suspect those lines arise from some (unpublished?) poem, and I would have liked very much to identify that poem. In my own opinion, those lines would have keyed a successful county song. The rendition in the movie was fairly good, lots of feeling, and could have been sold as a song per se. However, I could not find it as either song or poem, so I am disappointed therein.
  • I loved the music and most of all looking at Trevor Donovan. Being true to yourself and following your dreams are the themes in this original Hallmark Movie Channel film starring Julie Mond and Trevor Donovan. Strawberry Summer takes place in a small Southern California community at Strawberry Festival time. The whole town focuses on all things strawberry - strawberry shortcake, strawberry spaghetti, and even plain old strawberries. At first you roll your eyes, because the whole deal is as corny as Kansas in August.

    But after a while you figure hey, what the heck, everyone's having a good time, so why not just join in and enjoy the moment?

    Everything doesn't have to be cool or even be art
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I am giving this a 7 because it is sappy sweet and that's the mood I was looking for. However, this movie is full of holes. SPOILER ALERT......

    1. It's pretty apparent that aside from his initial mouthiness, the dude is not a bad boy. 2. What is up with 1990 hair cut on the manager? 3. Jason has an allergic reaction to strawberries, during which he says he can't breath. No epi pen was used. Later, when they make the strawberry shortcakes, he pops a strawberry in his mouth. Not to mention when he has the reaction, the later that day (let alone the next day), he looks as though he didn't have any reaction at all (in time for a photo shoot. Isn't this a bit dangerous? 4. Beth has way too much time on her hands. She has a backstory as a failed singer (and later goes on to audition for an acting job-- why?). What is she doing with her time other than the strawberry festival, which seems to be her life (aside from volunteering as a glee club coach). 5. Beth is annoying and took herself too seriously. When she has a worried look, she looks like Kim Cattrall, and when she smiles she looks like Angela Basset playing Tina Turner. 6. Roxanne- she's supposed to be a bitchy, trampy, bitter barfly. Yet is forgiving enough to clap at the big finale when she loses the guy who could take her away from it all. 7. Shelly Long (need I say more) and Cindy Williams (Laverne and Shirley), and Meagan Fay (Roseanne's bitchy neighbor) needed MUCH BIGGER roles. They were awesome! 8. The glee club member with glasses has the acting capacity of a rock. 9. Having said that and being familiar with festival planning, if any festival were really run like this, it would be horrible.

    Goofs: 1. Popping the strawberry after we know he has an allergy. 2. When the main chick wipes Jason's face, there are a lot of inconsistency with the placement of the whipped topping from shot to shot. 3. During the allergic reaction the severity of the rash on his face varies.
  • How can you not adore this film! It has more holes than a block of swiss cheese but the cast is superb: Shelley Long, Cindy Williams, Meagan Fay and more represent the veterans of the craft with finesse. Trevor Donovan and Julie Mond are so delightful, young, and full of promise and talent just like the characters they play. The original song 'Catching Horses' sure is catchy and I love that it strikes to the heart of panic attacks and anxiety disorders, exhorting us to believe in ourselves and not the fear inside. This is an easy and fun watch. The message is an important one.
  • This was a tolerable effort but I really came here to compliment Kelly Kwon on her bold and hilarious costume design. The Glee club and Julie Mond's over-the-top Strawberry Queen get ups were absolutely hilarious.
  • This story has been done a few different ways on Hallmark and similar channels, but they are basically the same. In fact, I watched this on another channel one and a half weeks after Jessy Scram and Niall Matter premiered Country at Heart which has some distinct similarities. They include inviting the popular local girl up on stage to help sing a new song. There were other predictable and well used tropes as well. Trevor Donovan did the celebrity falls for small town girl less than a year ago in Nostalgic Christmas, but this movie is from 2012.

    Yet I enjoyed this movie as much as most in the non-Christmas rom/com genre. I barely know Julie Mond (I remember her in Love Begins) but I was impressed by her chemistry with Donovan. I can't argue that she didn't look pretty silly as a Strawberry Queen, but I got the impression that was intentional since she was the only one that looked a little silly. This high school teacher, on summer break, still has enough relationship with her glee club kids to spend her time with them. Jason warmed up to Beth pretty fast considering how vocal she was in pointing out his responsibilities.

    I wish the movie had made the mean girl's motivations a little clearer.

    The story lacked any serious conflict. What conflict there was seemed pretty tame.

    Later in the movie we hear some singing especially by Donovan. I was amazed by his voice and couldn't believe it wasn't someone else, but I can't find any evidence that it isn't and there are a couple of posts on different sites, including a fan site, that strongly imply it is his voice. Note to reviewer looking for "Catching Horses": the song is actually "Tame the Horse" and you can find it using that title. Pardon the pun, but the song is catchy.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I think it is absurd for an adult woman who did not actually win a pageant to be traipsing around town in a ridiculous red poufy skirt and a giant sash that reads "Queen" and to wear a silly tiara day after day through town. I just couldn't not get past Beth, the lead female's get up. Cringe-fest. Her feisty nature cannot be taken seriously with the way she looks.

    Beth has a pretty main streak. Putting Jason on a horse in front of the photographer knowing that he didn't know how to ride a horse. Of course he shouldn't have gotten on the horse but still, she set it up. Not nice, gal! He could have been very seriously injured.

    She spurned his kiss twice, once in full view of everyone. If he was really as famous as he is supposed to be, there would be paparazzi everywhere and of course, his humiliation would be complete.

    Such sacrilege. To rewrite the words of 'When the Saints go Marching In', to some drivel about "Oh when the Strawberry Fest in town". Seriously?! There should be limits to what is done whether this song is viewed as a Jazz or Gospel song or a pop version by Bruce Springsteen. All that greatness gone to the strawberries. Horrible. And the new lyrics didn't even fit the tune!

    The music the entire show was weak and without subtitles, it is hard to understand anything Jason Keith is singing. Beth should have been the star singer instead, at least we can hear what she is singing and her voice sounds a lot better.

    I think they should have given Jason Keith a bit of a stubble so he didn't look so baby face and end up looking younger than Beth. Characterisation wise, he vacillates between stuck up, insecure, friendly, unfriendly, charming, jerk ... it is like a show about a man who has multiple personalities! Actually, Beth also comes across as having a multiple personality issue - sarcastic, tragic, sweet, sour ... just add fish.

    The story line felt very tired and lacked the usual Hallmark charm so the minutes dragged on and on. Ended up not rooting for any of the lead characters because there were too many personalities being played out and neither of them were charming for more than 5 minutes for a stretch and we know nothing much about the background and history of the two lead characters from start to finish.

    I wouldn't recommend anybody spend time watching this show.