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  • petragreen10 October 2017
    The first 2 seasons of the show was amazing however after that it got stale and boring. I decided to give up less than half way through season 5. The flashbacks become uninteresting. The villains after 2 seasons are boring. Love story is soap opera material. Season 4 made the show unrealistic with the sci-fi magic. Arrow was more interesting when he was working alone without any sidekicks.
  • It's becoming so boring that every bad guy in the series has more brains, more skills and more bravery than Oliver Queen. It has failed the fans making the Arrow a weak, troublesome individual that really anybody can defeat. Start making him more astute, more strong, and wiser than his enemies. The series is plagued with Oliver's failures to succeed. You have a great potential for the series do not waste it on stupid writing. We want to see a strong Arrow not a weak one defeated by everybody. Make him a winner again.
  • Perry Heights19 March 2015
    Warning: Spoilers

    A show where ten guys with automatic machine guns firing at one guy in the middle of the street miss every shot.

    A show where two guys with bows and arrows overpower ten guys with automatic machine guns.

    A show where a group of good guys armed with pipes and baseball bats confronts a group of bad guys all armed with guns and are allowed to engage in man to man combat.

    A show where every back kick sails far above the heads of the opponents.

    A show where every punch is taken from five feet away, yet connects.

    A show where the protagonist falls in love with every woman character and can't understand why they don't stay in love with him.

    A show where the unattractive sister, who dresses like a 12 year old prostitute, is irresistible to everyone.

  • zocicrni20 May 2016
    Warning: Spoilers
    What started as a promising show years ago, is now complete garbage. They all died and they all come back to life. Its like watching a Spanish tevenovela. And the flashbacks from the island, oh man. So bad i wanna cry. The Oliver Queen character is progressing same atm and on the island. And it doesn't even make sense. The parts with magic are so confusing, they tried to fill the gap with flashbacks from the island but its just so f bad. Also the magic effects look like something from a kids show like power rangers. I really cant find a good aspect of this show. And i tried so much to do so. This season will be my last, cause id be taking this show of my list. For the end sorry that my garbage English has the same quality as this show.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I am aware I wrote review of this show, and I was close to knocking it of my list of shows. I kept watching. It has not gotten any better. The problem I am facing from the Fall 2017-Spring 2018 and I am sure it will be the same for this summer of 2018 shows, is that all the shows I am watching are about the same thing. I am uber annoyed with this. Literally every show I watch (I watch a ton) has decided to take on sociopolitical issues and put them in the story line. I am hating every minute of it. I hated it when the "Black Lives Matters " movement was trending, I hated it and still hate it when transgender and lgbt any and every thing was trending, and now with this ridiculous "metoo" movement, I have to endure a female "empowerment" episode, or a sexual harassment episode in every tv show I watch. Arrow is no different. As I review the seasons of all my tv shows, I will complain about this, because it just made the shows very tacky. None of the shows were even subtle about it. I mean come on. Really? I personally don't need 30-45 minutes of "women can do everything a man can do" I will pass! Keep it on the blogs, social media, the news,,I don't care any where but in my entertainment. I am tired of hearing about it. I don't want any scenes where a man tells a woman she is pretty and oh now a compliment is sexual harassment! MY GOD. I am so sick of all of these Non issues becoming issues. I purposely don't watch the news and don't have social media so I don't have to constantly suffer the noise of that crap and all of the previous named crap. I am a black woman! I am sick of it..Now it is in my tv shows? Why Why Arrow is already suffering from cheesiness, bad acting and a constant revolving story line that never ever seems to change. I get that super heroes are some what cheesy, but the cheese in this show is awful. A new season brings the same thing, Oliver blames himself for everything, Felicity and Dig tell him its not his fault, he fights with someone on the team, people quit the team, people rejoin the team blah blah blah. "rolling my eyes" As this season unfolded I hated the extras even more. I can't for the life of me understand why these other people were ever on Oliver's team. I never read any comic books, may be they are in the comics, I intend to look that up. If that is the case, they cast them all wrong. Those 3 generic super heroes are awful. Why does it seem like no matter how much other people mess up it is only wrong when Oliver messes up? I thought I liked Dig but who knew he had so much female dog in him? Him as the Green Arrow? Yuck! None of them are good friends, they all bail when the going gets tough, and blame Oliver for everything. What about his sister? I am sick of her. I mean every season she must be saved, she is liability. She leaves, come back, almost dies, get saved. Last and least Laurel...this drove me the most crazy. The fact that this chick wasn't Laurel but they kept calling her Laurel and Laurel's father kept acting like she was really Laurel. TF? All this and then the obvious "female, metoo, empowerment" crap. Which Arrow nor any other super hero show or movie is even a good platform for that mess because women are already fighting side by side with men. Kicking men butts. When it is stuck in there, it just looks desperate and phony. I only watch because of the Flash cross over and references, but this next season, I will watch a couple of episodes, if nothing has changed..I'm out.
  • russelene132 November 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    I'm not sure why Arrow has an 8.1 rating, pretty high for an overly boring, almost laughable show.

    First of all, why does Oliver always seem to feel the need to have sex with every woman he encounters? Second, why does everyone come back from the dead? And third, why does every villain they come across somehow related to the island Oliver was stranded in for five years?

    Don't get me wrong. I do like the concept. I'm sure this would have been an amazing show if the script, or the plot, or the actors weren't so horrible. I find myself always laughing at the dumb things the characters say/do. The plot doesn't make sense at all, there's nothing remotely interesting or not ridiculous in it. And the characters are just as laughable. How did they cast these actors exactly? Was there even an audition or were they just going for the prettiest faces that came their way?

    This used to be a good show, the first few episodes were good, that is. Somehow, it took a turn for the absolute worst.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I have tried and tried to love this show, as I was a long time DC fan, but boy does the writing leave a lot to be desired. Great cast, I don't blame them. The star is impressive, super beefcakey for the girls I guess, really impressive climbing pull ups... the overview is good... vigilante story turning a corner.

    Silly is the only word I can use to describe the direction that it did turn down. Groups attacking a city to that degree and the National Guard doesn't get a chance to help. Surely a few costumed archers can save the day though. Earthquake machines, secret islands, the Lazarus pit seems the least of the oddities, but sure, it can bring life to the dead with only minor PTSD.

    The recent fight scene with Raz Al Gul was so incredibly disappointing and unrealistic, I nearly barfed. I far more enjoyed the batman cartoon's version of the league of assassins, who, initially were more than any one of our Arrow heroes could deal with, but now they seem to be able to knock them down like bowling pins.

    I know that this stuff is fantasy, but silly is what it's turning out as. As in the Flash, the actors are NOT the problem, the writers are just sub-par. The show is feeling far too formulaic, and the actions of most of the characters are just unrealistic. "if you let me out of this prison cell, I'll give you this rock I'm holding in my hand through the bars".

    Please try to write something slightly not lame... I really want to enjoy the DC universe as much as I am Marvel.
  • vazgav10 November 2017
    Warning: Spoilers
    This was one of the best TV shows you watch for comic book genre, It started of great well lit up scenes with loads of action, suspense and a good story-line, suddenly all of that was thrown out and made a weak series in which the main character reveals himself all the time and the action is terrible to watch, no suspense, no general direction of the character, in almost every episode its the same dialogue "Oliver if you want them to trust you, you should let them know who you are, and Oliver takes of his eye piece and says "I am the Green Arrow" L.O.L What Dafuq.

    The show is just going down hill, specially that now the main character is now Felicity (sleeps with all the Billionaires and take their fortune and keeps them under her payroll) worst character, Thea Queen 2nd billionaire famous line "I am out".

    Just keep the group small and the action hardcore like 1st season, identity reveal yeah stop that, let the character start killing again, and please don't bring dead people back to make their own show.

    Season 1 - Great.

    Season 2 - Just OK.

    Season 3 - What is happening.

    Season 4 - Why are you killing the show.

    Season 5 - I give up, cant watch anymore.

    Season 6 - Stopped watching.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Most overrated show I've seen, ever.

    I know that a lot of TV is awful, but gets swallowed up because people do not venture far from the mainstream, dumbed down, hypnotic crap which constantly flows through the screen like a sewage pipe. However, I did not know that the amount of people, who are this uncultured and blind to any critical thought was this huge.

    IMDb used to be (still is in many cases, it's a good site either way) a reliable source for figuring out whether a show/film was worth looking into, put seeing the high ratings of Arrow (which is 8.2 at the time of this being written) and the latest Hunger Games movie, I've lost hope.

    The spoiler free premise: Rich brat kid goes on a boat trip with his dad, he's got a coke problem and lacks moral and discipline.

    Boat sinks, everyone dies except him. He manages to maroon himself on an island, during this time he somehow manages to survive without any food nor drinking water (and probably with some bad coke withdrawal symptoms). He makes a bow out of what he can find on the island, gets really good at hunting animals and survives long enough for another ship to find him.

    Well, this doesn't seem too bad, leaving out some of the back-story and other revelations of course.

    But for some reason, he is now a parkour master, with martial arts skills, hacking skills (did he practice on a homemade computer he built out of wood and bear skin or something, maybe he powered it by putting a propeller in a tube and farting really hard to make a wind-turbine?).

    Now, what he should have done on that island, is trained on his damn acting. Because it blows. If I was an actor in LA trying to make a name for myself, I would of bought the box-set and hit myself in the head repeatedly until I died from head trauma.

    But if that isn't horrible enough, the entire cast share the most stale, unnatural, awful, awful acting abilities as the lead. It wouldn't have surprised me if the director got blown by every, single, member of the cast to be on this god forsaken show.

    It's just so sad to see resources which could have fed starving children go to waste on this melodrama of an "action-show". Too bad dramas require acting, which the cast does not suffice to provide. It should be called "bags of skin who might actually be robots reciting the terrible writing of a talentless person on camera held by another talentless person who somehow managed to get payed and recognized in a extremely tough business" instead of acting in this case.

    The style of this series is extremely similar to Smalville, with a lot of bright light and water drops in the eyes of the pretty female actresses to make them look better (which is the one thing they actually can do, for the most part), with the oily 80's pornflick filter and the half-arsed special effects. Though, Smallville actually being a half- decent show, gets a pass.

    There was one scene I laughed out loud at (it wasn't actually the scenes where the director/writer intended it to be funny, because those scenes were so try-hard funny that I literally cringed), it was a scene where Mr. Arrow shoots an arrow next to this generic "bad guy's" head, the "bad guy" says: "Hah, you missed!" whereas Mr. Arrow replies "I didn't LOL.".

    Apparently, he shot the the arrow (which actually had a flashdrive instead of a tip!) into the usb slot behind the "bad guy", which also contained a virus (which Mr. Arrow had taught himself to program on the island... or something?) which brought down the evil database, epic!


    Great writing indeed, no clichés included! I actually dislike this series so much, I feel good writing how awful it is, maybe I can discourage a single person to watch this lobotomy of a show and that would be enough to make me feel glad.


    Horrendous acting. Cliché-ridden, awful, hole-ridden, unoriginal and uninspiring writing. Horrendous acting. Overrated by people who would drink the kool-aid as long as the trailer had explosions in it. Directing and special effects on high school film project standards (that's actually insulting to high schoolers, since they actually have creativity, sorry). Acting, horrendous. Terrible makeup. Jokes and humour about as hilarious as reading obituaries.

    Acting; horrendous.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Do yourself a favor and avoid this sh.. show. Everything about Arrow is bad. Acting, directing, story, dialogs, writing, Katie Cassidy, Katie Cassidy and her half expressions and Katie Cassidy. Ah, I almost forgot to tell how bad Katie Cassidy is. She really sucks at acting. Or she is super talented at acting like a girl who cannot act. But it's a fact that she makes this show more painful to watch.

    Story is simple. An über- rich-spoiled-handsome-playboy trapped in an island -for 5 years and came back as a superhero who wants payback. And he uses only supa-duba-suga-baby arrows while his journey continues.

    "Look, there's a locked door!" Bah! No need to be worry, next arrow he picks "randomly" will blast that door. But same arrow will do nothing to Dark Arrow's hand. Because, frak logic.

    All bad guys are ex-stormtroopers I suppose. They always aim bad and shoot last. Shoot sky. Shoot wall. I mean, you gals have a machine gun and that guy has only arrows. You are like 10 guys at there. Just frakking shoot already! But no.

    His mom, sister, lover, best friend won't recognize him because of the hood. Yeah. Probably the best cover since superman's s-shaped-hair.

    No one will ever notice that Arrow and Oliver Queen show up and disappear always the same time. Oliver leaves town, Green Arrow leaves town. Oliver comes back, well, you got the point.

    He has the most annoying sister. She makes you want to slap her in the mouth every time she speaks. And what was the scene at Glades with Roy? Town is about to explode and they made out. Oh god! Gosh! OH MY OH MY! Well writers, congrats, you used every possible cliché. Except saving the city at last second.

    Katie Cassidy... Her body is at there you can say that easily but her face looks like a mask. You can't tell if she's crying or smiling or terrified or happy or about to die or or or or or. She has only a half expression and that's called "open-eyes-and-glare-to-the-person-you-are-facing". I can't believe how bad she is. I liked her in Supernatural. She's not that bad at Harper's Island either. But in Arrow, she kills pixels on your screen.

    And I'm not overreacting, she is really that bad.

    If you have lots and lots free time, go ahead, this could be your time passer. While you are playing solitaire, this show could be your background sound. But if you want to watch something serious, avoid this.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Yesterday I turned off Arrow, Season 3 episode 20, before finishing it. I couldn't bear it any more. The horrible storyline has no end. What could have been such a good show, has been ruined by extremely bad writing, which also in turn makes the actors look bad. The story is so unbelievably stupid, and I don't get why it can attract so many viewers each week. The first season of arrow was quite alright. The 2nd started to introduce some strange sh*t, which didn't really make sense, and it was like they were already running out of ideas (But at least they killed of Sarah, which was a horrible character). This 3rd season has just been nothing short of a nightmare. They are just ruining the show, and I wouldn't be surprised if it gets canned. This Rha's al Ghul bullsh*t, has been going on for far too long. Also, How can they keep going back to that sh*tty Island, it's beyond me. And please, why does every person in the show needs to be a vigilante and a master kung fu fighter?

    The only reason to watch this show, is if you like watching the flash, and you don't wanna miss any character progression. If you like these kind of shows, go watch the new Daredevil series. Really good story, Excellent acting and master-level fighting scenes.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Any one who read DC comics will tell you Green Arrow is a poor mans Batman so to speak... That being said. With all the copy-write garbage I am sure it is easier to get rights to make a green arrow show rather than a new batman show... This still doesn't excuse how horrible this thing is. A friend referred it to me as a great show with the Flash in it. They don't cover the Flash at all really. Just a short cameo with normal Barry Allen. I would encourage you to watch a daytime soap opera then watch this garbage and tell me the difference. The acting is horrible. The writing is so awful that it must be done by drunken monkeys. They randomly put a villain in the clock tower and Arrows crew wonders where he is. They should just move their headquarters there. If they ask Laural one more time IS SOMETHING WRONG i will punch my TV.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    (This review is written after having seen episodes 1-6 only) Who the hell decided to give the green light for this series in this state? Honestly, the people who made this must have never read a comic book in their lives.

    First off, let's get the good things out of the way: the plot is very promising and so far it's the only thing that keeps me going, and the cinematography/effects are not bad, but they could use a little polish here and there, especially the choreography of some fight scenes. (2 stars from here) Now what is wrong with this series? They failed on every level to deliver us a show about a superhero. They took the idea of the Green Arrow and crapped all over it.

    Firstly, the Green Arrow is supposed to be an incredibly stoic and cynical character when he is monologuing, with a witty tongue reserved for his foes. Someone who used to be a very naive young man once, but who was slapped in the face with the realization that the society around him is rotten to the core. So he sets off in a crusade to even the balance between the poor and the rich and bring some justice to his corner of the world with only his excellent archery skills as a weapon, as a modern-day Robin Hood. Now, the background story the series shows about him being stranded on the island shows this very good. However, his monologues are not as thought-provoking, philosophizing or caustically cynical as they appear in the comic books. I will give the actor though another star because after watching the first couple episodes, he is honestly trying to improve his character and deliver his poorly-written lines in an Arrow-like manner. Kudos to you sir for actually caring! Secondly, alas the efforts of one person are overshadowed by the failures of the rest of the acting crew. Plastic dolls posing in shop windows have better acting skills than this lot. First and foremost is the annoying ex-girlfriend Laurel whatever-her-name who delivers her lines in the most crude way possible. I can see her thinking trying to remember what she's supposed to say or what emotion to show in her face. It's like watching a baboon school play. The writing of her character doesn't help either. We are supposed to accept that AFTER 5 YEARS she is still in love with the guy who cheated on her WITH HER FRIGGIN SISTER, and who is responsible for her death? And how about his mother that apparently killed her husband, but threatens to raise hell if a hair of one of her family is even touched.

    And then we come to the third and most crucial failing of this series. This is supposed to be a series about a superhero. I don't care at all about the sex life of his ex-girlfriend, I don't care about the sister's drinking problem, I don't care about the social life of anyone. Partly, because they fail as characters, but mostly because this is a series about a SUPERHERO. This isn't the Days of Our Lives, or Sex & The City. I'm not expecting to watch romantic crap about women on their period. I'm expecting to watch a superhero kick ass, bring justice to the wicked and perform some general pwnage. Don't get me wrong, I can understand showing how his actions to hide his alter ego affect those around him and how in turn he is affected himself, I like to see some inner conflict in my super heroes. What I don't like is the Green Arrow being a supporting actor in his own series. An average episode goes about 40 minutes and 30 of those are spent showing us uninteresting flirting between his friends and family, then the Green Arrow steps in the room and says he has to go (to fight bad guys) but instead of following him, we are stuck for another 4-5 minutes to witness the constant crying of his friends and family of how he never spends time with them.

    I DON'T CARE!!!! Seriously, imagine watching a series about Batman, that all it does is show Catwoman talk to her girlfriends about how she is in love with a really cute guy called Clark Kent (yes Clark Kent, that's how messed up Arrow is).

    A terrible effort and an outright insult, don't waste your time, at least for now.

    It's still pretty early in the production (only 6 episodes so far) and as I said the plot seems interesting. Perhaps the CW network will come around to realizing how much more they could do with this series and improve it later on in the season. One can only hope.
  • dparan2 June 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    This show is bad, period. The only reason is watched it is so that I can bitch about it. It has characters and scenes ripped out of Batman Begins. Come on, with all that budget, you could have at least made an effort. Batman and Robin with Adam West was more entertaining and one could argue, more genuine. They had the formula, they knew they were being cheesy and they knew they were making it for kids. Sold. But Arrow is as lame as they come.

    Stephen Amell, dude, nice work with the body building but you could have shaved off some of that hard jaw gritting internalizing stuff. He looked like he was constipated most of the time and the man was simply trying too hard to portray Oliver Queen as a conflicted, damaged and deeply hurt. It was simply not believable. Laurel Lance, oh, Laurel, couldn't one of those arrows accidentally misfired and killed her in episode 1? Laurel's character is a bimbo who wants to save the world and expects to be fed the truth by everyone she has a relationship with. The audience of course wonders why anyone would be truthful to this girl if she simply is not about to handle the truth.

    The saving grace of this entire waste of money comes in the form of David Ramsey who plays Diggle and Paul Blackthorne who plays Quentin Lance. Brilliant actors who do it well. If Stephen Amell did not have Davd Ramsey to bounce off a lot of scenes off, he'd be a dead fish floating on the river Nile for all one would care.

    I could go on but in all fairness, the actors worked hard. I give em that. The fault really lies with the writing and direction. It's movie making at it's worst. The show is forgettable. Or maybe to be more accurate, this show will be remembered only because it is so bad.

    I'm giving it two stars - one star for David Ramsey and one for Paul Blackthorne.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Is it just me or this series is just going down the drain, every character is getting awfully WHINY as each episode is completed..... If it goes at the same rate, this show will probably take the honours of he WHINIEST show out there... When the show started off I thought it was just Laurel, but it was understood as almost every story out there has to have someone like that to make sure a segment of viewers stay interested. But then there was Thea.... even that was agreeable to a certain extent as she's a confused just out of teens kid. But then somehow the Lead character Oliver begins to whine about everything happening in the city is his mistake instead of doing what he was supposed to do ... WTH!!!!
  • Season 3 was mediocre, but season 4 has a huge drop in quality (shoutout to Marc "Franchise Slaughterer" Guggenheim). If you are a fan of the series, do yourself a favor and stop watching. The Flash is really hitting it's stride if you're desperate for CW superhero shows. This season of Arrow is just a crudely stitched together collection of tumblr fanfics.

    The characters have lost any real personality, and just serve to move the plot forward (this season is plagued by writers using half- baked concepts to push the "plot" forward by brute force). They frequently make decisions that defy any form of logic as well as any character traits of note. Any development that the characters have made in the past seasons has just disappeared, seemingly because they oppose Guggenheim's Mary Sue couple. Also it would be a misconception to think that the villain is the basis of any overarching plot. He's just a side note to said couple. Really this season seems to lack any direction whatsoever. It's like the writers are giving up on trying to provide any cohesive story. And to make it worse, while they could look back to some of the source material for some good ideas, they spit in its face in favor of their own rambling mess.

    As a side-note, I feel that the length of this show has been a huge detractor from the start. Even in it's glory days, the seasons probably could have been trimmed in half or lower and tell the same story. A lot of the time on this show is wasted on silly stuff, and could it could be a huge improvement to trim down the story to something more concise and save more for the effects budget.

    But honestly, is nobody in the studio checking up on them? Was this really looked at and approved by real people in the entertainment business? It boggles my mind that this could make it to air on such a well known show.

    The CW's superhero shows have always been aimed at a more "teeny" audience, but at the levels that Guggenheim has taken it to, it seems like he would be better off writing those fanfics and letting someone with moderate respect for the story's integrity take over. I love the actors in this and wish them the best, but the only hope I can see for this show is to retcon this season and get a fresh team of writers because this may be the biggest train wreck I have ever witnessed make the air.
  • pjred22 April 2013
    Warning: Spoilers
    Save yourself the time with this one unless your less than about 12 years old or have a very low IQ.

    It's like the ideas been pieced together from other shows. It's stupid, inconsistent, hypocritical, ridiculous, and most of the acting is terrible.

    It's a pity because the underlying story with the mother and her associates is the shows only redemption. You just have to sit through the agony of the rest of the show to get this. Maybe they should save us all the heartache and just tell us what happens with that story line.
  • lonelygamertn21 September 2015
    Warning: Spoilers
    This series is so overrated , it crap , s**t p**p , so here my review I want to love Arrow, I really do.

    Green Arrow has always been one of my favorite DC heroes, and I'm thrilled that he's got his own very successful TV show which, to be fair, is a damn sight better than it might have been. But that doesn't mean that it's as good as it should be.

    My relationship with the show has run hot and cold. I watched the first seven episodes and quit. Later, during the second season, several friends recommended I give it another try, reassuring me it had gotten a lot better, so I went back and watched everything from the point I'd stopped. And I was glad I did, because it was getting better, and by the end of second season, it was pretty great. I went into the third season excited to see what the show's creators would do next, and then things got painful.

    Eleven episodes in, basically halfway through the season, I quit again. That was several weeks ago, and this week I decided to give it another chance to get better again, and I've now watched up through the season's thirteenth episode, "Canaries." And it's still not must-see TV.

    Before getting into what's wrong with the show, I want to mention some things that are right about it…
  • Warning: Spoilers
    I really do not understand how this show has an 8.1 average. Sometimes it is so difficult to fathom how the writers came up with such a clichéd TV series. Now don't get me wrong, I am all about clichés and cheesy dialogues but this show has taken all of those aspects to a whole new level with an extra strong added ingredient of "stupid".

    For example, Sara Lance comes back to Starling City, and just because she wears a tiny eye mask, her own sister cannot tell it's her? And what's with the cheesy "Mirakuru"? It would have sounded much less cheesier if they had called it "The miracle drug" or something like that.

    Another example, is when Thea Queen get's kidnapped by Slade. If you get "KIDNAPPED", you'd be fearing for your life. I mean did Thea know that Slade was not going to kill her when she was first abducted? She would have been quaking in her boots and traumatized, to say the LEAST. Yet when she is let go, the only thing she can dwell on is the fact that Oliver didn't tell her the truth about her father? Really? Wouldn't she just be happy that she "STILL HAS HER OWN LIFE"?

    Things like this keep bothering the hell out of me, and the ONLY reason I watch this show (albeit while biting down on my tongue), is because I want to know how the story fits with The Flash, and all the good TV shows have been watched already.

    If you don't care about whether a TV show makes sense, or care about storyline, or decent action, then go ahead and watch it, but for me... I'm awestruck at how stupid a show they can make.

    Some GOOD TV shows I can recommend:

    • Person of Interest

    • Da Vinci's Demons

    • The Blacklist

    • The Flash
  • Warning: Spoilers
    hahahahhahahah! this is the most original thing i've seen in the past years! if only it were a comedy/parody ...

    thinking of it, actually it's funnier this way so nvm the comedy/parody statement.

    before i go on, i have to say that i've never read 'Green Arrow' but this is not the case here, at all.

    why it's funny? for starters, look at the review title. this series is actually a soap opera, everything about it is, well, with the exception that Green Arrow stars in it. the directing is horrid, so is the acting and the character lines. the story looks OK and i'd really like to know how it unravels. there's also hot women in it (not something one wouldn't expect). those last two facts are not enough for one to sit and watch it but they're the reason why i rated with 3/10 and not 1/10.

    what i will do, i propose you do the same, is start reading the 'Green Arrow' comic books and google for hot women instead of wasting my time watching this thing. it was really fun (hilarious tbh) watching the first couple of episodes (might be three, can't recall) but enough is enough.

  • After episodes of trying and trying I have fainlly stopped watching Arrow, Left it Midway season 6. Season 1 and 2 of the show were pure GOLD. Season 3 the show got a little sloppy. Season 4 was just terrible. Season 5 went surprisingly good and season 6 is just very boring and and terrible. The show lost its spark after season 3 and Arrow 's new "team" is just unbearable. If you compare it with Team Flash. The show lost its Billionaire Playboy Charm and the Dark cool Arrow long back, even Felicity and Diggle are annoying now. It feels like Greg Berlanti just lost his focus from the show. I hope they gain back the Season 1 spark.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    As much as I like DC and green arrow, I don't like arrow anymore. The first season was great. It set a dark and gritty tone with a grounded characters and plot points. But then in season two it started turning into what was basically Batman. Oliver queen is supposed to be witty and light hearted (I know not every incarnation is but the most common personality portrayed in mainstream comics) yet he manages to come as close to batman as possible, with his voice changer, his tall brooding status and many other batmanesque features. his normal voice sounds so bland and depressing and in later seasons they directly rip off batman stories and moments such as the shirtless fight with ra's al ghul. Talking about Ra's, you'd think when you introduce a character that you would have every other character pronounce their name the same way, yet half of the characters pronounce Ra's differently to the other half and it gets incredibly confusing for the audience and that sparks arguments between fans. Another character that annoys me in the latest season is felicity. After listening to the fans with their "olicity!" Chanting the show finally got the two characters together. Then Oliver's voice changed. Stephen Amell literally changed his voice because his character was happier. Seriously. As much as I like Stephen as a person, he is a pretty bad actor. Back on to felicity. She started out great, tech genius, witty, smart. But now she has broken up with Oliver because he was protecting his son after she told him she understand why he lied to her about his son. So straight from being OK with it to leaving him. Oh sorry I almost didn't mention the fact that felicity was wheelchair bound. For two episodes. Probably why I forgot. They made a big deal about it and then literally the next episode gave her a way of regaining her ability to walk. So now she can walk again. Good for her. The only character that I like on the show is diggle. He is a great realistic character. Ramsey is a great actor and is the only thing that compels me to keep watching. That and the fact that I'm a sucker for comic book TV even if it's bad. Laurel can be whingey although she has redeemed herself a little. Sara got killed off but oh look she is alive again. The annoying Thea that is always complaining was killed off but oh wait she is alive again. The big bad Malcolm Merlyn was killed off, but oh...wait he's not dead! Seriously the only major characters to die and not come back...yet, are tommy and the Queen siblings mother. This adds to felicity being able to walk again. They are teasing the death of a character for the end of the season. The only characters that will impact the fans of the show would be felicity (my personal favourite to die), Diggle (I will quit the show if this happens), Thea (wouldn't mind not hearing her constant whining) and that's about it. Otherwise it'll just be a character no one gives a damn about. Then everyone wants Stephen to be part of the DC cinematic universe? Can they not see how unbelievably b grade this show is. It would be another level of bad if they put him in the movies. I prefer flash a and actually enjoy the show as there a more good actors like Tom Cavanagh but again Gustin wouldn't make it far in movies. As much as I don't like arrow I will probably keep watching it (unless they kill diggle, to be fair he'd probably come back three episodes later) but even though I watch it I don't believe it's a good show. It's had its moments but now it's just turned into a crappy love story for Oliver and felicity. Thanks for reading.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Disney figured out early that if their animated films had a "girly" name, boys weren't interested in watching it. The Arrow producers seem to have the same thought - let's not make this a full fledged action packed series and lose out on the female audience. And so they decided to include some soap opera in this too.

    And man, does Arrow use all the soap formulas - "dead" people suddenly are no longer dead, a teen suddenly finds out that her father is not her father but its actually - hold your breath - one of the villain! Naturally there's the love-hate relationship drama between father-daughter, mother-daughter, brother-sister. And of course, when one is rejected by a man she likes, isn't it but natural to latch on to the guy's best friend and pretend to be in love with him, then betray him. And naturally, when said guy is killed, the woman shows her remorse by overindulging in alcohol and drugs, thus promising the viewers - wait, woman, don't go - there is going to be more drama from her!!

    The men are all naturally, dumb, hot idiots - because these bad boys with a hole in the heart refuse to listen to the woman who know how to "heal" them. Every time one of these bad boys makes one of the them angry, the woman go - why you no listen to me?! Followed by the ultimatum followed by the man begging her not to leave while spouting out all the reasons she is so amazingly fantastic and God's gift to mankind. Any new character appears, you can bet one of the main character is going to sleep with him or her. The main characters pines for his old love (of course, he himself doesn't know which one), but hey, how dare you blame him for sleeping with any new woman he meets - don't you get it, it's those damn woman's fault, not his!

    And I can go on and on ... and if you are wondering, "Wait, I thought this was an action packed series based on a comic hero " .... haha .... Yes, this is supposed to be an action packed series, but the genius producers have decided to turn it into a soap till you guys figure out you've been had. How do you think there are so many Arrow episodes each season? Overall, the whole thing spans out like a bullshit teenage drama (I guess that was the target audience). The actions are good, the actors are lousy. The writing is not bad, apart from the obvious soap clichés, but boy do they drag out the story. Will add more later.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Of all 3 series of superheroes Arrow, Flash and Daredevil it comes in second for my taste Daredevil is the best of the 3. Arrow gets so stupid for a superhero character , guy goes on a boat with his girlfriend sister, comes back and his best friend is on a relationship with his ex girlfriend, Oliver gives an advice to his friend to fight for the women he loves but that same night sleeps with the girl and off course his friend cries but doesn't give up his secret, then sister comes back from death sleeps with her,and he also slept with the daughter of an enemy with his CEO. His mom is all about protecting her family but kills her husband and laurel character so stupid. I gave 3 because the guy from Flash and his love life its more stupid. Action is good they just should stick to it.
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