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  • lor_3 September 2022
    This set of Girlsway vignettes is all over the place: a Lara Croft type saga, lesbian role-play of the "let's play doctor" variety and cutesy science fiction about a ditzy alien invader. For porn, it reminded me of those Universal horror comedies in the late 1940s into the 1950s when the genre was so tired that they had Abbott & Costello meeting the studio's roster of famous monsters like The Mummy and Frankenstein.

    Opening segment dates back several years, when Stills By Alan was directing. It stars Kissa Sins as a poor man's (or woman's) Lara Croft, accompanying archaeologist Adriana Chechik on location to explore a cave for artifacts. They find a crystal skull (right out of an Indiana Jones sequel) which seems to hypnotize Chechik and turn her ultra-horny. Coincidentally, Chechik is a happily married hetero while Kissa is a lecherous lesbian: soon Adriana is squirting all over the pristine cave floor. This scene is entertaining in a porn-parody manner, but has no proper ending -very poor scripting.

    Cute blondes Kenzie Reeves and busty Bailey Brooke have sex while role-playing: Kenzie dressed up in fetish garb as a nurse, and BB her patient. That's it -low-concept porn.

    Finale is more elaborate in terms of premise, not in production values, as it is largely one of those "sex in the kitchen" scenes where performers have sex on a counter in uncomfortable positions. It's a field day for talented Alex Coal, who is both amusing and alluring portraying an anthropologist from Outer Space whose flying saucer (not shown) is discovered by heroines Bunny Colby and Jezabel Vessir. She tells the girls that she needs Sapphic energy (coming from having female sex action) to fuel the cloaking device that keeps her flying saucer secret, so she encourages the couple to have sex.

    Vessir is called away by a phone call from her mom (sorry Vessir fans -she ends up with a NonSex Role), so Alex has sex with Bunny to generate the energy. Coal demonstrates definite crossover talent here: one could easily imagine an Aubrey Plaza or Tatiana Maslany in her role -albeit minus the XXX conclusion.