Plot Synopsis

  • WARNING: Spoilers

    BEATLES is the ultimate coming-of-age story. The voluminous 1984 novel is one of Norways all-time greatest literary sales successes. It became Lars Saabye Christensens definitive breakthrough as an author.

    The bittersweet story is about four young Oslo grade seven boys hooked on The Beatles music, who are about to leap into a strange adult world ca 1968. Kim, who is rather weird and has a habit of lying, desperately tries to figure out his life. Along with the other boys, he lets his hair grow long and tries to navigate the new political terrain. They rebel against their parents and listen to the new music. Change usually happens gradually, and so too with the four boys and their friendship. Their innocence is lost and cannot be won back. But the story concludes that real friendship remains solid and that no band in the world is greater than The Beatles.