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  • neofut14 July 2020
    Very quirky, very charming film where everything works. Wonderful writing, performances, and tone. Every shot is creatively composed for maximum effect like a Wes Anderson film (whose tone is similar but this is much more heartfelt). I would compare it most to "Napoleon Dynamite" in its quirkiness but, once again, with much more heart. Can't believe this isn't a higher-rated better known film appropriate for all. Bravo!
  • It may well be one of the loveliest films I've watched in a long time, and yet I have no idea what it is about. I mean I know it's about a little boy who writes a song that we never hear but which makes the whole world happy but, I have no idea what it's about. It's kind of like David Lynch meets Disney. The direction and pace is superb, the photography is stunning, the acting is immense for what it is, and I've never seen a 7 year old boy hold an entire movie from beginning to end. This is an amazing watch.
  • janhezzel9 June 2018
    This movie hit all the bases of emotion for the entire sold out audience at the Prescott Film Festival. Well worth seeing and spreading the word. The director and writer, Cameron Nugent did a superb job in capturing the subtleties of the main characters as well as the story line. The excellent script was written with humor throughout. The director of Photography, John Garrett, captured the bleakness of the landscape but also captured the warmth of the family and townspeople. JK Simmons as well as Julian as the "boy called Sailboat" and his parents should get a nod for their acting abilities. A film Well Done...
  • A sweet experience with well measured performances. A little slow in places so might not be for everyone but the little leads do give the film extra depth
  • papataza20 August 2018
    It only happens not so often that you stumble upon a movie, book, song or any other (still obviously hidden?) gem so beautiful and fulfilling, still hidden and unknown that takes you and carries you to the sky of joy, happiness and positive emotions... We carry all what we need with us. A bedtime lifetime story. Movie full of beautiful photos and music, amazing characters, a fantasy that makes you feel better.. A true must see
  • drshna22 April 2019
    Loved everything about the movie, actual meaning of life, magical spell of sailboats guitar song , hope to meet his grandma, everything in movie was so simple but yet mesmerising. Grigoriyan brother's version of row row your boat actually melted my heart. Felt like everything else should stop n just enjoy the life like how people came just to listen Sailboat sing!!
  • I loved this movie! It's full of thought and inspiration on life from a child's perspective.

    You can only imagine back to when you were a child and how things around you and the things you do affect the world and people around you.

    I won't give away the story, suffice to say that if you want to experience what it's like to be a child again, check this out!
  • rknight-060761 December 2018
    This was a truly beautiful movie, with a story that was uplifting, moving and funny. Great acting; the boy who played Sailboat was a delight; and all the children were so believable in their roles that it seemed like the class, the school and the soccer teams really existed. Full marks to the Director, the photographer, and all involved, for a very authentic film. The music was amazing; I was lucky enough to see the film while the Grigoryan brothers, who did the musical score played it live, in a theatre in Adelaide. A film really worth seeing by young and old.
  • Maybe not for everyone but this movie was fantastic I thought. I wasn't expecting to laugh so much. Really touching and heartwarming story with a unique mix of quirky characters. The star, Sailboat was acted really well.
  • Warning: Spoilers
    Totally amazing movie. Lots of innuendos and hidden messages. The amazing song which is never heard. The father's car without back doors has an alarm system. The leaning house with a beam propping it up with the cross chains on it. There's quite a bit. The best is the symbols and squiggles on the back of the sign board next to the road side towards the end.
  • moodley-296116 October 2018
    A movie that truly takes you away from hectic life and helps you remember the innocence of simplicity. Epic. A must see.
  • If the Cohen Brothers made a kids film... with an Australian bent, set it in Mexico and filled every frame with magic. You'd find A Boy Called Sailboat. Cameron Nugent has created an incredibly unique, special and instantly timeless classic.
  • garymckenzie-4240722 June 2019
    What a gorgeous, and charming movie. Beautifully filmed too - the warm colour schemes enhance this lovely little tale.
  • It's very hard to sum up this film as it's so unusual. If you like Holywood blockbusters then this is not the film for you. It is very slow, but so beautifully shot, and well acted that you are totally engrossed by it's magic, charm and quirkiness. A young boy finds a guitar, and sings and plays the most beautiful song ever written. Everyone who hears it is deeply moved and it brings happiness and peace to everyone. There are subtle comedic scenes all the way through, and the landscape of New Mexico is stunningly shot in all it's raw, stark beauty.
  • patrick-wools18 November 2018
    Excellent cinematography best experienced on a large screen. With many subtle and not so subtle moments, this is an enjoyable movie. The Theory of Relativity is used to comical effect if you listen for it. Put a smile on your face - watch this movie.
  • Quirky, offbeat and endearing. This movie has it all and a great watch for a family.
  • Just a lovely relaxing movie that with great acting from all characters made this film so uplifting. I was taken in by this story that had so much depth and some humour to. Excellent, I smiled all the way through even though it moved me .
  • maloneypb-7888910 December 2018
    My wife and I loved this movie (State Cinema Hobart with Grigoryan Brothers live on stage): quirky, light mood with depth, funny, moving. I probably missed many of the oblique references and still felt fully included. Loved the American-Mexican-Australian mix and that J. K. Simmons agreed to be involved. Each actor radiated commitment in his/her role. Thanks to all involved.
  • I was lucky enough to see this a short time ago in Silver City, NM where it was filmed. The person who made the film and all the kids from it were there for discussion/ Q&A afterwards. When the movie began all I could think was boring. Very soon after that I was pleasantly surprised. It turned into a very enjoyable, entertaining and funny movie. The kids were great. I highly recommend this gem.
  • I got tricked into watching this movie by these reviews. Terrible boring movie with terrible acting.
  • I usually don't review movies, I rather find one closest to my point of view and give thumbs up. But here I needed to share my thought.. What amazes me in the first place is that this movie is so unkonown that it hurts.. Beautiful performance by literally every single soul that apears here, great music that hits you where it should when it should, great comedy to put a smile on your face to stop the tears (happy tears!) in the right moment.. Not a lot of a dialog but it's not needed, picture says a 1000 words they say.. And what is said i said beautifully..

    Ok, that is it, no spoilers.. Just go and watch it..
  • This is a quirky little gem that i just loved. Starts out making you wonder what the heck is going on and then slowly, and beautifully, all the details start to meld into a beautiful story. Excellent storytelling here. Highly recommend it.
  • bsnidow25 August 2019
    Lovely, entertaining story with the perfect mix of real life and myth. Nicely shot. Excellent pace.
  • There are some films are just art, and this is one of them. Beautifully filmed and wonderful story - It doesnt try to be something other than what it is - Just something with heart.
  • sufyanliaqat-8337829 March 2020
    I can't explain this movie in words. I cried a lot while watching this movie.
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